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Facebook updated to version 1.7


Though Facebook is widely considered to be the red-headed stepchild in the Android community now that Google has launched a social network of their own, the service continues to grow at a baffling rate. It now claims over 850 million users. Facebook’s Android application has been fairly uninspired and most updates to date have been a half-hearted attempt to mirror what was already in the iOS version. Personally, when I’ve felt the need to check what’s going on with my Facebook friends, I’ve more often been found using the mobile website rather than the Android app.

That might be about to change, as today’s update to version 1.7 brings some serious enhancements, not the least of which includes full support for Honeycomb tablets. (Though it doesn’t add a tablet-optimized UI). In addition to full Honeycomb support, Facebook 1.7 brings:

  • Enhanced Privacy Controls
  • Allows users to select which friends/groups to share their updates with
  • Pull down on your newsfeed to automatically refresh
  • Swipe left and right in photo albums
  • Ability to tag your friends in pictures
  • Enhanced UI, especially within individual profiles and the newsfeed
  • Improvements to notifications and messages
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

Quite the slew of updates for the Facebook application. If you haven’t already, head over to the market and update your Facebook application to version 1.7. Let us know how you like the updates in the comments.


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  • http://Note Uncemister

    About time :/ even then there’s still a ways to go

    • Xtina

      my iPhone 4 already has 3.5.

      Wow, android is lagging behind as always, i guess.

      • Thrud_The_Barbarian

        My HTC Desire has Cyanogen version 7 on it. Iphone only has version 5 of it’s OS.

        Wow. iphone is lagging behind as always, i guess.

        Do you realise how ridiculous you sound, now Xtina?!

  • ben dover

    before google+ I was waiting for an update like this. I’m still glad to have it but I’ve pretty much switched to google+

  • Anthony Domanico

    To clarify regarding a question we received from someone on Twitter, though Facebook has been “available” on Honeycomb for a while, today’s update brings full Honeycomb support. You should no longer be experiencing force closes, and you will have the most up-to-date version of the application.

    Facebook’s Honeycomb support was removed somewhere between version 1.6 and 1.6.3, leaving users on an older, buggy version of the application. Support was added back into 1.7.

    It’s still not “optimized” for tablets, but tablet users should have a much better experience now.

    • ddpacino

      Ahhh, thanks for that clarification. *DOH!*

  • ddpacino

    Damn, I wanted to check out some Honeycomb screenshots! Can you guys update that when you can? Curious as to how the layout looks. Still wondering why they haven’t released the iPad update that we all know exists now.

    • keridel

      the honeycomb looks exactly like the phone only stretched. it’s not a new ui it just doesnt look as crap anymore

  • keridel

    all i’ve ever wanted from the facebook app is the ability to tag my friends in photo’s.

    iphone has had it since version one and we have to wait till 1.7. criminal, but its there now so all is right and just in the world again.

    • Yup

      Thank you! I was starting to wonder if anyone on android actually had friends that needed tagging! I’ve literally been looking for it since version 1 came out!

  • Andrew Jones

    Notifications still don’t work.
    The app is massive, laggy, bloated and uses stupid amounts of data (don’t even attempt to use it on a 2G connection). It now insists on activating the GPS just to let me view my news feed – WTF?

    Twitter has realtime notifications sorted.
    G+ has realtime notifications sorted.

    Why the hell Facebook can’t get the core functionality working before going on to do more fancy things is anyones guess.

    • Paul

      hmm. Odd. My wife has the $50 simple mobile plan with unlimited 2G, no 3G. So her phone’s 2G only and it never has a problem with facebook. And it doesn’t require her GPS to check the news feed. She hasn’t upgraded to 1.7 though, is that what you’re running?


    Look while not perfect it finally shows that facebook is showing some love to android, finally. This was our main complaint for a looooong time. Works great on my sensation. I have one issue on honeycomb. When i click friends in the app,it force closes. Also when i go to settings then accounts. Facebook is present but when i cick it nothing happens.

  • johnkb

    HOW do you tag photos? I can’t seem to find it?

    • Starship

      I think that’s a feature that has been promised and I have seen in previous update notes that never seems to manifest itself.

    • keridel

      you just have to tap the picture and the friends list appears. it’s actually quitewell done.

  • squiddy20

    I’ve found that FriendCaster (even the free version) is sooooo much better than the “official” Facebook app. FC has had “pull to refresh” for several months at least, and notifications actually work. I remember when I first started using it, I was notified of every person’s birthday, anytime someone tagged me, posted on my wall, updated a group I was a member of, etc. I never got that with the “official” FB app.

  • Paul

    Does the iOS version of facebook have all this? Are we still behind, equal now or ahead?

    • 9rd

      iOS is always ahead…

  • michael

    I just wanna poke! Why won’t they let me poke?

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Meh, I still find it way to heavy and slow for my taste, lacking on some stuff I know lots of users have asked before. Good thing they released this, along all the other changes FB is going through, although they just look more like a reaction to G+ instead of innovations on their behalf.

  • KHiD1987

    Iam happy for Facebook, but not happy cause after months i still iam not able to sync my contacts with Facebook for Android on my Nexus S 4G 2.3.5.

  • Peter parker

    I found the easiest thing was to leave facebook altogether. No inane updates from others anymore. Bliss. Life without social networks is now more………sociable lol.

  • Shaurya

    How to tag pictures? And pull to refresh?

    • keridel

      pull down on the feed to refresh and tap the picture to tag

      • Ed

        I can only tag people when i’m uploading a photo… There is no functionality to tap the picture and tag friends… Are you sure its just tap and tag?

  • d1292b

    Um what is so hard about push notifications. Why take a shot at the android OS because facebook developers made a shitty app?

  • rantmo

    Ahh Facebook, making forward progress by removing functionality. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong but it seems you can no longer tag friends in-status on the Android app (nor can you on their mobile site); now you add them as if it was a check-in. Time was you could just have “had a nice conversation with @Bob Loblaw about thumbtacks” and Bob would get tagged, now you have to type “had a nice conversation with Bob Loblaw about thumbtacks,” add him as a tag and it will append a “-with Bob Loblaw” to the end of the status.

    Maybe I’m just doing it wrong and missing something obvious, but the loss of that is actually quite irksome.

    • bhavesh

      how can i see tagged pics of my friends in facebook for android