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Video: Samsung to announce a new phone during Mobile Unpacked at IFA, but what is it?

Samsung has just posted a teaser video for an announcement they are to make at IFA in Berlin. We usually have an idea of what a company might be releasing when set to make an announcement, but we’re left a little clueless on this one.

The commercial displays people walking around with a device that glows. We know the announcement should be phone-related, because one of the actors puts the device up to his ear. As we’ve heard lately, Samsung is planning to release larger phones. Maybe the yet-to-be announced device is a tablet/phone hybrid?

This seems like a big announcement, so it might involve one of the more important devices from the latest leaked Samsung road map. Last week’s leaked road map included a 4.65-inch device (GT-I9250) with 1280x720p resolution. Packed with Ice Cream Sandwich, this is a device we’d like to see.

But that 5.29-inch GT-I9220 is quite the beast. Sporting a beautiful Super AMOLED Plus display, 1280x720p resolution, a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor and an 8 MP camera, this monster is more than phone–it’s borderline tablet.

Samsung is also planning to release a 7-inch Honeycomb Galaxy Tab (the successor to last year’s). While this is a phone-centric announcement, let’s not forget that the first 7-inch Galaxy Tab could actually act as a phone (not in the US). This could very well be the device announced. The only problem? This tablet does not impress with its specs. With a 1024x600p resolution and 3 MP and 2 MP cameras (front and back respectively), this tablet leaves something to be desired compared to the larger phones mentioned above.

Which device do you guys think will be announced? Would you like to see an Ice Cream Sandwich device? Maybe a nice large 5.29-inch Super AMOLED Plus display? Maybe you’re into the 7-inch Honeycomb tablet. Let’s start the speculation! And if you think it might be a phone we did not mention, do let us know.

Update: Samsung uploaded another teaser.

Via: Phandroid


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  •!/6l_x Glx

    The GT prefix doens’t stand for Google Tablet?
    The Galaxy S model name is i9000.

  • Kye

    Samsung officially bunked those leaks right? Anyway that i9250 is amazing so i hope anyway.


    Maybe they announce they got the bid on the NExus? Probably not but just thought id say it. Lol

    • codesplice

      I’m really eager for any Nexus news. I still adore my N1, but I’m ready for the Nextus :)

  • Interpol91

    I would love to see an ICS device but it’s probably too soon for that. Especially after seeing the leaked images of the Nexus S running ICS. Hopefully it’s a super epic phone!!

  • Nexus ….

    If don’t know if Samsung would like to advertise Nexus Android series since it’s not their brand name :o They might announce GSIII? or a windows phone with GSII hardware?

    But who knows maybe they are just confident enough to win the bid on future Nexus. Or by promoting Nexus they will get better chance getting next Nexus which means they will get the first dip on newest Android like they did with Nexus S and GSII.

  • ben dover

    as far as what they are holding in the video being blocked out by the glow, it’s not a tab 7.
    maybe andy will be on hand to announce ics along side samsung’s nexus prime!?!?!
    I can only hope!

  • Nate B.

    I think it’ll be another version of the Galaxy S II.

  • Ricardo Matos

    Just to say this clip was all made in Lisbon – Portugal

  • Nathan

    I’m into the big ass phone only because of the beast specs :)

  • Ryan Mills

    I am thinking it is to announce their first Bada device . . .

  • praeivis

    I will be 1st ISC phone :P

  • Albert

    4.65 inch? 5.29 INCH?! Hope they come with special baggy pants with huuuge pockets! O_o

    • Futureboy

      As long as they’re pure vanilla Android pants, I’ll be buyin’ ‘em!

  • Richard Yarrell

    I applaud Samsung and hope there upcoming devices are 4.65 or 5.29 inches big the bigger is definitely better in my world. These specs have to be on point because next year’s EVO BRAND will support an 4.7 inch screen so samsung is definitely rolling bigger screen devices next year or maybe even the ladder part of this year. This is so much fun because HTC and SAMSUNG are locked in a heat competition for innovation which is where we all benefit from not all this court room drama… You can count on htc and samsung to innovate…

  • http://Website nexus

    maybe its a phone packed with LEDs in the rear that glow when you pull the phone out of your pocket?


  • Dirge

    I think they’re going to announce the SUPER Amoled HD screen. Either that, or a beefed up GSII(1.5 Ghz dual core, 1.5GB RAM, Super Amoled HD Display, ICS, 16GB Internal Storage). :’)

  • zymo

    the original video was tagged 4G, so i assume it is the Celox (GT-I9210). The first LTE Phone for Europe.

    • Dirge

      And hopefully for Verizon >_<

    • zymo

      EDIT: Now look at the dude with the red jacket. He is holding a stylus in his hand -> Galaxy tab 7?!

  • clozed2u

    it will be good.

  • Zer0-9

    do not taunt Happy Fun Phone

  • Tal

    Correction – the media got it wrong I think – the GT-I9220 is actually GT-I9920

  • Nate B.

    It’s not going to be a ice cream device. The nexus 3 will be the first & they would show that off in the states first. I know we are excited but we have to make sense.

  • Chris

    If it’s the Nexus Prime…I will be a happy person. All over my new upgrade…

    Either way they have my attention…

  • Kevin

    It looks like Nexus prime since it fits some of its “rumored” desciprtions. . .

  • Jr.

    i may be mistaken but if i remember they used a commercial like this wen the nexus s was released with the people walking around with an unknown phone.

    • Jr.

      so im guessing it could be the next nexus =]

  • Ziggy

    Quad core phone?


    SI just a new road map over on phandroid that e showed a new phone with ICS being released during week 48

  • cb2000a

    Nexus Prime or new SG2 variant…

  • Anthony E

    Please, Samsung, something with a keyboard. Something thin and sexy and powerful! PLEASE!

  • DiscussAndroid

    wow, i cant wait !

  • Dirge

    Didn’t Samsung release a teaser almost exactly like this for the Galaxy S II before it was announced?