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T-Mobile’s HTC Ruby to feature 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon?


The first time we got a glimpse of the HTC Ruby was just a few weeks ago when the phone captured an image of itself in the reflection of an HTC Flyer.  Since then a few new images of the phone have surfaced, but now we’re getting a few details about some of the specs featured in the HTC Ruby. According to TmoNews, the HTC Ruby will feature a 4.3-inch qHD display (similar to that of the HTC Sensation), a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qaulcomm Snapdragon processor, 8 megapixel rear and 2 megapixel front facing cameras, 1GB of RAM and Bluetooth 3.0

We still don’t know which version of Android the HTC ruby will be running or when T-Mobile plans to release the phone.  It’s certainly nice to see T-Mobile and HTC working together on another device, but we do have to admit that we’re a bit confused. The HTC Sensation was just released a few months ago and it looks like the release of the HTC Ruby would make the Sensation obsolete.

Are any of you getting excited for the HTC Ruby? Any Sensation owners out there a little mad to see a better HTC phone hitting T-Mobile’s network so soon?

Source: TmoNews

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  • Nathan

    Wow that are very nice spec but hearing all these rumor and me trying to get the new nexus is tarring me apart. I’m just hoping that it would be worth the wait.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Wait for the Nexus 3.

      • Interpol91

        That’s why I’m waiting for!!! Nonetheless this is a good looking phone and is just another example of how phones can quickly become obsolete due to manufacturer’s rapidly turning out newer and better phones.

        • Lucian Armasu

          You shouldn’t buy a new phone unless it’s at least 2x as good on pretty much all specs. So if you have a dual core 1 Ghz phone already, don’t exchange it for a dual core 1.5 Ghz one. Wait for a quad core one at least, or dual core 2-2.5 Ghz. If you have a 1 Ghz one or lower, you could buy a dual core 1.5 Ghz one one if you really want a new phone.

          • jbrandonf

            No math needed..just buy a phone that you like. An upgrade from a single-core processor to a dual-core like the Sensation or Evo3D is a huge jump and enough to keep your phone functional for the duration of your contract.

            Waiting for a quad-core? LOL, I’ll be enjoying my Sensation in the meantime.

          • Nick Gray

            That’s a good rule, but I always stick with a phone for at least one year before i even start looking for a replacement. There’s usually a really good upgrade available by then.

      • T1392

        What do you think the chances are of verizon getting the Nexus 3?

        • Taylor Wimberly

          Low, since they did not support the Nexus One or Nexus S.

          • Nick Gray

            It sounds like VZW may have something in the works. With more and more peopel jumping boat and leaving T-Mobile, Google needs to rethinking their strategy of focusing on a T-Mobile phone and offer other solutions which could gain more traction.

        • Klaus

          Slim to none.

      • thaghost

        Last year I didn’t wait for the nexus. I bought the mt4g…now I have the g2x. This time I will listen to you and wait.

      • D.LaFleur

        Taylor is the Nexus 3 for sure coming to Tmo.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          If you look at the history of the Nexus series, I would bet we get a T-Mobile version.

          • Sapphire3g

            Would you still think a new Nexus device is coming to T-Mobile? That is all I’m waiting for. I was bumbed when the Prime ended up being a Droid. I fell in love with the N1 and regret getting rid of it.

    • Kevin

      Yeah, the Nexus S was SOOOOOOOOOO worth waiting for. [email protected] Samsung software, no external SD card. Single core when duals were coming out. Yeah, sure, wait for the Nexus 3….. Nexus One, had it. Great phone. Nexus S. have it, pathetic phone considering the variables. Typically unstable like all Samsung hand sets. This on the other hand is an HTC. Excellent build quality and as long as I can get horrid Sense off of it, then it’s a legitimate contender for my next phone.

      • Klaus

        What Samsung software? Nexus S is vanilla android developed by Google, tested by Google and released by Google.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I’m surprised T-Mobile would launch a successor to the HTC Sensation so soon. TmoNews says this is not a myTouch device, but the timing would suggest this could be the true upgrade to last year’s myTouch 4G.

    • Nathan

      Possibly who knows, this world moving faster then people might think now a days.

    • David

      It is most definitely not a myTouch device according to our ninja. They were firm on that.

      • Nick

        Our ninjas need to meet. Maybe the can form an ultimate ninja aliance and bring us double the leaked info.

  • E

    I’m surprised its nah a mytouch

  • inviolable

    Glad I didn’t get the Sensation then, buy I also want to wait for the Nexus.

  • jbrandonf

    I’m a Sensation owner and no I’m not upset at all, I know my device would be outclassed eventually and as long as I get ICS running on my phone I don’t care what else they release.

    The processor upgrade probably won’t equal that much of a difference in experience as everything is generally instantaneous anyway.

    I’m just glad to hear that TMo is still investing in their network and that they’re still getting high quality phones despite the impending buyout.

    • yerand

      looks like its gonna be the same as the sensation but with 1gb of ram and the same cpu, just not underclocked… i dont regret getting the sensation either

      • pikahatonjon

        welll. you’d probably be misssing out on the new camera sensor thats in the mytouch4g slide

  • westy

    No reason for HTC Sensation owners to be mad. They have a great phone and if they were happy with their phone when they got it no reason to get mad that another phone came out. Enjoy the phone you got.

    • Kevin

      Well it’s not white for one thing. Better processor and able to overclock better. Higher clock anyway since the starting point is better. MUCH better FFC resolution. That makes it a significant upgrade over the Sensation’s crappy VGA ffc.

      Anyway, for the low end user not much of an upgrade. For those of us that push our phones and utilize video conferencing, it is. No question. No reasonable debate anyway.


    geee, can I have my device for more than a month before it feels obsolete!! LMAO. N3 for the win

  • Aspeds2989

    As a Sensation owner I just see this as the same as my phone, but in white. Could be more appealing to female buyers. I’m not mad at all.

    • inviolable

      More appealing to female buyers because it’s white?

  • Cod3rror

    1.5GHz dual core and Android will still be laggy.

    It needs a full UI GPU acceleration.

    • thaghost

      Wrong. U mean 1.5 and sense. I have 1ghz and stock with no lag.

      • Tony

        He is wrong, but also right. We do need full GPU utilization in the UI. Just makes sense with the kind of power these devices have.

      • Nick Gray

        Can someone explain to me then why my G2 running a sense rom has no lag? I love it when people judge sense based on an experience they had over a year ago one first generation android hardware

  • RX-78-7

    Not bad looking, but if I were to get a smartphone it would be the N3

  • Ichigo

    I’m going with the Samsung Hercules. Got a sensation right now.

  • NotaNerd

    What is UI , CPU and GPU acceleration?

    • jbrandonf

      You might get an answer to that if your name wasn’t NotaNerd.

  • kevin niven

    Looks nice and should be fast as hell.

  • Tony

    Because T-Mo was hurtin for some Dual-Core Snapdragon love for sure.. -.-

  • Phil G

    I agree with Ichigo im Hercules all the way. Ya my Vibrant is a little buggy but blows my dads evo outta the water. And Hercules is a true Galaxy S II which has proved its might across the globe.

  • shadowxof

    considering i’m still running a mytouch 3g (original, not 3.5mm), it’s definitely looking really good. But i’m still hoping to hold out for the nexus 3/prime whichever name they decide to go with.

  • Noel

    Even though the Sensation is a very good device..i decided to skip it bcz it was a lil bit lacking in some areas..the big one was the meager internal storage. I am sure HTC realized they had to improve on the Sensation. I will cetainly buy the Ruby in a heart beat. I hope it comes with a 16GB internal storage and hopefully a screen just like the HTC Vigor. I also hope it has a stronger battery and a camera even better than that found on the Mytouch slide. The only delimma here is it wont be released w/ ICS and the new Nexus…Nexus Prime or N3 with ICS in tow is just around the corner.

    • Nick Gray

      That being said, HTC has proven that they are the best in the business in updating their phones. The HTC Sensation was just updated to Android 2.3.4 and you should expect the HTC Ruby to be one of the first phones (excluding the Nexus lineup) to get the ICS update

  • Damian

    I’ve been so excited to get the sensation 4G. Which i plan on getting ay the end if this month and now I read about the HTC Ruby and I’m floored think I’m going to treat myself and get both phones sounds like the HTC Ruby will make a great christmas/early bday present