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Take me out to the ballgame, rent me an Android tab!


Angel Stadium of Anaheim, home to many a childhood ballgame memory in my youth, has announced a cool new way to interact with the social world while enjoying your peanuts, cracker jacks and cold beer. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (AKA the team with the longest name in professional sports), has partnered with T-Mobile to offer Android Tablet rentals during their home games.

For a surprisingly cheap $10 per game, Angel fans can rent Samsung’s original Galaxy Tab or LG’s G-Slate tablet. Though I don’t necessarily see the need for a tablet while enjoying a ballgame, this will be a nice option for the socialista who needs to be connected to something bigger than a smartphone or the businessman who needs to crank out a few emails or spreadsheets between innings.

Each tablet comes preloaded with an application that allows you to check the roster of the players on the field, as well as check out news regarding players and teams.  In addition to this application, the tablets come preloaded with sports-related applications (most notably from ESPN) for the sports junkie who wants to keep up on the scores of other games. It also comes with games such as Angry Birds and Need for Speed Shift for kids and game-loving adults.

If you just want to browse the web, you can do so on T-Mobile’s 4G/HSPA+ network. In my personal experience, T-Mobile’s network is phenomenal at Angel Stadium, and we have no reason to think the experience on these rented tablets would be any different.

Tablet rental at Angel Stadium is a way for T-Mobile to test the waters of tablet rental as a revenue-generating opportunity. If this field test proves successful, T-Mobile has indicated they will expand tablet rental to other stadiums across the country. So if you know any Angel fans out there, you may want to encourage them to rent a tablet.

For even more information on this deal, be sure to check out the promotional video on the L.A. Times website.

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to rent a tablet while enjoying a ballgame? Do you think T-Mobile should expand this opportunity to other ballparks and stadiums? Or do you think we should keep the games pure and leave technology mostly out of it?  Sound off in the comments below.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

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    I really con not picture my self with my own tab at a ball game , let alone renting one.. Tab in one hand beer in the other while jumping up screaming, etc. All seems like a bad outcome.. Guy next to me jumps up hit tab, tab goes flying, smashes into a 100 pieces. what then? no way, i would pass on this one. Now if you are sitting in some special area with a table, etc, then maybe. But what they charge for those seats the tab should be part of the ticket. lol

  • 3nd


    • BiGMERF

      Not really buddy :)

  • Marcus

    I agree with BiGMERF. I mean its a neat idea and all, but only bad things will happen. Like, what if a foul ball were to hit it? Or spill your drink on it? Plus, its a baseball game, you should be watching it spending time with your family/friends.

  • sverige80

    Is this american football? Could we have this for hockey plz

  • Mark

    It’s bad enough that we have to be looking at a screen at all times. At work on our computers, in the car, bus, train on the phone, at home on the TV or game console and now a ball game? smh…

    • Anthony Domanico

      Agreed. 100%.

      Pretty soon we’ll all just be like those people in the spaceship on Wall-E.

  • Lrsone

    Great another way to distract people from a ballgame. Also another way for them to add to the cost of already expensive ticket prices. Whatever happened to just going to the ballpark and enjoying the game that you paid for with some franks, beer, and peanuts.

  • Manchester United

    Angels of Anaheim?? mhh, is this a gay team or what?

    • caryb1969

      You are an idiot. Ever seen a baseball game? What a douce. Stick to the subject. Tablets at a game. Dont think that is a good idea.

    • Michael Jackson, pop musician & pedophile

      the angels of anaheim are a ladies softball team i guess, or a men softball team dunno for sure