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Android MegaPad shows us what a 23″ tablet might look like


Have you ever held a 10-inch Android tablet and wished for a bigger display? You know, something just a little wider to watch movies on? Android modder Martin Drashkov must have had that dream, because he built an Android device with a 23″ touchscreen.

He calls his creation the MegaPad, and it only cost him around $600 to build in his kitchen. Martin thinks the larger display will allow “simultaneous use by two users” and “open up new¬†possibilities that demand different apps.”

Unfortunately the MegaPad is not a portable device, but it does provide a preview of what future Android devices might look like. With new technologies like flexible displays, it might not be long before we see a desktop-sized display that could fit in your pocket.

What kinds of Android apps would you like to see on a touchscreen that big?

Source: Martin Drashkov

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  • teecruz

    If this doesn’t tell you that Android + mobile apps are the new standard?
    than I don’t know what will. . microsoft. seriously.

    I read two articles the other day painting Android in this crunch time once Windows 8 is set for PC’s & tablets.
    no. Microsoft is dead. people need to realize that.

    Android is the Alpha Omega. :]
    the ‘it’ man. Kudos, Google! (:

  • Tom

    Why do you need to end every post with a stupid question?

    • hatsune miku

      could be because he wants input from the community, i think. i’m not quit sure though.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Why do you leave stupid comments in the form of a question?

      • AmericanJedi001

        LOL! Well played, Sir, well played.

  • heeros

    I want that. No matter how unpractical.

  • Dr.Carpy

    This thing is sick like the flu! What a concept! This is what makes Android so awesome. Innovative ideas can see the light of day without some authoritarian slapping you on the wrists or worse because modifications are deemed illegal. Some may say Google is not truly open, but somewhat open is better than completely closed! Keep it coming!


    i look foward to carrying a tv around with me :)

    • Jes


    • Tony

      Funny, but think of it more as a desk ‘top’ device.. or better yet, imagine your coffee table in front of your living room couch with something like this in it.

      • Richard

        I’m guessing you’ve never heard of the windows surface, its an old design that microsoft built a few years back. It was pretty awesome but it never took off, only just started seeing them been used. Microsoft and Windows’ main problem is that they make some great tech and then totally fail at releasing it

  • dickinyourbutt

    The MegaiPad is much thinner and more powerful thx to the more sophisticated technology.

    • E

      Is that what u have up urs cuz it seems to be distracting u ur on the wrong site u F ING i hoe

  • Mitchell

    Board games!! Duh!! Imagine Risk or Monopoly or one of the newer gen games like Settlers. You would use your phone or tablet to “hold” the cards or whatever is hidden and interact with the board for moving pieces or what not. Sounds awesome!!

    • Mitchell

      And this guys sucks at Fruit Ninja. Just sayin’.

      • Paul

        He wasn’t playing for real. It was more of a demo or proof of concept. He didn’t put his all into it. Cut him some slack.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Even if this year is not the future a lot of directors and artist saw, I love just watching it taking form. Thing is great, and Android-powered.

  • Matt


  • Raptor

    Cool! I’d actually like such large screens, and hope in future will be, say 20″ tablets (like a two open pages of Architectural Digest). Good is that information capacity of this 23″ monster is 4 times the iPad and viewing angle like in cinema theater but one thing obviously is still needs a workout:

    The DPI is 98.

    When it will be 300, the resolution will be around 6000×3500 or 20 megapixels!

  • SliestDragon

    Completely impractical, and yet I’d want that. Does it come in quad-core red? :p

  • phoebetech

    Apple better not say they thought of it first!

  • xivi

    Let’s see (hear) an app for sampling and playing with audio loops and filters. Hey, since I’m dreaming, let’s make it handle four people at once; 40 fingers, palms, whatever. Guess they’d better make it really strong… or really thin and flexible to lay it on a table.

  • Paul

    But with a screen that big you’re now in the realm of PC’s. I mean, why wouldn’t you put Windows XP/7 or Mac OS X on it? You’d be limiting yourself to Android and the market, which is great for phones and tablets but not really feasible for full sized computers. Put the same $600 into a budget gaming PC and you’d be able to play thousands of games made for computers, as well as all the applications. Why limit yourself to games designed for smaller screens and quick on-the-go playing? What about Hitman 2, Portal 2, Deus X, Assassins Creed, Warhammer, World of Warcraft, etc. or having access to full featured word processors (Office, LibreOffice, Wordperfect), the choice of full browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari) or access to thousands of Add-On extensions for those browsers.

    I still don’t need to spend $600 on a tablet when a $200 netbook can do so much. Android is more optimized for mobility (GPS Navigation, Phone App, Contacts, Google Voice) and it’s great for that but it can’t replace a full PC, it was never designed to. I wouldn’t try to run Windows XP on my phone and I wouldn’t try to run Android on my PC. The right tool for the right job.

  • TonyG.

    It looks like it could be Android-x86 running on a desktop PC or nettop.

  • Sharona

    Awesome… it’s the future! It reminds me of Star Trek The Next Generation. Everything is on a big screen and completely touchable. There’s no silly corded mouse or keypad. You just touch and turn and twist and manipulate. The Google Earth itself is amazing on that big screen. You are holding the earth in your hand, then you can pull it right in to 24 Spring Street in Missouri if you want. (hypothetical street example :))

    PCs are dying… touchpads are clearly what we imagined in all those sci-fi movies of yesterday, technology now finally caught up with our minds :) Well… at least we are getting closer. Maybe someday Windows XP and full word processors *could* be run entirely by touch.

  • AJ

    cool i want it