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Waiting for the HTC Puccini? It might be unveiled September 1


The tablet wars have been fierce this year, but there’s one manufacturer that still hasn’t jumped in with two feet. One of the most recognized Android device manufacturers, HTC, still hasn’t released a Honeycomb tablet. The HTC Flyer was promised an OTA update to the tablet-optimized Android version, but word about this update has been scarce lately. HTC is known for making quality devices, and fans have probably been waiting for a Honeycomb tablet for some time.

We’ve been hearing rumors about the 10-inch HTC Puccini for a while now; it’s even passed through the FCC with AT&T radios. We certainly can not wait to know more about this tablet. Luckily, it looks like it might be unveiled soon.

HTC has been sending invitations to the press about an event scheduled for September 1. The invitation itself betrays no details as to what the event could be about, but there are no major devices expected. Could this be the unveiling of the HTC Puccini? Or maybe a device we don’t know about yet?

A guy can dream. And whether it’s September 1 or not, we sure hope HTC’s Honeycomb tablet is revealed soon. Rumored specs include a 10.1-inch screen, a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (1.2-1.5 GHz), front-facing camera, 8 MP rear-facing camera and even support for the HTC Scribe stylus pen.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more details, and let’s see what HTC has for us on September 1. Do you guys think it is the Puccini, or another device?

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Source: Mobilfunk-Talk

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  • Haz


    Puccini is code name of Mussolini?

  • Nick Gray

    I was really hoping for an August unveiling for the Puccini, but I guess September 1 isn’t too far off. Combine the Puccini with the opening on HTC Dev and we could see some pretty cool things happen with HTC Scribe and new apps from the development community.

  • sylar

    Hmmm…..sounds interesting, to be in all honest I had forgotten all about this thing. I’ve been paying too much attention to the SGSII.

  • Dustin Earley

    I never though I’d say this, but HTC has a lot of catching up to do if they want to get on Samsung’s level.

  • SliestDragon

    If HTC makes a good enough tablet, I may pick this up. It’d have to be really good though. I already skipped the Tab 10.1, so I’ll probably be skipping this too. We’ll see I guess….

  • ntan97

    I think this is a release for Puccini … its the only thing that makes sense other then Ruby but I don’t think that’s gone through the FCC yet. . I guess for me it depends on how heavily customized the ui is(which according to the leak is pretty customized) and how it performs

  • Josh

    hahaha it’s an amazing tablet pretty fast actually and its pretty smooth you can check out a review of it on youtube As far the price it is up there 699.99 2 yr contract with $35 3g data plan on top of that or 849 without contract and 14.99 250mb each but oh well right we can only dream.

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