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Spotify moves out of invite-only beta, offers six months of unlimited music


Spotify signed on as one of the leading musical partners at Facebook’s F8 conference yesterday. Users of the popular social media service will be able to listen to Spotify through their Facebook profile, which can share what you’re listening to with your Facebook friends.

Along with the Facebook-friendly announcement, Spotify has announced that they are opening up their service to the public and removing the monthly hour limitation for six full months to anyone who has a Facebook account. After six months, you’ll be limited to the traditional 10 hours per month free plan unless you sign up for one of their premium plans ($4.99 for no ads, $9.99 for mobile listening).

Unfortunately, unless you sign up for the premium service ($10 per month), you won’t be able to listen to Spotify on your Android device. In our initial runs with the Spotify Android app, we noticed songs loaded incredibly fast (much faster than Pandora, Slacker, etc.), even over a slower connection; though whether that is worth the hefty $10/month premium is up to you.

Anyone out there been using Spotify religiously since it launched? What do you guys think of the service? Is it worth shelling out $10 per month to listen on your Android device, or are you spending your hard earned money elsewhere?

Source: TechCrunch

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  • Karl

    This is the first time that i can honestly say that the paid version ($10) is more worth it than actually downloading music for free. This is the best step towards anti-piracy measures that has happened, EVER!

    I haven’t seen anything as seemless as spotify. Works with fysikal music that is already on your device, make plalist woth both music from your device and from spotify without even knowin that you are doing it.

    I am however looking forward to hearing some of the arguments against spotify and for other suppliers since i might have fallen a bit too hard for this service.

    • OpenIntro

      Completely agree. The fact that it loads so quickly and I’ve got so many options so quickly made me sign up for the $10 plan immediately. It’s less than half the price of Sirius/XM and at least 2x better in my opinion, because I like to listen to what I want when I want.

  • Migoy Velez

    I’ve been a user since it showed up on the scene a short time ago. I was more than happy to get rid of Rhapsody and their weak music offerings. The music choices that I get now are all the latest club and electronic hits which are popular in US and Europe. If I hear it on XM81 (Club BPM), 98% of the time I can find it on Spotify. That’s a premium to me. I’m on the road a great deal and to have Spotify on my Droid DX2 and plugged into my auto’s stereo makes a 5-hr trip a pure joy!! As long as they don’t get greedy and start upping the price, Spotify is spot-on wonderful!!!

  • SparkyXI

    I’m paying the $10/month for this service, and I’m finding that I discover more music, and I use this over Bluetooth in my car with my Droid Charge (unlim data ftw). The quality is excellent, and there’s plenty to choose from.

    I feel bad for the musicians that get their music pirated, and this is a great way to actually pay for the music you’re listening to. Spotify has changed me. If you’re not on it already, seriously, give it a try.

  • Adam

    Spotify is the best thing since sliced bread! After being cautious when I first got it as being another Pandora clone, I quickly realized Pandora is nothing compared to it. I added the premium service last month and its been great on my phone. It’s perfect for when I go to the gym.

    If you don’t have Spotify, you need to get it! You won’t be sorry.

  • Dragonithe

    Whit all the positive news about spotify and this 6 month deal I decided to give it a go.
    And OMFG, It’s awefull!
    After I created a account whit my facebook details I downloaded the program to use it on my computer, but there’s NO way to find out how to log in.
    I tried my facebook details, No luck. I tried a usernumber that’s on the website under my profile. No luck.

    So how good the service might be, when you can’t use it it’s useless!

    • SparkyXI

      I guess it’s not for everyone…

      • Dragonithe

        Seems like it …
        And it’s a shame, I was really looking forward to use the service.

    • AndrewKam

      did you follow the “Set device password” link? that’s what I did this morning and have been listening to cheesy 80′s pops songs since.

      • Anthony Domanico

        Successful troll…is successful.


      • Dragonithe

        It could be that I missed that.
        But now I don’t have a chance to do it because I’m logged out of the site and there’s no way to log back on.
        I don’t have a working spotify username+password and facebook login seems to be doing all what it’s not supposed to do.

        • Sean the Electrofreak

          Uh, the first thing it did when the installer completed was ask me for my Facebook login. Put that in, it started up, and I was off. Try uninstalling and reinstalling.

          I’ve got an option to Log Out under the File menu, so… not sure what’s going on with you.

  • Steve Nutt

    I’m in the UK and have used the Spotify free service in the past (ages ago) and it was really good, however over here the subscription service is £10, which with current exchange rates is $15.4.

    Which is just too much for a monthly subscription, when I don’t really listen to enough music (or of the type Spotify has) to make it worth it.

    If it has been under £5 a month, I would probably have subscribed (especially as on average I probably spend ~£2-5 a month on music).

    As usual though people in the states get this stuff cheaper than us brits, even though this one started of over here.

    p.s. Just checked and there is now a “Spotify Unlimited”, which is £5, however, you still can’t use the app with it…

    • happydan

      Seriously? Unlimited listening to pretty much anything (except oddly, in the UK, Adele’s ‘Someone like you’) for a tenner is too much?! Tell that to your CD-buying 1996 self. Baby-you would jizz their pants.

      We are so unbelievably spoilt these days. Hell, I pay for the service but barely use it because I want to support them (as I also do with Proton Radio).

      • Steve Nutt

        My CD buy 1990′s self was getting CD’s for £2.99 from Woolworth’s once a month max… Or listening to radio…

        Also my 1990′s self didn’t have kids to look after, etc…

        Also I have tried other music services and ended up cancelling, because I just didn’t use them that much so they were a waste.

  • ben dover

    I buy my music and even then I’m lucky if I buy an album a month so Google music works well for me. I might give the 6 month deal a try and see how I like it!

  • Kristoffer

    I’ve been using Spotify premium since the initial launch in Sweden. I’m happily paying my 99 SEK (~$14) every month. I’m using the client on Android, Windows, Linux and iOS. The only thing I’m not happy about is that the Android client doesn’t support nested playlists yet even though the Windows and iOS clients has done that for some time now. Also Spotify lacks a well supported Linux client (currently only packaged for Debian/Ubuntu).

    I listen to Spotify most of the time that I’m awake. Desktop version if I’m at the computer, Android version if I’m in the car or at any other place in my home. If there’s music missing in Spotifys collection I can always add it from my local mp3 collection and have it synced to my phone.

    I have always bought a lot of CDs and downloaded a lot of mp3s. Nowadays I only download stuff that I can’t find anywhere else. For me, Spotify haven’t changed the ways I consume music but it sure has changed the way I acquire it and also saved me the trouble of constantly burning CDs for the car or transferring mp3s between my computer and other devices.

    • JPB

      The lack of quality in the Android app is the main reason I’m taking a pass at paying for the Premium version.

      No playlist separation? Really?

  • BP

    The Audiogalaxy app for Android has spoiled me for Spotify. I’d rather listen to my own music on my phone (streaming from my home PC) for free than pay for this.

  • yambag021

    i am a cheap b-stard when it comes to paying for music stuff. however, spotify is worth every last penny IF you listen to music alot. I use this at work and at the gym. My wife also listens to it at the gym as well. The only downside (which is semi-smart by spotify) is that you can only be signed into one place at a time. I wish they made it where you could pay a smaller amount for “secondary” accounts (say $5?). One other “gripe” I have is that the music searching ability is better on the pc, mostly bc you can sort by artist/track/album. On the phone, you search for something and have to scroll through however it is sent to you. But overall, this is a fantastic application. If you are abig music person, this is a must buy.

  • Jes

    You all have me nearly sold on this. After waiting a year or however long it took Spotify to get to the US, I finally got my invite but never actually signed up. Once I see what Google Music (my current preferred music avenue) comes out after they remove the free-to-use tag, I’d like to compare the two. From everyone’s responses, though, sounds like Spotify may come out the winner.

  • gregory

    plz kill facebook, its for stalkers and NSA

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I’ve never used Spotify before, I may give it a try now. I also never used Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, nothing of those.

    I’m a happy Music Beta by Google user though.

  • Mike

    I’ve been on the premium account since Spotify launched in the US. I love the service! Pulling the trigger on a $10 monthy sub was tough to swallow but I think it’s well worth it. I might be saving money over what I’d normally spend on iTunes. Now I just buy what I really like after 10+ listens.

  • Schou1987

    Hmm… how does this service differ from services like grooveshark??

  • Paxmos

    $10 is a bit stiff for me just to be able to stream using my phone!!!???. I signed up with Slacker at $3.99 and absolutely love it.

  • Mr.Jod

    I love spotify. I listen to alot of rap music and they have just about everything except for some mixtapes which are free anyway.

  • mcdisease

    I use a combination of Google Music beta and Rdio subscription.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Long time Pandora user. My girlfriend got into Spotify a month or two ago (though I had applied for it first and recommended it to her) and she loves it. Today is the first day I get to have it for myself… and now I’m in the process of looking up all my bookmarked Pandora songs and adding them to a playlist in Spotify.

    Cue music bliss!

  • Metal Man Dave

    I will try it out but I doubt I’ll switch from my Napster Mobile subscription that is the same price.

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