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Shadowgun trailer shows off the future of Android games


Do you like your sci-fi games soaked in blood? MadFinger Games just released the trailer for their upcoming Android title, Shadowgun, and it looks like it could challenge Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3 for most advanced game.

We got our first look at Shadowgun early this summer when MadFinger Games announced it would be coming to Tegra-powered devices. It will be one of the first games optimized for the cinco-core Kal-El, but there will also be a version for Tegra 2 devices.

The game takes place in the year 2350 and places you into the role of John Slade, the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter. Your mission is to hunt down the maniacal genius Dr. Edgar Simon and destroy his mutant army.

Shadowgun will launch first for iOS devices on September 28. We should see it appear on Tegra Zone in the coming months.

The game is built with the Unity 3D engine, which can easily be deployed to Adobe Flash Player, so we might eventually see this game appear on Google TV after Flash Player 11 drops next month.

Multi-core Android devices are starting to pack some serious graphics powers, but few developers have taken full advantage of them yet. It’s nice to see MadFinger Games (and Gameloft) raise the bar. I’m looking forward to the next wave of advanced Android games coming this year.

Highlights of Shadowgun include:


  • Featuring the most advanced combat AI to date–enemies flank, seek cover and utilize teamwork to take you down! Battle automated sentries, aerial drones and other lethal foes–tactical maneuvers are based upon actual military strategy!
  • Solve hacking mini-games to whet your nerdly appetite, then get back to blasting!


  • It ain’t just pretty–it’s gorgeous! Advanced lighting effects, beautifully rendered environments and pro voices make this one of the most advanced games for your smartphone!


  • Immersive storyline with multiple outcomes! You decide how it ends!
  • The first installment in a major franchise!
  • Unlock the detailed “Shadowpedia” and read more about the SHADOWGUN universe!


  • Survive the onslaught of Dr. Simon’s deadly creations, including level bosses, mutated grunts, killer machines and more!

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Source: YouTube

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  • Jes

    In my mind I imagined Billy Mays reading that whole Highlights section.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      The fact that every sentence ends in an explanation point might be a contributing factor.

  • fabien

    games are nice , but i prefer playing on my computer

    • Slith

      I’ll stay on my computer as well. At least until the 2160 TVs hit.

  • Jasonhunterx

    Yes my Vibrant has a SGX40 so i should have no problem cant wait for this :D

    • Kevin

      I assume that is sarcasm. Surely you don’t think a Vibrant, or any other phone that isn’t coming out right now or later will be able to play this game smoothly? I had a vibrant. Have a Nexus S now and while the GPU is still hanging in there, this is next generation gaming for the android platform. But hey, if you like 3 FPS gaming then yeah, your Vibrant will kill it.

      • miah2008

        I would assume that this game would run fine on any current generation android phone(adreno 205, powwervr 540, just because phones are starting to have more power doesn’t mean that developers are going to utilise it straight away.The gpu in the Nexus S and Vibrant should easily handle this game as its also being released on IPhone which is running at a higher resolution display with a lesser gpu (sgx 535).

      • 666

        The PowerVR SGX 540 running at WVGA is pretty level with the Tegra 2 @ qHD and not far behind at WGA.

  • uknowme

    Wow that looks amazing! This is just getting ridiculous. That looks almost as good as a console game.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Very cool. But wait until we see cloud-gaming hit mobile devices… you’ll quite literally be able to play Crysis on high settings on your phone.

    • HackNet

      You can play Crysis 2 on Android right now. The app is called OnLive.

      They will send you a controller that looks very similar to xBox.

  • Gold D Roger

    When Taylor said “Optimized for Nvidia Kal-El and Tegra 2″. Does that mean that android phones that does not have Nvidia chips in them cant play this game O_O?

    • HackNet

      Yes, if you do not have a Tegra 2 device, you will NOT be able to play this game. These games are optimized for the nVidia chipset only. Hopefully other manufacturers will follow.

      I’m glad I own the Atrix 4G. :)

    • Denver

      Just look for Chainfire’s 3D hacks in the market.

  • mexican001

    Looks awesome, by the way that character totally looks like Bruce Willis haha!

  • SliestDragon

    Wow, that looks awesome! I want it now! :O

  • AmericanJedi001

    Hmmm. I gotta be honest, I’m not particularly impressed with the graphics of this game. The objects have low polygon counts, and the surfaces are almost all plastic-looking (not sure what causes that, technically speaking, TBH).

    Also, the story is incredibly simplistic. Yet another run-n’-gun shoot-’em-up.

    Granted, we’re talking about a game that will be released to _phones_, but if Kal-El is as awesome as everyone is making it out to be, I expect more. At least give a story with more depth!

  • Phil

    Look towards OnLive it’s 1st party games starting next year will blow everything else away.

  • Zork

    Ein wirklich tolles Spiel, trotz kleinerer Schwächen.

    Hab unter sogar ein kleines Review dazu geschrieben. :-)