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Gameloft’s 9mm lives up to the hype, reminds parents about Android Market content filtering


Do you have young children with access to an Android device? It might be a good time to review Android Market’s content filtering feature now that Gameloft has finally released their crime/action game 9mm.

The game’s theme song opens with the line “Shoot first, ask questions last,” which perfectly describes what 9mm is about. The storyline follows John “Loose” Kannon who steals millions from a Mexican drug lord and then tries to take down his gang “legally or not, before his team gets taken out first.”

I’ve been waiting on some new games to push my Galaxy Tab 10.1 to its limits, so I easily handed over the $6.99 asking price. Gameloft normally sells their games for $4.99 if you purchase directly from their online store, but I have yet to see 9mm listed there.

The gameplay reminds me of parts of Grand Theft Auto mixed with elements of Max Payne (which is also coming to Android). Each level takes place in a different environment (instead of one large persistent world) and most of the action takes place on foot with an over-the-shoulder view. Your character has the ability to slow down the action like Max Payne’s bullet-time and allows you to dodge bullets while lining up your shots.

Graphics-wise, 9mm is one of the best looking Android games I’ve played on a Honeycomb tablet. The framerate can dip a little when the action gets heavy, but it’s always playable and about what you would expect from a PS2 or Xbox game.

Overall I’m really satisfied with the game so far; I’d recommend it to others. But this title is not for kids. About the only time when you are not killing gangsters is when you stop for the dialogue, which contains the f-bomb in every line.

Surprisingly, 9mm only received a ‘Medium maturity’ rating, which Google says “may include sexual references; intense fantasy or realisitic violence; profanity or crude humor; referenes to drug, alcohol and tobacco use; social features and simulated gambling.”

A ‘High maturity’ rating is only gained when an app contains “frequent instances of sexual and suggestive content; graphic violence, and strong alcohol, tobacco and drug references.”

I’ll let you watch the official trailer below and let you decide which rating it deserves.

Just a reminder, you can easily change the Android Market content filter by pressing Menu > Settings > Content filtering. To lock the settings, touch the lock icon and enter a PIN code.

Have you purchased 9mm yet? Let us know what you think about the game in the comments below.


Source: 9mm (Android Market)

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  • Anthony Domanico

    Gameloft needs to get their shit together. Not compatible with my Photon or Transformer. Seriously, can’t play on similarly spec’d devices? FUUUUUUU

    • ben dover

      same here for my evo and transformer…

      • chris

        well why do you guys have the transformer? just to save a couple bucks? should have gotten the galaxy tab 10.1 or the xoom and you would never have those problems.

        • ben dover

          uh, maybe because the transformer is considered by many to still be the top android tablet on the market… and it’s also cheaper so it’s a win/win

          the tab 10.1 doesn’t have a sdcard slot which is a deal breaker for me and for many others as well.

          And what problems are you referring to? the fact that gameloft sucks? that’s not a transformer issue, it’s a software vendor issue.

  • mike

    No go on A500 either, or Zoom for that matter. I’ve begun to (try to) ignore gameloft since I’m pretty frustrated at their lack of consistent device support with little follow-up. Too bad they keep putting out such cool looking games that I can’t play…


    looks good.. but i will wait to see if it goes on sale.. LMAO

    • Interpol91

      That’s what I always hope for!! lool

  • Nider

    Compatibility Issues on Tegra Devices??
    Good Move Gameloft!!

  • johnny

    I hope it works for my Thrill

  • mike

    well if u had an ipad you would have played this game a month ago without compatability issues lol. android, smh.

  • big chief

    I just purchased this on my gtab 10.1 and it installs but when I try to download the additional files it keeps saying “a problem has occurred” and won’t download! Taylor, you got this working on your tab 10.1 right?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yup working great on my tab. The additional files are around 800 mb. Were you trying over 3G or WiFi?

      • big chief

        On wifi at work. Maybe it’s just something with the office wifi network… I’ll try when I get home. It’s probably just karma telling me I shouldn’t be playing games at work haha.

  • http://? Lux143

    All of this has to do with Android’s horrendous fragmentation issues. There are WAY too many devices out there to support. The experia play, tegra 2 devices, all of these are android and should run, or at leas ATTEMPT to run on ANY android device supporting the os version.
    It dosent and its bs.
    This is why dev’s love making games for iOS…its very easy and the games run 10x better as if they were made for a console system. ie. Infinity blade. that would never run on a non-tegra device and thats exactly why we never see games like that on android. Epic said that themselves.
    Sucks for us…

    • Mark

      You’re such a horrible troll. We all know it’s you. -______-

  • Galen20K

    Works Nicely on my Sensation and 10.1, Graphics are gorgeous!! very satisfied w/ this purchase. – D

  • Mike

    Doesn’t work on Xoom? Thanks for the heads up. Would have wasted money and had no hope of getting a refund from Gameloft.

  • johnny

    works on my LG Thrill

  • Steve505

    This game is above average, but it’s definitely not the best game.

    For a GTA type game, I highly recommend the Gangstar series, and for a FPS game, I highly recommend the Modem Combat series.

    With this game, don’t like it because the shooting sucks when compared to MC2, and the crime part of it sucks because you can’t drive, which is what makes GTA so much fun.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Gangstar 3 and Modern Combat 3 should be out by the end of the year!

  • dyanesh

    works on my xoom..! awesome