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First look at the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch


Is the Samsung Epic 4G Touch the best Android phone available for Sprint? Starting tomorrow, eager customers can pick up Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S II for $199 with a new 2-year contract. That’s the same price-point as the recently released HTC EVO 3D and Motorola Photon 4G, so which dual-core phone should Sprint users go with? Read on for our initial hands-on report.

We plan to do an in-depth review of the Epic 4G Touch after we spend another week of quality time with her, so let’s just cut to the chase. The Epic 4G Touch has the best display, processor, and cameras of any Android phone that is currently available. If you plan to buy a Sprint phone this month, get the Epic 4G Touch.

Now that we got the obvious out of the way, let’s talk about the one reason you might want to hold on to your hard-earned money and wait for another phone.

Android updates, or lack thereof.

Owners of the original Samsung Epic 4G from last year know what I’m talking about. That phone is still officially stuck with Android 2.2 and the wait for Android 2.3 feels endless. You can always hack your phone and flash one of the leaked Android 2.3 ROMs, but your average customer just wants the official over-the-air update.

This is important to note because we are quickly approaching the October-November release of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and the Samsung Nexus Prime.

So Sprint customers can either buy the Epic 4G Touch and hope it gets Ice Cream Sandwich sometime next year or wait another month and get the Nexus Prime with the latest version of Android and guaranteed software updates from Google.

I don’t want to rain on the Epic 4G Touch parade, but I’d suggest waiting on the Nexus Prime if you can hold out for another month. However, if you are comfortable hacking your phone or you just don’t care about software updates, then by all means get the Epic 4G Touch.

Check back over the coming days as we continue to explore the features of the Epic 4G Touch and everything it has to offer. If you would like to request an in-depth post on a specific part of the Epic 4G touch, please leave a comment and we will follow up.

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  • Galen20K

    can you do a phone drop test?

    • 纳扎波尔蒂·圣捷尔吉·阿尔伯特


  • snowbdr89

    Why does one pic show it with 4g?

    • Jeff

      It has a 4G WiMAX radio built-in. This is probably going to be the best phone on Sprint (ignoring the iPhone, because if you want an iPhone, you proably already have one).

      • snowbdr89

        My bad i didnt know they considered wimax as 4g

        • DownSouthLivin

          Ha! I see what you did there…

  • TechnoSTIG

    I don’t need to request anything in particular because… I’m getting mine tomorrow! Who’s with me?!

    • Cwalden21

      same here bro!

      • Techo STIG

        I’m trying to find the cheapest place I can pick one up tomorrow, I don’t wan’t to wait for it to be delivered because I’m going to be out of town next week.

        Anyone know? I’m changing from Tmo to Sprint, because of coverage, so new customer here.

        • velly

          Walmart for 149.99

  • Bo

    Prime next month? uummmmm if that was even close to a validated rumor, most of us WOULD be waiting til October. Unfortunately, there aren’t even quality rumors on the Prime coming to Sprint. Most think it will, but without any leaked info at this point, it won’t be next month that is for sure.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The October-November time frame came from Google’s Eric Schmidt. Sprint supported the Nexus S, so why wouldn’t they support the next one? Google wishes to see their Nexus phone on every carrier that will take it.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Great initial review your information provide has always been helpful for us here on androidandme. Thanks for your involvement as always.

        • keridel

          why has this got -13 points it was nothing but complimentary you guys re really odd sometimes.

          +1 for that comment richard.

          always nice to see you taylor :D

          • Tavon Mitchell

            I don’t understand why these people hate on Richard so much lol stop jocking him.

          • squiddy20

            Because we don’t want him being associated with “us” on good terms. He tells us we, our phones, our carriers, etc are “useless”. I can’t count the number of times he’s told others their opinions are “wrong”. He tells us “this site is for adults only” when, last I checked, this is a public website, open to everyone, just as Android is. Even when you tell him the truth and back it up with proof, he still won’t believe you and call you “fake” or tell you that you’re “lying”. Take a look at the “LG Optimus S to get Gingerbread” or “Verizon re-launching it’s app store” articles if you don’t believe me. Not to mention he’s a total suck up. Go read his comments in his “review” of the Evo 3D. His “compliments” were waaaay over the top when a simple “thank you” would have sufficed.

            Besides, if Bernie Madoff did one somewhat nice thing, would that overshadow all the sh*t he did to other people? The past influences the present. Richard has put off so many people with his comments that one small comment like this, even if it is a compliment, will get low ratings.

          • keridel

            squiddy20, are you “one of us”?because i dont see an android and me login…

            the past influences the present it doesnt mean you must only look to the past.

            yes he can be a dick but that doesnt mean he should get negative on everything.

            maybe like any child he needs to learn that when you say nice things you get rewarded as well punished if you do bad.

          • squiddy20

            I meant “us” as in general Android users, Sprint users, HTC users, Evo 3D users. He’s pulled the same crap for well over a year at sites such as Phandroid, Android Central, Pocket Now, Android Police, and quite a few others. I should also mention that he was banned 3 times (because he REALLY couldn’t take a hint) from Phandroid and at least once each from AC and AP. With that info in mind, do you really think he’ll ever “learn” anything? How many times do you have to get banned from a site before it finally sinks in that maybe you should just stop posting there? How many negative comments and low ratings do you have to get to realize that you are not welcome? Shouldn’t he have “learned” something by now?

          • squiddy20

            also @keridel, I assume by the “android and me login” bit, you were referring to the numbers next to your profile picture (currently at 264ish). If this is so, then I also notice that Richard is, like me, not logged into Android and Me. Under your own train of thought, would that not invalidate him from being one of “us” (or more specifically “one of you” since I am indeed not an Android and Me member)? The last time I’ve seen those numbers on any of his comments were well over a month or so ago. Unless I’m missing something and that number does not indicate being logged into Android and Me. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong/ point me in the right direction.

      • ben dover

        Sprint supported the Nexus S, but it was months later…

        I think verizon and tmo will have it this year with maybe sprint picking it up before the holidays. if not, then after first of the year.

        or it will release on all four carriers at once which would be awesome!

    • Android for bums, iPhone for normal guys

      iPhone 5 next month!

      • Houston

        Who cares about the iPhone 5. I’ll stick around with my Android. I’m just waiting for something with more power and better battery life.

        • Tavon Mitchell

          Yea I don’t understand why people like the icrap so much its so overrated.

  • Marcus

    Wow. That phone looks pretty awesome… but I feel like it wont be that cool of a phone for long since it was barely released in the US and it’s been out everywhere else for a long time…

  • Jose

    This phone is looking amazing, still using a htc hero… but my upgrade comes up next week and this phone is looking like the one to get.

    • keridel

      it is well worth getting. i have the uk version and it is lightening quick and amazing in almost every way. i dfind it a bit creaky with the thin plastic but its all good.

  • Louis

    wow, I am so sick of my current samsung smart phone for tmobile and was looking to hop on sprint and get this phone. Now I don’t know with the nexus prime around the corner lol.

  • David

    5″ Screen? lol. Mentioning the Prime is also annoying, there is no prayer this phone will come to market within the next month or two, especially on Sprint.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The Nexus One was launched in January. Nexus S launched in December and that was after a delay. I believe Google will get their next phone out before mid November.

      • Mark

        Taylor, I pray youre right! After looking at camera samples I’ve fallen in love with this phone again– making waiting THAT much harder!

  • R.S

    “Is the Samsung Epic 4G Touch the best Android phone available for Sprint?”

    That question is just asking for the troll that is Richard to reply with an Evo rant. Obviously, he was going to regardless but it’s like food for the troll. lol

    Honestly, if the Galaxy S II were to release on T-Mobile this month, I’d probably buy it for several reasons.

    1) It is a good phone (based on the reviews of the original model) with great specs.

    2) I am in desperate need of a phone and waiting for the Prime gets more difficult with my current phone acting up more and more.

    3) Even without receiving the latest updates, a phone (IMO) doesn’t lose the quality it’s had since the begining.

    4) I will more than likely not be able to buy the latest Nexus unless it’s sold through the actual carrier. That or I buy it outright, which I may end up doing, depending on it’s price and of course, how impressed I am by it.

    • Louis

      I am with you, I so so want the Nexus prime but I don’t know if my phone can make till November. I will be moving to sprint cuz I get a 22% off my bill through my work. Something is telling me to buy the Samsung Epic 4G and sell it when the Nexus prime comes out.

      • ben dover

        make sure you take off the $10 data from that discount… sprint only discounts the main plan.
        I get 27% off through my work and I’m switch to tmo with only 15% off but I’ll still save a lot a month because the 15% covers the whole bill.

        • Louis

          Cool thanks, will keep that in mind. Why are you switching to tmo from sprint?

          • ben dover

            I’m in the st. louis area and go camping and out of sprint’s rang a lot. I was at a winery in the middle of MO with no service at all. my friends on att and verizon had full bars. I checked tmo’s site and they show full coverage as well. I then checked sprint’s site and they show no coverage in that area. tmo has better coverage for me, cheaper prices, (two phones for about $100 after discount vs $130 after discount with sprint) and will most likely get the nexus prime first.

            also, sprints speeds have taken a dump over the past year. my buddy’s sensation whooped up on my wimax. and his “4g” is just hspa+ but it’s faster and always on without the battery drain!

            there are others who really like sprint and say tmo sucks but from what I’ve seen in throughout the midwest, att and tmo are king.

  • Interpol91

    As a current Epic 4G owner I’m no longer buying any phone from Samsung that isn’t a Nexus device unless it’s a killer device that I must have it. It sucks because the lack of Gingerbread means no working MIUI and no full support for CM7. The best advice I can give is to just wait for the Nexus Prime cause even though you’ll have a great phone for now, the lack of consistent Android updates can really get to you.

  • Ish

    I’m waiting regardless. I used my update (like a nitwit) to replace my Evo 4G because I forgot I had the insurance option. (Go figure.) I get the one year upgrade (for the last time apparently) in November, so that should hopefully be enough time to see what the Nexus Prime will look like and feature before order either one. I just hope it’s significantly better than the SGS II, especially if it’s going to carry the Nexus brand further.

    • Dirty_Azkals

      What did you get with your update : )

  • wwJOSHdo

    jizz jizz jizz! sitting here with the crappy phone that’s on my SERO account, and I get to upgrade in Feb! And this might be that phone. My other account, has an evo 3d on it, and i don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. I get to upgrade that line every 12 months.

  • Albert

    Shocker that Taylor “Mr. Prime info” would suggest holding out for the Prime. I’m also going to wait for the next Nexus. On another note it would be interesting to read a Yarell review article on the SGS2. That should be hilarious.

    • DaveC

      Yea, I’ve been depending on Taylor to keep me motivated to wait on the Prime! If I get through this weekend without buying a E4GT, I think I’ll be ok! :-)

  • jerack10

    Camera quality, reception for 3G/4G and speakerphone performance

  • Richard Yarrell

    Personally I applaud Samsung and the great competition they have with htc. They are pushing one another and have become very innovative which we as consumers benefit most. On sprint great choices exist decide what you want and be happy because down the road there will always be another device coming out. We all must find our happy point which I have found mine. If you currently own the current epic 4g it would be hard to sit around and not get this phone especially since the current epic sits at 2.2 froyo which is pretty shameful in it’s self. I like what samsung has done and the future looks bright.

    • squiddy20

      You don’t “applaud” anything other than HTC products. Wanna know how I know? If you appreciated Samsung products, you wouldn’t have ever called them “Samsuck” products. Grow up.

      • james

        I don’t understand how your comments always receive +’s when all you do is sit on this site and wait for Yarrell to comment so you can bash whatever it is (ridiculous or informative) he has to say. Instead of feeding the troll maybe keep the comments to yourself and he’ll disappear. That is what you want — isn’t it??

        • squiddy20

          Do I want him gone? Sure. Do you get to that point by ignoring him? Not from my experience.

          Besides, and I know this sounds terrible but, it’s quite a lot of fun making him look like more of an idiot. He backs himself into corners that he can’t recover from. I just point them out. Case in point: him saying that just because the Droid X2 at his local Verizon store doesn’t have Gingerbread on it MUST mean that there is no Gingerbread to update to. Or saying “All there [Sprint's] devices are runing 2.3.3 or 2.3.4.” Not only is that completely not true, it’s an outright lie. There’s at least 5 phones with 2.2 or below still being sold by Sprint. All I’m doing is pointing out the areas where he’s totally wrong or out of line (calling people “useless” because they don’t have an Evo 3D or aren’t on Sprint).

          • keridel

            so you troll trolls? pointless.

          • Angie Strickland

            What was so bad in his comment that you felt the need to call him out? Even if you think it contradicts what he’s said in the past, why get onto him for trying to be different? Also, no where did he initiate a personal attack — you did. You can simply state your point and move on. Also it’s sad to see that people who are advocating peaceful discussion are getting down voted.

        • Richard Yarrell

          You will never have to worry about me I will always be here. Mr. Squiddy20 needs to get a life or better yet get a real job become important in society and bring home a pay check so maybe he can help his mom pay some rent for a change. Never feed the trolls him and snowbdr..

          • squiddy20

            “or better yet get a real job become important in society” I’d LOVE to see you do the same. Juuuust try.

            “Never feed the trolls” …says the troll… god you’re a moron.

  • Scott

    Man, the manufactures/providers are getting a little crazy with the names. Seriously. This things name is so long. Imaging walking down the street and someone asks you “what phone is that/” and you responding: “Oh, this, this is my Spirnt Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G touch” It is just silly Where does it end?


    • Mercury

      Thats why the iPhone is so much ahead.

  • Android App Release

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    great review… not n option for me but enjoyed the review anyway !

  • Paul Atreides

    I really want this phone, but fortunately I botched my upgrade on the E3D. Waiting for Sprint to restore it this month, since I eventually returned that device. If there aren’t any major bugs reported and the prime doesn’t show up on the radar soon I’ll get this. I honestly don’t see Sprint getting the Prime earlier than December. That’s being hopeful, the Nexus S wasn’t launched until May on Sprint. Months after T-mo had it.

  • pekosROB

    “Same price-point”? Why do people love saying price point? A point is one single position on a plane. A price is one number. A price range would be more than one.

    Instead of saying same price-point, why can’t we just say “same price”? However it’s not as annoying If talking about a product that has yet to be released and the company is trying to determine a price among a range before a price is officially announced.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I’m building up my resources to upgrade from my Spica to a newer more powerful phone. This one looks amazing, but I don’t think this version will hit my country, plus I’m more into the Nexus Prime.

  • Richard Yarrell

    CAN’T help but laugh at that poor little boy squiddy20 and his friend snowbdr89 the same dweebs that where on phandroid with there stupid comments and sad responses. I guess someone on this site prefers these children to comment with there useless trolling which is a sad conclusion. Both of these guys need jobs or some kind of education because it’s pretty sad that you live everyday just to troll around the Internet and find comments from Mr. Yarrell to respond to THAT’S A PRETTY SAD LIFE THEY HAVE. Androidandme was suppose to make sure people cannot post in seclusion WHY are these guys able to continue these juvenile acts on this site???. Trust they are not ready for what I could bring to there world so trust me I am ready for anything these USELESS DWEEBS CAN Bring.. It would be best for androidandme to make these guys become known to the world NO MORE HIDING like they have been doing…

    • squiddy20

      “Both of these guys need jobs or some kind of education because it’s pretty sad that you live everyday just to troll around the Internet and find comments from Mr. Yarrell to respond to”

      ^^^ This. Wow. There is soooo much material wrong with this one sentence, if you could call it that. You speak of education Dick? Who’s the one who can’t use the correct form of their, there, and they’re? Who’s the one that doesn’t know what the definition of an opinion is and therefore *should* know that an opinion can’t be proven right or wrong? Who’s the one that, in this very same sentence, referred to himself in the 3rd person like a mentally handicapped person? Who’s the one who can’t think for himself to do just a liiiittle bit of searching to find out that the Droid X2 has had Gingerbread for well over a month and instead needs someone else to do it for him? I’m pretty sure all of that is you. It certainly doesn’t describe me at all. So please, by all means, keep telling me I’m “uneducated”. Because if I’m “uneducated”, you’re EVEN LESS educated. BTW, I’m currently in college you moron. So much for your empty insult.

  • Craig

    That was a great video. It really gave me an insight to Samsung phones. They look to be taking the world by storm. I’m a guy so I really like the larger screen. I’m not so much worried about the thickness nor the weight of the phone. I’m on Verizon so I’m waiting for the Droid Prime to come out with similar specs. Keep up the excellent work guys! :)

  • Babyjetta

    Sweet review and phone :D

  • Shubham
  • Sunny
  • the5thdimension

    Been a huge fan of androidandme since day one, but I rarely comment on anything. I just like to read what people have to say. However, there are a few things I’d like to say today…

    1. The Epic 4G Touch is a beautiful phone and is very tempting.

    2. If it ain’t a Nexus, it ain’t for me. Patiently waiting for the next one.

    3. Richard Yarrell and squiddy20 please stop with your bullshit drama on here, or any article on any site for that matter. Y’all sound like a bunch of bitches going back and forth over some dumb shit. Stop cluttering the comments with this girly ass shit. I’m trying to read about phones here. I know one of y’all will probably say some shit back to me and that’s cool, but I’m just being real. Take your shit somewhere else.