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Video: T-Mobile tortures devices (Update: Video removed)

t mobile test

Ever wondered what T-Mobile asks from manufacturers before releasing devices? One requirement is durabilty, and it seems that Magenta does its testing first-hand to make sure everything is sturdy. T-Mobile has just released this nifty video, in which they demonstrate how they test devices for durability.

The testing includes opening/checking the device, 1-meter falls and putting pressure on the screen. All of this to make sure devices “exceed customer expectations” in order to “protect customers, as well as T-Mobile, by torturing the phones.”

It is always fun (and painful) to see smartphones being destroyed. At this lab, they do it often. But it’s all to make sure our devices can handle rough usage. Even after all this testing, we still manage to destroy our phones. What are we doing wrong?!

Check out T-Mobile’s video and let us know what you think in the comments section. Do you guys think T-Mobile’s tests are good enough? Are the devices generally durable enough?


It seems like T-Mobile has removed the video. Maybe they don’t want people to know about their torture techniques? We really can not think of any reasons why T-Mobile would remove a video like this. Let’s hope that they put it back up. What do you guys think happened? Maybe they are making some changes to it?

Source: TMobile (Youtube)

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  • Galen20K

    soooo Awesome.

  • Kevin

    Haha i’ve seen something like this for the Nexus one as well. The Drop test etc to make sure it’s safe for accidents!

  • Jess Blanchard

    Yes. But will it blend?

    • muadhnate

      The eternal question. Is that why they don’t have the iphone 4? Hehehe

  • SphericalPuma

    So if they test these devices, who was drinking on the job when the G2X came in?

  • SliestDragon

    Hehe, that’s awesome. Kind of wish they wouldn’t let phone’s like the comet make it through though. Couldn’t they have dropped that one from a little higher? That phone sucks… :p


    how about they test the software ?! anyone can bang up a phone..

    • Eric R.

      Ha! I was thinking that as well.

      The device manufactures do their own torture testing the the physical compentents (this includes independant labs). I would love to see the carriers focus more on testing the usability of the software, constantly working towards a better customer experience.

  • Michael

    Video has been removed

    • CTown

      Good, that video was indecent. Is torture really a type of entertainment here? You guys make me sick!

  • Tran Lang

    No, I don’t think the test is not enough to make sure the phones are durable enough.

  • zdalin2003

    video’s dead…

  • hnn

    they didn’t want people trying it on their own phones. lawyers FTW.