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AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II launch date not September 18


If you were hoping to pick up AT&T’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II today, then you might be disappointed. A launch date of September 18 had been reported by quite a few sites, but the device is still listed as coming soon on AT&T’s site. And it’s not available in stores.

AT&T’s official press release did not mention a release date. I tried calling several local stores but came up empty. Most locations told me there was no release date in their system and they had no idea when it was coming out.

Did anyone else go out searching for the AT&T Galaxy S II today? Let us know if you heard anyone talking about a potential release date.

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  • Desi

    I have been waiting patiently for a release date. I was really hoping it would be today, but I figured it wouldn’t.

    • niggi

      We are rather waiting for the new star phone iPhone 5.
      The iPhone will crush the meandroid bumphones competition once again…

      • Jon Mak

        Dear Niggi I am not aware of the “we” in your statement, because all these people are just dissapointed as I am for Att to finally hone a phone that destroys the iphone in all aspects, except the retards that can’t work an os and choose to use ios. Now the only reason your precious little iphone may actually win this fight, is because Apple’s little whiny ass decided to begin sueing for copy infringements on this phone to the iphone 5. The Galaxy s2 was already banned in Australia and so help me god if it becomes outlawed in the U.S., I will personally give Apple my fist up their assholes. I was told this phone could possibly delayed later than the iphone 5 and as I was in June, I will wait patiently for more news on this developing story.

  • WilliamG

    I went to a local store, and the person I talked to said they had not been told of any release date. He said AT&T “usually” releases phones about every other Sunday, so he guessed that unless AT&T decides to do things differently for the SGS2, he guessed the earliest release was probably Sept 25.

  • Scott

    Well… once again AT&T has disappointed. Sprint got there and I have been waiting for this, so it is time to just move over to Sprint.

  • Roberta

    At Target yesterday I was told that the AT&T Rep had been in earlier and said that it was coming out next week. Dunno if it actually will, though.

  • ttrygve

    I was told “maybe next Sunday”.

  • Jonathan

    My roommate is on ATT and he was wondering the same thing. He decided to actually call them to ask about a possible release date, and he was told by the ATT rep that the release had been pushed to November. However, I would not be surprised if this turned out to be wrong, and it was merely an ignorant employee that was not sure what he/she was talking about.

  • chris

    I’ve also been checking with a local store daily and as yesterday they had no phones or marketing materials. All employees I have spoken to have heard nothing so this launch is being kept very secret.

  • Nikhil

    Get life….

  • p51d007

    By the time at&t releases it, the iphone5 will be out, which will hurt the sg2 chances. At&t would sell ONLY the iphone if it could get away with it. I’m passing on the sg2, in hopes some carrier will release another 5″ screen phone. Samsung released this in May of 2010, November would be 6 months. So, you get a new phone that is 6 months old, and the new S3 will be out in 6 more months. Way to bungle a release at&t. My contract with you is up in November. Depending on who have a good 4.5 to 5″ screen, I’ll just keep my dell streak or move to Verizon, not that they care one little bit. Service with the death star has gone downhill in the last few years. And they turned on “true” 4g in what…3 markets?

    • Fred Egan

      cool story bro

  • Dave

    I’m not going to wait any longer. Been with AT&T for 7 years, will switch to Verizon this week. AT&T has the dumbest sales strategy and the least up-to-date service. Just added LTE to FIVE cities. Talk about being behind. Verizon was smart and passed on a six months old phone that will probably be outdated in another three. Everyone I talk to is leaving or plans on leaving AT&T. Goodbye AT&T.

    • JumboBob

      Might as well wait 6 more weeks and get the DROID Prime. There’ll be an Ice Cream Sandwich in it for ya!!


    Could be worse, you could be on tmo. No release date or even a working model to review

  • Josh

    Good news! One of my co-worker’s brother is an at&t rep and he sad that the galaxy s 2 for at&t was supposed to come out today (september 18), until about 3 days ago when they pushed it back to september 25. the galaxy s 2 for at&t has been confirmed for a september 25 release for the price of 199$. He also said that that there will be galaxy s 3 for at&t, with an added 2ghz quad-core processor, 12 mp camera and 720p screen resolution, the galaxy s 3 for at&t is set to be released some time first quarter next year! He also told me that the iPhone 5 is set to come out october 14 and will have a 4″ display with a 1 ghz dual-core, dual-band processor.

    • Chris

      I heard the same to, my friend is am At&t rep and he said that it was suposed to come out on the 18th bit then it was pushed back to the 25th. He also knew a little about the galaxy s 3 for at&t set for the first quarter of next year.

  • Dustin

    I work at Wal Mart and

  • ebehzi y

    C’mon people the phone is not coming out the 25th either. A company is not going to release a product with no advertisement and marketing. Whenever they do decide to give a date, it will probably be released two weeks later. That’s why I’m going to Sprint today to get mine.

  • mike

    Meh att branding on front of phone

    love the sprint version no carrier branding on front and no chrome bezel

    If im going to get on ATT ill get international version

  • Richard Yarrell

    Thats why SPRINT is so much better, no delays, no betrayals.

    *touches EVO*
    *touches EVO again*

  • JumboBob

    Might as well wait 6 more weeks and get the DROID Prime on Verizon. There’ll be an Ice Cream Sandwich in it for ya!!

  • SliestDragon

    Sad to see this thing delayed. I’m recommending this to a family member, and they can’t wait for too long…

  • Gregm

    USA… Woo! the SII is out!
    Rest of the world… that old thing? When’s the Galaxy S III due?

  • Gilghemesh

    How hard can it be AT&T? You don’t even have to change the radio!! Get with it AT&T!

    • chris

      lol this phone is already experiencing delays
      This it what to expect in the future with this phone and att updates

      I would pass and get international since it already fully works on ATT and will gets up[dates directly from Samsung

    • chris

      sorry didn’t mean to reply to you

  • Berneti

    I just spoke with a representative from Samsung. They shall stay anonymous. They had given me the information only for samsung reps. That tomorrow Wednesday September 21 information on the galaxy S will be released. The phone will be available to purchace two days later September 23, Friday!!!!! Cant wait to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’m only looking up this phone 2 win a bet, it seems like a hot phone, but 4 all u fools saying this or any droid 4 that matter is better than or will crush the i’phone: get real.. Ya’ll being 2 dumb 2 operate apple products doesn’t mean a simple phone is better, droids r hot, but r behind now.. team i’phone all day

  • robert

    are any of the AT&T stores carring this phone? Being in small Santa Barbara i know we are typically under represented but the store clerks are telling me driving to Los Angeles will get me the same results: They can order it for me. What the heck is going on? Why no Galay S II in the stores?