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Sneak peek: Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch


As many of you probably know, today is the “epic” day when the Samsung Galaxy S II will be announced for US residents. This is no small deal; we’ve been waiting for this device since its release last April. We’ve been patient enough. Our chance to get our hands all over the Samsung Galaxy S II has–almost–finally arrived.

Only a few hours before the long-awaited announcement, Samsung has outed information on Sprint’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II. This device will be called the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, and the specs seem to be similar to the international version. The only major difference is that this bad boy will have a stunning 4.52-inch display. This could be good or bad, depending on your preferences. That larger Super AMOLED Plus display should be great for media and games, though.

Aside from the screen, everything should be pretty much the same, including the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. Another mentioned is an “Advanced Android Experience,” which probably includes that interesting-looking app drawer Samsung’s site displays. (Posted below).

Stay tuned for more details on this and the other Samsung Galaxy S II devices set to be announced today. Anyone grabbing this bad boy? Do you guys like the larger screens? Is it too big?

Via: Android Central

Source: Samsung Mobile

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  • Steve

    1.2GHz meanwhile the rest of the world gets ready to receive the 1.5GHz bumped GS2+LTE

    • vasra

      That is what you get for buying your phones off the stupid, slow and phone-modifying (and delaying) carriers.

      If you just bought your phones vanilla, like the rest of us, then your carriers could not dictate release schedules and phone features to you.

      You reap what you sow.

      • RX-78-7

        How would that improve the specs? hell you’re still stuck with the 1.2GHz phone without LTE…

        • kazahani

          Yeah, but they’ve had that phone for about 5 months now.


    As ore time has gone by the less compelling this device became for me… Whoever is responsible for the delay, blew it in my opinion

  • Chris

    What about the 1.5ghz processor boost? :(

    • RX-78-7

      Pretty disappointing to say the least.

  • Phil

    I wonder if they could have made the name any longer?

    • Greg

      Seriously. Adding the word “touch” to the end almost makes it seem like an intentional joke…

  • R.S

    Hmm, I’m liking the “Advanced Android Experience” app drawer. I wonder how Apple will manipulate that picture to say that Samsung is copying them.

    “Their app drawer has apps line up and we have apps lined up so it’s obvious they stole that idea from us!” lol

    As for the phone, dual core, nice big screen (a plus for those of us who don’t like small phones), what’s not to like?

  • kk

    This sounds fabricated. 7 “word” name?

  • yarrm

    This is not app drawer. this is editing your applications – two buttons on the bottom are “add page” and “add folder”. Folders as well as the appdrawer itself look exactly the same as their iOS counterparts. But generally i like touchwizz 4.0. Although there are unforgivable bugs there – like “charge completed” siund notification which cannot be turned off.

    • Interpol91

      Yup. I’m currently using this updated touchwiz launcher and am liking it on my Samsung Epic 4G. Thanks to some guys over at XDA they have developed themes to apply to it and even though it’s not as customizable as Go Launcher EX, it still offers a better experience than before.

  • Nathan

    Thee average pocket will be challenged by the size of that thing but still beast just not as much as the first time I first seen these specs.

  • Interpol91

    Very disappointing specs in a time where a 1.2GHz dual core processor is no longer a wow factor. I’m sadly waiting for news on the next Nexus device after hearing about Verizon and the Droid Prime.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nice option for sprint customers and current Epic users… This definitely makes our lineup real strong on sprint..

    • TheRoot13

      Yeah it makes it better but still subpar compared to other carriers. Yay for Verizon!

      • Steve

        Had the pleasure of being with Sprint for three years and now Verizon for the past two. Verizon absolutely sucks.


    Whew! I thought my EVO 3D would be out-spec’d. From what I see, they look like pretty much equally powered.

    Thoughts, Richard?

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    I own an Epic, and THE defining factor of the phone over the other Samsung Galaxy S phones was the pretty decent keyboard (the dropping keystrokes bug turned out to be a firmware issue that can be corrected).

    I love my Epic… I was showing it off to a friend of mine who is an iPhone 4 owner the other day and he was pretty impressed with the Super AMOLED, even if he did talk up his “Retina” display.

    So after I showed him the display and a speed test where I pulled down 7 Mbps on WiMAX, I popped open the keyboard and that’s what made him look surprised; “Wow, I had no clue you had a keyboard in there!”

    Some of us like to still have the hardware keyboard, and yet love the Samsung display. Disappointing to see an Epic successor with ho-hum hardware (compared to the competition) and no hardware keyboard.

  • mike

    I thought the Exynos 1.2 was one of the best, fastest processors out? With amazing battery management. Has anyone seen these 1.5 processors in action just yet?

  • Ralph B

    Samsung just lost my business…I have an Epig 4G and i LOVE it, i was looking foward to the Epic2..BUT they made the screen bigger, which was not necessary. And they dropped the keyboard, which was the one feature that made the Epic so wildly popular over the other Galaxy phones..Now, I”ll just go get an Evo 3D instead…

    • Steve

      Samsung screen blows away the Evo 3D, even with the gimmicky 3D photo option for the Evo.

  • Steve

    No…they increased screen size and dropped the keyboard. Otherwise, a progression of the Epic although without the keyboard, hence the name “Touch”. Let’s not confuse the issue here, this is really, really simple stuff.