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Video: Android 2.2 running on an HP TouchPad?


While we’re not exactly sure of its source, a very interesting video has just surfaced on YouTube. As you’ll see below, it looks as if someone’s got Android 2.2 running on an HP TouchPad.

Before you get too excited, know that the video’s backstory makes it a bit hard to swallow. The uploader is claiming that the tablet was shipped to him this way, saying:

A coworker ordered his HP Touchpad for $99 from bestbuy, this is the 32g, when he got it, it came with android already on it, I just ordered mine, so if anyone knows how android go on it, please let me know.msacraYouTube user

While we are totally stoked to see a TouchPad running Android, we’re left to file this one under skeptical. But, since we’ve got a huge blog at our disposal, we figured we’d turn it over to the internet detectives. What do you guys think? Does this look legit? Do you buy the story about it arriving with Android installed?

In the past few days, with the price slashed and a bounty showing up for Android, time could be ripe for a hoax. But the video sure looks real. Anyone have any theories?

UPDATE: Just found some pictures, via Reddit. This is taking an odd turn…


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  • tyler

    wow this is amazing :o i dont buy the back story though maybe the guys trying to make a profit somehow

    • Charlene

      oh oh oh – can you see the fragmentation?

      • Emil


  • Jaxidian

    Meh, probably just somebody playing a video of Android on it, with choreographed and rehearsed (although not well) touches on screen.

    If this came shipped like this, then it could have ONLY been done if an HP dev/tech with inside access trying to throw us a bone, which means it would have also been pre-rooted, which would also have meant that the person making this video would have provided a system dump.

    Until we see said system dump, I’m calling this a fake.

  • sprunka

    I’d guess they found a way of making it a secondary video output to a computer, on which they were running the SDK?or perhaps and Jaxidian said, merely a video. I’m not willing to buy the back story or front story on this one.

  • AME

    I don’t buy the back story either. Let me present to you the “Android Fanboy Defense.”

    If you bought a Touchpad at full price (there’s no way the original owner could have gotten the $150 deal on it and returned it in time for this new guy to inherit it) and then went through all the trouble of rooting it and porting Android over to it (solo- no dev support, no XDA, no one-click root), why would you then get rid of it?! You would have a fully functioning Android tablet with great specs. There is no reason to return that!

    I was going to seal the deal by presenting the “Chewbacca Defense,” but that would have been too easy.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      I think that the theory is actually that this is a prototype or development device used by Qualcomm and HP to test the hardware minus webOS.

  • Tran Lang

    I think this is a fake one since he knows many people are hoping to see Android running on TouchPad.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    i heard touchdroid was working on puting android on the touchpad.

  • Interpol91

    Interesting nonetheless. Though I want to believe it to be real the android geek in me is hesitant to get up and jump in joy

  • Craig

    Somebody probably bought it, installed android on it, didn’t like it and then returned it. But they probably said they didn’t touch it since the plastic casing was still on and it was sold as new.
    Easy mistake by best buy, clever move by whoever returned it.

  • luiek20

    Wish I was able to buy one in time! Sold out everywhere!

  • uknowme

    This is posted on android central too. They say it’s the guys at Qualcomm. I’m more apt to believe that since that’s what’s in there.

  • DustinHunt

    To me it sounds like the excuse “it shipped this way” is a far too easy way of saying that it has android If the video had surfaced and they claimed they did it on their own then everyone would want to know how, this way they can avoid questions but still say they have it.

  • Jes

    Looks legit to me. I have no idea why the story would be made up since having a TouchPad running Android is pretty much the equivalent of finding a Golden Ticket in a deliciously over-sized Wonka bar, therefore anyone would want to own up to it. Know what I’m sayin’?

  • Touchpad Ownder

    Its Fake. Notice the Home button that is lit. That means it is not at the ‘home’ and when you hit it, it will go back to the desktop.

  • dk

    It’s not quirc !

    It’s QuLC – qualcomm innovation center

  • redz

    there’s another video on YouTube of another guy who got one with android n he made a longer 4 min video looks pretty real to me and it starts up same way he does lots of close ups of screen

  • George Watt

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