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Anonymous 4Chan user goes hands on with the Nexus Prime, Ice Cream Sandwich


In a recent series of posts from an anonymous user on 4Chan, quite the detailed encounter with the Nexus Prime (or Samsung Galaxy Nexus as it’s being referred to) has been documented. Not only that, but there was also some seemingly accurate information shared on Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S III (this information will be in a separate post to keep discussion organized).

Because information on 4Chan is usually gone in the blink of an eye, you’ll find the entire thread below with information we deem important highlighted for emphasis.

Alright so these Samsung representatives dropped by work today and gave our team a heads up about their mobile division and their flagship phones coming out in the near future. Basically they came in with the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. They said it was a beta model, but it looked like a proper retail version. They talked about that phone, their Galaxy S II, it’s success and the Galaxy S III next year which is already in R&D.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

- Samsung representatives showed a working a working model of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus but not the Galaxy S III. They passed around the Galaxy Nexus phone, and we got about an hour to play with it while they were here. The phone looks similar to the Sprint variant of the Galaxy S II, with a round-edged body, but also similar to the Nexus S with a curved screen. It’s a good size, not too big if you’re used to Android phones. It’s a monster compared to iPhones though.

- Reps said that Verizon passed on the SGSII to have an exclusive deal with Samsung to stock the Galaxy Nexus.

- The SGN will run on Samsung’s Exynos dual core CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Super AMOLED Plus 4.65-inch 1280 x 720 HD display, 16 GB internal memory (with SD card slot). It's 8.8mm thick with a metal body and a 2000 mAh battery (the same as the new one that’s being released for the Galaxy S II).

- It is heavier than the SGSII, weighing in at around 130g-140g because of the metal casing. It feels nice and has got decent weight.

- The phone is blazingly fast; I guess it’s as fast the SGS II. It has no issues with general use and opens apps, drawers, etc. instantly. No lag. I tried opening a whole bunch of apps, but it was still running smooth and would auto-kill once it got overloaded anyway, so you never feel the performance taking a hit.

Ice Cream Sandwich:

- Ice Cream Sandwich is very nice. It works like the current Gingerbread OS but has gotten a major facelift. The menus are a lot nicer and smoother, screens have a ‘glassy’ look to them. It just feels more polished with more animations (fast and smooth) when accessing things on the phone.

- On the demo unit, the Android version was 2.4.1, not 4.0 or whatever people were expecting.

- The app drawer has three sections at the top that you press and it goes to the drawer for your selection. There are sections for apps, games and widgets. The apps section is what we are all used to. Just a drawer for all the apps on the phone. The games section is just a drawer for all the games you’ve downloaded; the widgets section shows all the apps that have widgets available. The cool thing is you can click the widgets in the widgets section to get a view of what they look like. So you don’t have to screw around with applying a widget on a homescreen, seeing you don’t like it, deleting it, doing it again with a slightly different setting, etc. to see the difference. On ICS you get a visual representation of the widget, you can swap easily between the widgets the app provides, change the settings in real time, and then you can go ahead an apply it on a homescreen.

- Best of all with the drawers is that you can create and name your own app drawer if you want. I think the ICS comes with three standard drawers mentioned above (apps, games and widgets). The demo phone had app drawers created called “Sports” and “News” that contained all the sports and news related apps that you download. I’m not sure if the sports apps you download automatically go to the sports drawer (with some setting like auto push sports apps to drawer “Sports” or something) or if you have to put it there manually. Either way, it was very good and reduced the amount of searching for an app. With the Galaxy phones, if you didn’t know where the app was--which page it was on--it would take a while to search through it, because they weren’t in alphabetical order; they were just in the order you downloaded them. This is a LOT cleaner, more organized and feels more polished.

- I’m not familiar with Honeycomb, so I don’t know really what it pulled from there. I’m guessing quite a bit, because visually it’s quite different to current Android phones. I always thought that Android phone manufacturers made great phones, but the Android software lacked polish and user-friendliness. I was told the glassy look is from Honeycomb. There are a lot more blues and purples on the phone, rather than green. The icons look different, more shiny. The marketplace app is the same as the current one. Not sure if a new one is being worked on.

- The Gmail app is a lot better looking than the current one. If you flip the phone to the side, it has the preview pane, like how Outlook works, with the emails on the left and the message on the right. It looks really nice. Vertically, it works similarly to the current Gmail app, but looks a lot cleaner. In an email the reply button says “reply” rather than having that arrow. There’s a down arrow next to the reply button that has “reply all,” “save as draft,” etc. The threads are smaller (could be due to the higher resolution screen) and around 10-12 threads can fit on the screen. Other than visual tweaks, it’s the same thing.

- Calendar app is revised, a lot less cluttered, glassy bluish look. New calendar widget available.

- The internet browser is leaps and bounds better than what you currently get. It has a completely revamped interface, and the icon is no longer the blue earth icon. The icon is now an Android behind the earth, which is green and blue. Name is still “Internet.” But it’s really easy to use. I personally hated the stock browser for Android, but I’d actually consider using this. It has its tabs at the bottom of the screen now, similar to Opera Browser mobile. The pinch to zoom is better than before, the rendering is excellent, no checkerboards. Zoomed out the text is pristine. Really liking the browser app.Anonymous4Chan

Read on to page two for a breakdown.

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  • wwJOSHdo

    OOOOOOOO! i want it so bad! And when I get it, you will have to click this link!

    • wwJOSHdo

      why be negative? I have a Samsung Transform and I get to upgrade in the coming months and I am considering the Nexus Prime or Nexus 3. Why do people HATE ON OTHER PEOPLE for having something they want or can’t have? It’s stupid.

      • Eric

        Because you’re pimping your youtube page behind a url shortener? You know, basically what spam bots do

        • wwJOSHdo

          lesson learned. I won’t use url shorteners again. I guess the people have spoke!


    Darn Verizon exclusive? After I read that,I could not get exited about anything else

    • DaveC

      I sure hope that part is wrong. If that was confirmed, I’d be at the Sprint store picking up my SII.

    • Daniel

      They want to have preference to stock it, maybe as an exclusive dealer, but it will surely be unlocked and free for all, as all the other Nexus phones.

      • DaveC

        Unlocked is one thing — having a WiMax radio is another. The Nexus One is unlocked but no 3G on AT&T.

        • Jmaxku

          False. I have the Nexus One with the appropriate radios to run on their 3g network. It does exist. Aside from T-Mobile, they’re the only other carrier to have both the Nexus One and the Nexus S.

          • DaveC

            Well I stand corrected on that part but it doesn’t change the main point of my comment. I don’t believe you’re going to be able to walk into a VZW store and buy a WiMax enabled phone.

    • Sturoid

      Google would be absolutely stupid to make Verizon an exclusive launch partner for this phone unless they give them like a 6 week exclusivity or something in the states and still launch the GSM version worldwide at the same time. If this is Samsung making this then you will likely be able to use it perfectly fine on at&t as all recent European Samsung GSM products are using the same hardware like the GS2 that works on AT&T

      • nosense


        The Nexus S in Europe is a exclusivity of Vodafone.

        Anyway, from what this news implies, the user seems right about Nexus Prime. Definetively my next phone IF it wasn’t for that tabletlike screen…the only chance being the screen makes the whole frontal section of the smartphone.

        • Brian

          OH HELL NO!

          Vodafone in Australia is the worst here in Australia :| They had exclusivity for both the Nexus one and Nexus S too…

          Hopefully I will be able to nab one online somewhere.

  • TatiG

    It’s Prime Time

  • jonaRamone

    we want pics!!!

  • keridel

    i cannot believe that anybody will get an exclusive on the nexus.

    i have a feeling that this will be the samsung variant of the nexus prime.

    just like the nexus 1/ desire variants. 1 google, one branded.

    • noriega713

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Dustin Earley

      Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus Prime?

      • keridel

        thats my thinking yeah..

      • msgnyc

        I was thinkin more along the lines of Google Nexus Prime and Samsung Galaxy Prime/Droid Prime myself.

    • samsunggggg?

      Google might be letting the nexus manufacture to put their name infront of nexus ao that they can advertise the phone for real.

      The real reason they never advertised nexus one/s is probably because they didn’t have manufacture name. If they advertised nexus one/s it’d be same as giving full credit to Google and manufactures don’ t want that.

      Plus, with the purchase of Motorola mobile the manufacturea are getting little nervous and worried. So by Letting Samsung to lable the nexus it would recuperate their lost trust.

      • Boss

        Yes this sounds right and it will just mean that if Google’s awesome phone gets more advertisement then it will mean that they will make the phones better each year and can make more improvements due to the phones being more successful.

    • mercado79

      this sounds spot on. if it is a true google experience nexus phone, there’s no way it’d be a verizon exclusive. maybe they get to launch it first, but other than that, it wouldn’t make sense. i like how you described it though. the nexus one / desire analogy sounds likely.

      • NeoJesus

        Verizon will get it for the first 3mos, then it’s a free for all on the other carriers. That’s what exclusivity means.

        • Sturoid

          3 months would kill it for the rest of the world cos their would be other phones out in that time that people would then start considering. I hope its only a US exclusive that they get and not a worldwide exclusive which is the only thing im worrying about

  • brianmac

    Sounds like this is where Android and iOS phones will be judged equally and the iPhone will come off second best.

    • snowbdr89

      Dont ever put an android device in the same catagory as the ijunk!!

      • kazahani

        Don’t be a fanboy. iPhone is a good choice for some people.

        • Zack

          Asylums are also a good choice for some people

  • Interpol91

    Definitely quite a lot of info to take in. However, the one that stuck out most was that it will be a Verizon exclusive. I doubt Google will let one carrier hold exclusive rights to it for long but maybe it was just a Nexus Prime variant made just for Verizon…crossing my fingers!

    • Dustin Earley

      I still don’t know how to take that. I just can’t bring myself to believe the next Nexus will be any sort of exclusive.

      • Nathan

        It is a special deal right maybe it some exclusive content on the phone with some other thing like a month exclusive for the phone, or maybe something that will get consumer more interested in it, but we wouldn’t know until launch date sadly, i just with they can at least spill the bean one who getting this is so annoying -.-

  • Christopher Chavez

    As the kids say…. “PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN” Or something like that xD

    • proto

      The proper term is ” “Pics or GTFO” lol

      • okungnyo


  • alamoe

    Those leaked screen shots are looking more and more genuine now.

  • T3chFr3ak07

    Really hope this is true. Seeing a lot on the 4chan thread about people doubting that samsung will come to some retail location to let them play with these phones. I know working in retail that all my reps usually know about future phones and get to play with working models anywhere between 6-9 months before they are announced our released. My sprint rep came in to my store with his EVO a month before it was released so we could play with it after we put it on his account but he had know about it for months before. Most of the facts check out from everything we have heard just wish they would finally announce a release date already and maybe get a few shots from Mr. Blurrycam of a few of the phones out in the wild.

  • CJ

    I can see Verizon striking a deal with Google to get the Nexus first, but an exclusive deal doesn’t seem right with a Nexus branded phone.

    Me being on Sprint and finding out a few days ago my one year upgrade will no longer be valid after the new year, this phone better hit Sprint before the end of the year or I’ll be jumping on the Galaxy SII bandwagon really quick.

    • Sturoid

      Well just look how long it took for the Nexus S to eventually get onto Sprint and AT&T, I don’t know if those were exclusive deals that T-Mobile had or just more down to them sorting out the hardware first before they got them.

  • Louis

    Ok we gonna have a big problem if the part about verizon is true or turns out to be true

  • Tony

    Notice he said Super Amoled PLUS meaning goodbye Pentile screen, that’d be the biggest awesome factor for me besides ICS!!

  • Nyx

    Although more polish to the phone is appealing, this is just a UI upgrade backed by better hardware.

    Although it sounds pretty great, I just don’t see anything dramatic going on. Gingerbread added NFC, for example… what does this add, other than UI?

    We’ll have to wait and see, of course… but I was hoping that a detailed first-look would have resulted in “OMG they added !”

    • Jonathan

      ICS will have face tracking and it’s one version for phone and tablet. Also it has the hardware acceleration from honeycomb

    • http://None CaribGrackle

      ICS not good enough for you? You want it to make coffee for you in the morning? I see the new Nexus as a leap on software, backed by some already good and developed hardware. N1 added the second mic for noise-call cancellation, N2 added NFC; I’m sure N3 will have something special, and even if it doesn’t it will still be the flagship phone for ICS.

  • Kris

    What no mention if it had physical buttons or not? I really hope its all touch buttons like on the Honeycomb tablets and more screen space!

    • ben dover

      my thoughts exactly!

      If I were to play with a nexus prime, the screen and no buttons would be the first thing I noticed. unless it DOES have buttons and this guy sounds like he’s not super up and up on the rumors so to him it’s just standard and didn’t think to report on it.

      • hnn

        i agree. who wouldn’t comment on the buttons, unless there were the standard 4 (or 3, i guess) and they weren’t aware that ICS is believed to be moving away from needing any.

    • Jeffroid

      This is one thing that had been puzzling me. Remember on the keynote that they mentioned ICS will be a UI across all devices (tablets and phones) and that they will bring in honeycomb goodness into phones.

      So then, if ICS uses touch screen keys on phones, how about all the previous phones that contain capacitive/hardware buttons? so now will I be having both touch screen keys AND capacitive buttons on my Nexus S?

      not to mention the introduction of touch screen keys will definitely take up my screen space on 4 inch Nexus S

      • DJ

        well if they did have touch screen buttons, it seems to make the most sense that ics would be able to recognize if the phone had capacitive buttons and therfore disable the touchscreen buttons

    • Vectrex

      No, I really hope they don’t do the honeycomb thing. It’s bad enough on a 10 or 7 inch screen to have all that wasted space of the permanent mostly black status bar, but on a 4 inch screen it’d be terrible. If they do that I really hope it can be swiped away to get actual fullscreen unlike honeycomb

  • cheese

    exynos processor? NOOOOOO i’d rather have TI OMAP 4460 + PowerVR SGX 540 than a exynos + ARM MALI-400 GPU.

    • Rovex

      Why would you want an inferior package? The Exynos is better. You under estimate the Mali, its locked to 60fps and as such seems slower than it really is. It is actually faster most of the time than any other GPU, but its score is limited by the times it hits the 60fps lock.

      The CPU part of the package is no contest for the Exynos. The OMAP is a dog in comparison.

  • Nathan

    for me i just want it inn my hands as soon as it is done but that verizon detail made me stop and think a second. :\

  • Alias_Venker

    I hope it doesn’t look like the SGS II or Nexus S, i mean both devices look great but i was hoping for something different considering its the new Google phone.

  • inviolable

    Not that I don’t want to believe any of this, but ‘ anonymous,’ ‘anon,’ and 4chan make me cringe any time I see them.

  • pjax

    cosmetic changes. I’m not yet impressed

    wow me google. wow me.

    • belinda90

      get an iphone 5, its much much superior…you can call it iphone nexus

  • Dirge

    Sounds good so far. I really don’t see why it being a Verizon exclusive is such a bad thing. The original Nexus One was a T-Mobile exclusive, and yet no one complained about that. But now that Verizon might be the exclusive carrier, everyone cries foul. Hypocritical much?

    Anyway, I’m ready to trade in my Droid Charge for this Galaxy Nexus if it does come to Verizon.

    • Inhuman

      Verizon plans are expensive
      Verizon is committed to filling their phones with verizon bloatware, hence the “droid prime” name change they will use.
      Verizon is cdma so no sim card , no traveling with your phone as well.. = sucks!
      Overages on every damn thing.
      Besides their coverage, verizon sucks donkey balls.

      • Dirge

        Well, how long has it been since Verizon had worked with Google and an OEM to bring a Google Experience phone to their network? Since the original Motorola Droid. It’s been almost two years, so I think it’s fair for them to finally bring a Nexus to their lineup.

        If it really doesn’t come to other carriers(at all or after some time), there’s always the Galaxy S II and future superhones. :)

    • msgnyc

      well for the N1 being a timed T-Mo exclusive, you could atleast stick a sim in there and use it on any GSM network.
      Verizon….. cant do that now can we? Verizon exclusive means exactly that.

  • Oreo

    Ha Ha and after I find out Verizon starts throttling 3g Users after 2gigs ha ha.

  • rainai

    For the most part, the guy sounded like he was describing Honeycomb. So I guess it’s true that ICS will unify phone and tablet experience.

    I can’t wait for this and the rumored SGS III!!!

  • Rovex

    I think its all made up rubbish. Just read the 4Chan thread, what a load of iOS fanbois! I would have expected a little more individuality from 4Chan users, but apparently they are iSheep idiots as well. How disappointing and embarrassing.

  • oldergod

    Why making smartphone this big seriously.

  • 127

    In 2015 we will have phone pumps instead of dick pumps – promise!

  • vossejongk

    Its almost a shame to still call this piece of hardware a phone…

  • serious

    Google marketing is bad, need too much characters for rumor.
    look at Apple, they are too professional, only some images and some characters.

  • SarcasticOne

    seriously hope the verizon thing is false…
    most parts of the world dont have CDMA networks, i cant see google/samsung only making a device that will work on one carrier in one country when the nexus one/S was in multiple countries

    was hoping to pick up a nexus prime and import it to australia for use on a network here… dont like these rumours

  • Nick

    Nice work :) For more info you may see:

  • James

    What happened to getting rid of hardware buttons? I thought that was supposed to happen with ICS? I want a phone which is all screen on the front! :(

  • newjaruz

    I don’t think exclusively sotcking a phone means you have exclusive right to sell it. What we might see is the Verizon version sold in stores while other carriers don’t sell the device but have it sold through Google’s online phone store. That’s what it sounds like to me.

  • muadhnate

    According to @tfleming223 the nexus will be available to all carriers. If that means that it happens concurrently with Verizon, I’m not sure. But it also looks like ics will be released around October 31.

  • Mike S.

    All of you a-holes who are complaining about a Verizon exclusive realize that Verizon has never gotten a Nexus phone. At all. Right? Couldn’t be happier. I dont care about exclusivity, just bring a Nexus to Verizon finally.

  • mewanticecream

    In summary, if you bought the Bionic you’re having buyers remorse.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Nice load of information, I just want to the phone to finally come out and see how ICS looks-like. As for the phone, I hope the exclusivity thing is not true, that would just mean I have to wait even more to get my phone work properly around this parts with my current provider.

  • SliestDragon

    Hopefully it isn’t a Verizon exclusive for long. Not sure how long I’d be able to wait before I’d jump ship. Excited for this phone!