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AT&T Galaxy S II launch date confirmed for October 2


After some confusion last week, AT&T has confirmed via Twitter that their version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will launch on October 2 for $199 with new 2-year contract. AT&T’s version stays true to the international design, with the addition of NFC, a faster 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos CPU and support for 4G HSPA+.

For an idea of what to expect, check out our hands-on with the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch. AT&T’s version has a slightly smaller display (4.3 vs 4.5 inch) and battery (1650 vs 1800 mAh), which allows it to be the thinnest US-bound Galaxy, measuring 8.89mm.

AT&T customers have some exciting phones coming out soon with the HTC Holiday and Motorola Atrix 2, so they face a tough decision. If you’re on AT&T and looking for a new Android phone, which one are you going with?

Source: Twitter

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  • elijahblake

    I’m waiting on the Nexus 3/Prime/whatever the hell it is

    • Bumphone S II

      Two days later , on OCT 4th, APPLE will CRUSH this gaylaxy homophone with its new iPHONE 5, noobs.

  • Black Kristos

    Hey Taylor, I’m hearing different things about the NFC. Some are saying it has, some are saying it had not. Confirm?

    • http://None CaribGrackle

      “Initially the first UK release currently shipped without the NFC capability (hinted possibly due to weight) but this is due to change with a later re-release of the same device with the NFC capability available.”

      “The Exynos powered version sold in India currently has no NFC feature.”

      Both T-Mobile and AT&T versions have NFC as far as I can tell.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I have also seen mixed reports, but I believe it has NFC. Sprint’s version is the one that does not.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Sucks I can afford none of the new phones coming out, none that I care for at least. I’m saving up to buy myself the Nexus S, probably gonna buy the Prime when the Nexus 4 is on the verge on being released. As for the Galaxy S II itself, I’m not from US so I don’t have any idea what version will come to my country, but I think it will probably be the AT&T version, so I’m looking forward to the release.


    boy is tmobile behind the ball

    • R.S

      Yes they are but at least this way, we are more likely to find out more information on the Nexus and thus be able to choose between the two.

    • CuNTMERF

      get a life, you have too much time on your hands, bigprick!

      • SliestDragon

        Aren’t you the one who is creating an account just to get angry at him? I mean really?

  • Dave532

    Yeah, what’s wrong with Tmo? I understand they’re getting bought out but that’s really no reason to drop the ball on a flagship phone!

    • Kim `hood rat` Kardashian

      DT said they wont invest in the bankrupt country USA anymore, thats why they’re expanding the european markets. This is a good decision, because europe gets a better t-mobile and america can concentrate on establishing health insurance for their poor citizens and getting rid of their useless army and trillions of wasted dollars for their love in going to war and killing other people.

  • TUG265

    Finally!!! I’m sure gonna have a hard time deciding if I’m gonna get this phone or wait till the holiday season.

  • jason willians

    apple iphone 5 will be launch two days after and it will crush this Samsung phone

  • Boss

    So many good phones coming now from Samsung. The Galaxy S II is a great device which is very powerful and now they are making their second Nexus Phone which will be a beast of a device.

  • ACR

    International SGS2 already has 1.2GHz dual core. I was expecting faster clock in US SGS2.

    • SliestDragon

      Not sure why the US version of the _same phone_ should be clocked faster. They’re the same phone…

  • SliestDragon

    Glad to see this if finally coming, although at this point I might as well tell the family member whom I formerly recommended this for to just wait for the Nexus…

  • Melanie1987

    Im looking forward to the new superstar phone iPhone 5 from Apple Inc.
    Its going to maul the dreaded competition once again.

    iPhone 5 here i come!!!!!

    *kisses and hugs*

  • Edward Craven

    Samsung is really doing great. I am waiting for the great phone. Samsung has many best seller phones already. I found this while searching internet