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Swype Beta updates with Gestures and Personal Dictionary Management

Swype is definitely one of the most popular keyboards for the Android platform. The ability to slide your finger above letters and have your keyboard recognize your words makes typing much faster and simpler. But what could make Swype better? Definitely, being able to download it. This keyboard is great, but it is also very hard to find since it’s only available (officially) for devices that feature it out of the box.

For this reason, everyone was excited when Swype Beta 3.0 was released and made publicly available. Swype fans will be happy to know that the new update to version 3.25 goes beyond “stroking and poking.”

In an effort to improve the overall experience of this keyboard, this update now includes two major additions: Gestures and Personal Dictionary Management.

If you feel like copying, cutting and pasting is too much of a hassle (and it can be), the new Swype Gestures will be one of your best friends. This new feature allows you to edit (copy/cut/paste/select all) text with a simple slide from the Swype button to a specific letter. Editing is not the only function that Gestures has, though, as it also works in conjunction with other apps. Simply highlight text and make a gesture to send your precious words to Twitter, Google Maps or Facebook. Fun, right?

The new Personal Dictionary Management feature is exactly what it sounds like. This allows the user to modify the Personal Dictionary via the settings menu. This makes it much simpler to add, remove or even reset your dictionary.

If you already have Swype 3.25, you’d know that two apps are needed in order to install this keyboard. One is the actual keyboard, and one is the installer (this is not in the Android Market). New users will have to sign up and install both. But if you’re a current Swype Beta 3.0 user, simply uninstall the keyboard and run the Swype Installer. After that, follow the instructions and the Installer will download the new version of Swype.

Hit the source link for more details straight from Swype if you’d like to know more about the update. Also, if you haven’t checked it out, take a look at Swype’s video, which demonstrates the new features Swype Beta 3.25 brings.

Go ahead and update your Swype keyboard and join us in the comments section to share your opinions about Swype’s new Beta version. Do you guys find Gestures convenient? What keyboard do you guys use? Is Swype your favorite?

Via: Android Central

Source: Swype

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    Got the email earlier today.. gonna update now

  • Clark Wimberly

    A beta reaching 3.25? Pfft.

    • Vance

      Seriously… it reminds me of the furniture store where I grew up that was “going out of business” for 12 years… a rose, by any other name…


    Lol there like Google.. Things be in Beta for like 5 years +

  • Nate B.

    Having a Nexus S4G was fortunate.

  • Greg

    don’t forget this ‘feature’

    Swype measurement data: Swype now collects basic Swype usage data over-the-air to improve future versions of Swype.

  • avrillapete

    Haven’t been able to update to the new version yet, the installer has been giving me a Down for Maintenance error, but I do look forward to using this new version.

    Been using swype since it was actually a long wait to get into the beta, was around version 1 I believe, and it only get’s better. Version 3 was the biggest improvement I’ve seen. I swap between using it and Swiftkey X, and really it’s just depends on which mood I’m in. Swype is the best swiping keyboard and Swiftkey X is the best tapping(in my opinion anyways.)

  • eacosta4207

    I’ve been using Swype since the DInc launched. It is by far my favorite phone keyboard. I downloaded this latest version and the editing feature works great but I can’t get the map gestures feature to work. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Deeds

    Personally I like SwiftKey x

  • http://Website Nathan T.

    The update is pretty cool. Being able to select all text, cut, copy, and paste is nice, as well as being able to use that text and go straight to Google maps is sweet. However, when I select text then gesture to go to Facebook it’s always blank… at least it goes to Facebook, I guess

  • russell saunders

    Tried it and liked the tapping option because once a non-English word is saved in its dictionary, it predicts it pretty well next time you try to type the word. But I still prefer ability of Swiftkey to remember phrases and sometimes my previous whole sentences. Swiftkey is uncanny that way; it can predict the correct words after just tapping 2 letters or so.

  • thel0nerang3r

    Am I the only one concerned with the permissions? It can read all your type text and it has full internet access.
    It’s a keyboard.. so, I guess you can’t get around “reading your typed text”… but why does it need full internet access?