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Video: Samsung’s ChatON universal messaging app to support all operating systems


Everybody knows that Blackberry messenger stands among the best messaging services around, but it does lack many features. The fact is that almost nobody wants one of RIM’s devices anymore. Even if Blackberry did upgrade its messenger, the service is very fragmented, as it’s available only for the Blackberry OS. While there are many messenger apps available for Android, none of them seem as full-featured as Samsung‘s next messaging app.

What made Blackberry Messenger so good, though? Its border-less nature, for one. You could chat with friends around the world without a single complication or extra fee. Current messaging apps can already do such, but there’s no one service used by all.

This creates a new issue: having to download all the messaging apps your friends use. It seems Samsun’s new app will provide a solution to this, and it just might become the universal app for messaging. It sure looks promising! Samsung claims that ChatOn is “a true global mobile communication service”; it was released in 120 countries and 62 languages.

At first sight, this seems like a regular chat application. But this bad boy doesn’t just do text messaging; it can send picture and video messages and do group chat (like Huddles). If Samsung does it right, this app might even replace text messaging at some point… or even Google Voice, if you happen to use it.

This messaging service will have multi-platform support, which is another one of its notable benefits. It will be available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Samsung’s Bada OS. If you happen to be one of the few not covered in those categories, there’s no need to worry. ChatON will also come in a web-based version for PC, as well as a basic client for feature phones. No one will be left out of the game here.

ChatON will debut this week during IFA. We won’t have to wait long to get our hands on it, as it should be available in September. Stay tuned for more news about ChatON. We’ll definitely be reporting more on this service.

Read the press release and check out the video embedded below to see what Samsung’s ChatON messaging service is all about. Do you guys think this app will be successful? Does it have the potential to replace other messaging apps completely? What about replacing text messaging?

Show Press Release
Mobile Messenger More than that, Samsung ChatON (chaeton)

Samsung Electronics, a global communications services for the coming September ‘ChatON’ (hereinafter chaeton) start the service. The world and provides services to more than 120 countries, up to 62 languages ​​that you’d support. This world of mobile phone users to communicate beyond borders and languages, is expected to be enabling.

Chaetoneun simply is not just talking to pass the mobile messenger. Trunk (Trunk), such as sharing content through the box and profile comments to share with your friends lives the concept of micro-community is a global SNS. In addition, allowing users to communicate more effectively with a wide variety of message types, and many more platforms and is designed to be in terminal.

From now on, Samsung’s ambitious, let’s look chaetone.

Generation and space to support a variety of platforms can communicate beyond!

Multi-platform support chaetoneun smartphones, as well as the general consumer with a mobile phone is a characteristic that can be used deulkkaji. ‘Chaeton’ Galaxy of the Samsung products and its own sea-based platform offers new features, starting with phone services, also for third-party’s main platform is expected to expand in stages. Mobile phone users worldwide smartphone, feature phone to break into the ‘chaeton’ will communicate through the mornings I’m not that far!

Micro-community-oriented mobile communication services

Chaetoneun various user groups to community-based micro-oriented. Contact with the balloon that displays the frequency of conversations with the number of ‘intimate position’ feature can be a simple social networking. In addition, the ‘word to your friends’ with the ability to determine a group of friends might like to comment briefly.

Support for multimedia content to communicate emotion.

In addition to the chat room, you do not need to find each other, sharing content. Group-based content storage space of ‘trunk’ through to see at a glance because you can find. In the trunk of your photos and videos can also leave a brief moment.

1:01 chaetoneseoneun chat and group chat, group message (bulletin), and the dialog is available in a variety of ways. In addition, photos, videos, voice message, location, contacts, calendar, and supports a wide variety of multimedia content. Specifically, the background music, photos, handwritten cards and make it yourself with the ability to send animated messages can be an emotional communication.

Samsung Media Solution Director yihosu vice president, “chaetoneun Samsung’s service technology created a global mobile communications for the core services,” said “consumers want and social networking needs to meet the service to become a future sustainable performance upgrades to introduce new features,” he said.

Via: Engadget

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    I dont know about this one… But it has the potenyial to simplify things for many people. Im just a normal text your number kind of guy

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I don’t know. I actually rarely text (through regular carrier texting). I mostly text through Google Voice when I do. I think this app has some good potential, especially if enough people get it. Especially since it has video/image messaging, and it has support for all operating systems. I am hoping it gets big, because it looks promising. .


    Google voice would dominate my texting if they would finally bring in MMS

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is basically all about choice to me that’s exactly what true android is all about options and choice. As long as that exist then all this offers is something extra for android. People will continue to use what they like or what is easier for them. I applaud the extra option no doubt.

    • BiGMERF

      you can look at it that way or for some it is just considered more bloat

  • Ken Kinder

    Finally, a way to send messages to people electronically!

  • Tiger

    What’s the different from WhatsApp ? same same.

  • gildan27

    As if Apple will let this in the App Store…