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Video: Samsung Galaxy S II promo video suggests launch date on Sprint


Yesterday we showed you the latest Samsung Galaxy S II promo video, which made it clear that the best selling phone of the summer would soon show its face on this side of the Atlantic.  I guess we just got caught up in the excitement, because we failed to realize that the video actually has a few hidden clues.  Towards the end of the clip, the Galaxy S II that’s shown off doesn’t feature any carrier branding. But some people have noticed that the phone’s weather and clock widgets confirm some rumors that have been circulating.

The clock widget shows the date September 9th, and the weather widget puts the location in Kansas City.  This seems to match up with rumors that Sprint (whose headquarters are located right outside Kansas City) will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II on September 9th.  If that’s not enough to convince you, we’d also like to point out that the Visual voicemail app on the screen does belong to Sprint.

We only have a few days to go before Samsung is expected to officially unveil the U.S. versions of the Galaxy S II.  They may be a little late to the game, but we have a feeling that’s not going to matter to most people once the phone hits all four major U.S. carriers.  Check out the video below and let us know if you spot any other hidden clues we might have missed.

Source: Sprint Feed

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  • triangle

    Wow. This is going to be the best phone on Sprint. (Sorry, Richard Yarell, but it will be when it’s launched)

  • brian

    Why is this showing 2 different phones though? The one they show throughout the video has the single button on the bottom, but at the end it shows one with the 4 android buttons on it.

    • guyguy

      The one with the single button on the bottom (in fact there are 3 buttons the two others one are sensitive and backlighted) is the internationnal version that you find in europe et.. The one will 4 buttons will be the us version

      • brian

        I understand that, I just don’t know why you’d advertise a phone for US release and not use that actual phone on the video. Seems like they’re setting up the wrong expectation.

        • Nick Gray

          I think they did it because they don’t want to show off all the different phones yet or the promo was shot months ago before the U.S. versions were finalized and then they just added in the image at the end of the Sprint version.

          • Cwalden21

            Nice Explanation!

  • Prince77

    It looks nice, more than likely performs nice, but……………IT”S SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kwills88

    I am for the 4 buttons, because honestly we can all agree it almost looks like a big iPhone, and I for one, don’t want people asking me why my phone looks like an iPhone when it’s faced upwards

  • Futureboy

    I love the breakdown of evidence in the article…

    Exhibit A:
    The weather is set for Kansas city. Sprint headquarters is at 6200 Sprint Pkwy Overland Park, KS 66251, which is precisely 21.8 miles from the heart of Kansas City, KS, Latitude: 39.0997222. Longitude: -94.5783333

    Exhibit B:
    Um… yeah… if Exhibit A isn’t proof enough… I would also like to submit exhibit B, Sprint’s Visual Voicemail app plastered right there on the screen almost front and center as corroborating evidence.

    Love that the weather was the main evidence and Sprint’s app was supporting.
    Just to be clear – I didn’t look that deeply into it and I didn’t notice any of it – I’m just sayin, I enjoyed the way it was broken down. Gave me a nice laugh. Well done.

    • Nick Gray

      Good point. I guess the date and location are just a little more subtle.

  • breaking

    Bolognese 1
    Arsenal 2

    Arsenal wins 3-1 on aggregate!

  • aj

    Man im sad as original rumors indicated that it might come to verizon first. Sigh guess thats why they call them rumors. But i hope it comes out soon. I really really really really really really really really hope its 4g on verizon and maintains majority of the same form factor( if it ends up being minutely bigger i would be happy with that). I mean every blog site that has reviewed(granted most of these reviews were in like may-july) it said it was either one of or the best android phone out there in Europe only unfortunately. i mean if they had released then i would have bought it instantly. But ill wait and see if any more solid evidence and info comes out about the HTC vigor or more importantly the rumored name and phone nexus prime

  • TS75

    I worked for Sprint and this is the phone which has a code name Samsung “Gahoudi”. It has 4.5 inch screen with Spring ID. I have been testing the phone and well the build quality of the test phone was bad but the colors were gorgeous. The final product will vary.

    I have been doing testing on this phone for Sprint ID apps. I am an android developer and I work in Sprint’s product development department under the VP of Farid Adib. It is a great phone but Sprint ID code sucks. That app has lot’s of problem which I can’t begin to tell. The problem is with Sprint is Sprint Product development department has great concepts but poor leadership and execution qualities. The older people who are there lack zero coding skills and are still trapped in 1997 Java coding standards. They spend tons of money on contractors to come up with Sprint Zone new version of app which ultimately they banned it for Sprint Zone 4.0 version. Guess what? Sprint Zone 4.0 version is copied from Microsoft Phone 7 tiles and hub. Zero creativity at Sprint Product Development department!!

    It is shame that Dan Hesse has worked hard to put Sprint where it was before but Spring hasn’t learned a lesson to understand that it needs great leadership to make a company and decisions process successful.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Honestly, Samsung phones having “meh” build quality but gorgeous displays is kind of par for the course. Personally, display comes first for me, but having friends with HTC phones, I can understand the appeal for solid build quality.

      As for Sprint apps… you know we just bulldoze all that stuff when we flash a ROM over it after we take the phone home from the store, right? :p

      • Dirty_Azkals

        Even Farid says he’s had enough of bloatware. Thanks for making it removable Farid!

        • TS75

          Sprint ID is a truly bloatware and I doubt they will be able to give consumers an ability to remove it. I work on Sprint ID code and to be honest the whole code is poorly written along with the whole concept. I understand where Sprint is going with the concept but they are really struggling now. I don’t see any value addition to the consumers. That’s where I have to give to Steve Jobs for that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sprint is going bankrupt in few years. If I have to do it again, I would fire the the team below Farid Adib and re-design it again. Current Product development team has poor developers and no architects. I would rather say architects with zero architecture skills. Fire the jackass directors and old mind thinking people. Execution of projects need to be changed for good product development.

  • Joe


    • AmyMe

      Because ti’s also identical to other 4G icons on other carriers?