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Video: GO Launcher EX updated with new transitions, bug fixes and more


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: GO Launcher EX is hands down my favorite homescreen replacement for Android. Not only does it offer a high level of customization and compatibility with top-notch themes, but the GO Dev Team provides a certain level of polish not many developers can best. Today, the folks at GO have released an update to their launcher that adds even more of that signature GO quality design.

Eight new scroll effects for the app drawer have been added to GO Launcher EX, bringing the number of fancy-flings up to fourteen. To set a scroll effect for your app drawer, simple press “Menu” from your homescreen, select “Preferences,” choose the “Effects” section under the “General Settings” category and, finally, press “Horizontal scroll effect under app drawer.” The guys over at DroidLife have made a video showcasing the newest effects, which you can find below.

Along with the newest animations, the GO Dev Team has also added a landscape mode and support for slide screens while dragging an app icon. They’ve also fixed the default icons issue on the dock bar.

While we’re on the subject, which launcher do you use? Are you rocking it stock, or do you need a little more customization in your life? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • CFG9000

    I like GO Launcher, but I always seem to end up back on ADW EX.

  • ben dover

    I love go launcher ex as well but I still use the 3d vertical continuous scrolling. Seems to be quicker to get to apps.

    • rick

      Agreed! Even so, some variety to work with the vertical scrolling would be nice. I still prefer the 3D/Waterfall effect. It just seems that horizontal is just too … common, even fruity.

      • ben dover

        I’m sure there are a lot of cool ways to put other effects on the vertical scroll!

        I just like the fact that if I need to jump to the bottom of my app drawer, I can do it with one quick flick of my thumb!

        (and it looks cool flying through all the icons too) :)

  • uknowme

    I think my favorite has been Zeam. It’s free and has a decent amount of customization options.

  • Chris P

    I’ve always really stuck to adw and more recently adwex; but with the lack of updates recently I might give ‘go’ a try. Oh and cue the comments about go team being a privacy risk.

  • Interpol91

    Awesome! I went back to ADW EX this morning to take advantage of the widget overlapping to create an epic looking screen. However, I do enjoy Go Launcher EX and tend to favor it since it is very polished. Give me some widget overlapping support on Go Launcher and I won’t need any other launcher :)

    • Dustin Earley

      Was it that night theme or something like that?

      • Interpol91

        Night theme? I actually tend to stay away from the themes on the market. I like to use XDA and deviantart to get custom icons, lockscreens, and mclocks. I like the widget overlapping feature of ADW and LPP since I sometimes use desktop visualizer in combination with widgets and icons.

        • Dustin Earley

          Someone posted a theme that was based on using custom wallpapers and icons. There was a lot of widget overlapping and what-not. I’ll look harder for it later.

          • Interpol91

            Interesting. If you can find it I would love to see how it looks.

  • LeoBenve

    I Tried Launcher Pro, ADW and Go launcher, I haven’t changed away from GO since I first installed it, I’m also rockin’ GoSwitch, Go Contacts and Go SMS Pro….Yeah, I like Go Dev Team

  • Ryan

    Imagine that… it’s laggy.

    • Rich

      Which is expected on nearly any phone that is recording video on its own screen while trying to demonstrate the graphic sfx of the launcher.

  • justin

    Nice alternative for motorolas gay blur on my DROID x

  • adv

    Go launcher is very polished and full featured but its a little too cartoony for me. I prefer a more minimalist look with Launcher Pro on my Nexus S. With Launcher Pro I can get rid of the ugly stock gingerbread launcher but still have a clean, vanilla android theme with a few custom tweaks. I love the Star Wars fade effect of the stock android app drawer, and you can get that with LP and even remove the home icon for an even cleaner look.

  • Rich

    I’m also rockin Go Launcher! I must confess I must have tried just about every launcher going, and I usually end up with Launcher Pro because although it isn’t the most customizable it is certainly the most smooth and imho feels like part of the standard Android system and not some skin. Having said that I am loving Go Launcher right now…. although the app drawer still isn’t as smooth as LP+

  • JPB

    Go Launcher EX just gets better with each update. I’m sticking with it.

    I do think the widgets need a bit of work though. I miss the look and feel of LauncherPro’s calendar and its combined Facebook/Twitter social widget.

  • K to the j

    Tried go launcher again today and it is still too laggy even on a dual core device… LP is just soooooo smooth. I have tried them all and keep going back to LP.

  • Enoch161

    I’m currently using LauncherPro bul I’ll see how much better GO Launcher has gotten.

  • mattcoz

    GO Launcher is great, but it seems to cause a ton of problems with my phone. Some screens won’t render, some will but they don’t update when I scroll them, it’s really weird. I’m not even talking about screens in GO Launcher, every other screen on my phone. I’m still stuck on an HTC Hero, so that probably is part of the problem, but it doesn’t happen when using Launcher Pro or ADW.

  • Rich

    I’ve tried a few.

    1. Stock Sense 2.0 on HTC Evo 4G: Button space on the bottom is a waste. Why the heck do I need a permanent button for adding things to the home screen? However it runs smoothly, isn’t slow at all, works, and has its own widgets.

    2. Sense 3.0 on HTC Evo 3D: Very smooth, and proof that HTC listens to their users and the market. Drop down notification includes recent apps on the top and a set of settings widgets, plus an included task manager. The home screen have a looping scroll like man launchers. The app drawer is paged instead of just scrolling. You can now customize the lock screen with quick launch apps, add widgets, and read texts directly from it. However they still waste space on the dock with a phone, app drawer, and customization button only.

    3. ADW: Admittedly I have the least experience with this launcher. I had it on my phone for about 2 days on my original Evo 4G. It was buggy, force closed constantly, and caused the phone to reboot multiple times. All alleviated when I replaced it with…

    4. Launcher Pro: Simple, fast, clean, lots of basic customizations. No theme support, but I am not too concerned with this. I used this launcher for the majority of the time I had my 4G. It just plain works and looks very good. Perfect for the minimalist.

    5. Go EX: Most newly downloaded. Themes are great, widgets are great, included task manager is great, UNLIMITED HOME SCREENS is amazing on an app addict like me (when I upgraded from my 4G to my 3D last week I had 298 apps installed in addition to the stock apps on CM7). Things that I didn’t like about it: Cannot remove the black background from the app name on the homescreens. This always annoyed me as I have a clean interface, a useable background and all these freaking black backgrounds to my apps. UGLY. Adding apps to homescreens is counter-intuitive. 1. Open app drawer, 2. long press app, 3. drag to “move to screen” at bottom, 4. wait for it to pull up all your homescreens, 5. drop it on the home screen you want 6. go to that home screen and move it to the space you wanted as it seems to drop it randomly sometimes. Yes you can long press on a screen and add apps several at a time which is nice, but this screen can take a bit to load when you have 300+ apps like I do. And even then you still have to rearrange them. It isn’t all that smooth either. Quite cartoonlike. And these minor greivances do add up to me thinking very seriously about switching back to Launcher Pro on my 3D (still using Sense). So we shall see.

  • md

    Hm, how did you set that when you press the Menu button, the background is not grey but black ?

  • smithey253

    I’m currently using zeam as my homescreen replacement on my desire. Going to have to get used to sense again when I get my sensation

  • MrsHansen05

    Great launcher

  • zanykat9

    GL EX crashed when I turned my phone off, and will not start back up! its very nerving!

  • CG

    Do not install Go Launcher its a virus / bloatware app that can not be uninstalled on some (or all) devices. There is no way to remove it via manage apps (uninstalled greyed out) or via desktop (no X on wiggling icon).

    Go needs to eat hot death and die, and GO Launcher EX needs to be removed from the App Store