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Video: First look at HTC Sense 3.5 running on the HTC Bliss


It hasn’t been a week since we first caught a glimpse of HTC Sense 3.5 running on an HTC Bliss, but here we are today with a full 5-minute video of HTC’s upcoming version of Sense. The video is brought to you by the guys over at–the same people behind last week’s photos.

So what’s different in 3.5? A whole lot, apparently. HTC Sense 3.5 has more eye-candy, fancy animations, beautiful widgets and glossiness than ever before. The Taiwanese company has somehow managed to cram even more 3D effects and transitions into HTC Sense. There’s also a new dock bar, the ability to remove a whole home screen, new widgets and a new way to change the volume. Without further ado, here’s 5 minutes of pure eye-candy porn. And, no, there’s nothing wrong with your speakers; the video has no sound.

As expected, running underneath all that glossiness is good ol’ Gingerbread. While still the latest version of Android, Gingerbread is about to be blown out of the water by Ice Cream Sandwich. By the time we see phones running HTC Sense 3.5 hit the market, the first wave of ICS phones will be ready to land on US shores. With that in mind, you have a decision to make if you’re buying a high-end Android phone in the next few months. Will you buy a pure Android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich? Or go with a device like the HTC Bliss that has Gingerbread with Sense on top?

Personally, I’m a classic Android kind of guy. But I’m sure some of you are big HTC Sense fans. With Ice Cream Sandwich right around the corner, will you still be willing to sign a 2-year contract for a phone that’s about to be outdated? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Alan

    It looks so chinese..
    Google keeps making things less glossy and more refined looking, everyone else busts out the bubbles and varnish. gross.

    • muslimbomba

      agree, its fugly and disappointing. iOS will be far superior.
      Im purchasing the new iPhone 5.

      • Christopher Chavez

        Farewell! :P

    • Christopher Chavez

      That’s because it IS Chinese o.O

      • BiGMERF

        LMAO !!

  • Richard Yarrell

    HTC sense rather it be 3.0 or this 3.5 version makes NO difference sense makes android a better platform period. Android offers nothing without sense plain and simple real htc users already know this. Such as myself if your rolling with a dualcore 1.2Ghz processor on your device like my current EVO 3D then your at the top of the game in the world of technology. All you really need is the optimization of the operating system and that will arrive with ICE CREAM SANDWICH. The EVO 3D will be one of the first devices to be graced with ice cream soon so basically it’s a waiting game. Htc is and always will be KING OF ANDROID NOTHING IS BETTER.

    • BiGMERF

      I think it is more matter of preference.. Of all the overlay , I prefer Htc’s . But if I had a choice it would be a promptly updated, Vanilla running and less bloated Nexus device

  • wwJOSHdo

    Nay. Sense is ok, but I can’t wait for CM7 on my EVO3D and then I am gonna put ADWLAUNCHER EX on it

  • tpk

    2 year contracts, seriously?

    o2 have started offering 12month contracts again in the UK, far better but to be honest you can save so much if you go sim only and buy the phones for cash. You need £400 upfront sure, but you save that rapidly compared to getting new contracts from service providers.

  • Christopher Chavez

    Sense 3.5 or “Bliss” looks pretty cool. I like the circle icons along the bottom, kinda reminds me of WebOS (RIP).

    Don’t know why this “Sense 3.5″ can’t just be a Skin. Does it actually add any features?

    As much as I love Sense, still can’t help but be excited for Ice Cream Sandwich. Just excited for an OS that will finally take advantage of dual-cores. :D

    • tpk

      There’s a bunch of widgets that come with Sense, and a whole lot of social tie in too – that’s what really make me love HTC so much for adding it to Android, it’s so polished throughout, everything looks right and matches rather than lots of pseudo-randomly designed widgets and apps.

      I love android but just couldn’t imagine using vanilla after owning three HTC handsets

  • cheeto

    Sense 3.5 has such a polished and finished look. I was going to get the SGS 2 but I’ll stick to my evo 3d for now and wait for the upday. Sense by far is the best looking over lay on android with out a doubt and 10x better when rooted. Can’t wait till they come out with roms that mirror this version of sense. All is I gotta say Is WOW for sense 3.5

  • Slith

    No sense equals good sense in my book.

  • xelles

    Ahah… and my device has 2.2.2! I’m kinda okay… x__x

  • Dirge

    Eh, prefer Vanilla android. That way, I can customize it any way I want without feeling meh about not using the manufacturer’s skin.

    Stock android is now getting to the point where not much more has to be added by skins to make a great phone experience.

  • Transient

    HTC’s art director:

    “More gloss! More gradients!!! MORE LENS FLARES!!!!!!”

  • uknowme

    I like it. Then again all I have dealt with is sense. I like vanilla too, I just like what sense brings to the table.

  • h0ruza

    More fluff and gloss isn’t progression. Senses should be combing the sense features so the use of the phone is less fiddly and convoluted.

    HTC uses Helvetca font which is clean and clear but goes over the top with weather and lens flare animation.

    Just seems backwards to me. More refinement should be their goal

  • t0mekk

    its ugly, i dont like it.

  • Paul Atreides

    Wouldn’t be surprised if ICS took some cues from Sense far as polish goes. Vanilla has been too bland IMO. I also think HTC should make their widgets downloadable and uninstallable for their devices. I hope somewhere down the line, these custome UI’s will be the consumers choice to use or not. They can easily break it up into skins and widgets, and allow more customization of them. Definite win for everyone, they could even charge for some of the more fancy options.

  • pjax

    I don’t get why Android phones have to pick gender. And why it has almost always picked to be a dude

    Just listen to the names
    Droid. Galaxy. Nexus. Evo. Thunderbolt. Optimus. Transformer. Bionic.

    Manufacturers: you don’t have to make gender specific phones. Make it neutral so you don’t have to make two devices. Just look at the iPhone