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HTC Holiday stops by FCC just in time for CTIA unveiling


It looks like our friends on AT&T’s shiny new LTE network may finally be getting a new phone to play with. The rumored HTC Holiday has made an appearance at the FCC under the name PH39100, showing off support for AT&T’s 1700/2100/700 4G LTE bands. The diagram of the phone gives us a pretty good look at where HTC will be stashing the different antennae needed to keep the HTC Holiday as connected as possible.

We’re still waiting for AT&T and HTC to officially announce the name, specs, price and release date for the HTC Holiday, but we expect the handset’s interior components and exterior design will align perfectly with the 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 4.5-inch qHD display, 16 GB internal storage and 1 GB RAM found in the Korea-bound HTC Raider.

With CTIA right around the corner, we don’t see any reason why AT&T won’t be unveiling the HTC Holiday within the next week or two.  Does anyone think the HTC Holiday will be a viable alternative for the upcoming iPhone 5?

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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  • Enrique

    any body reading this web site do not really care about I-phones.

    • Kev

      True, but everyone on AT&T’s network as been brainwashed to think that the iPhone is the god of all phones.

  • Kev

    Though I’m not on AT&T, I think the Holiday will be one of the better options for their customers. iPhone fanboys will always default to the iPhone 5 and there’s really not much you can do about that. The specs on this things are great, but the design isn’t HTC’s best work.

  • brandon

    I knew I should’ve paid retail for the Inspire, & saved my upgrade for this. I hope it’ll have Sense 3.5, too.

  • Michelle Liggett

    This may be my next phone – I am on ATT, and using an original Iphone – my contract has been up for a year, and I won’t be going to an Iphone 5 unless they can come up with Flash. I watch a ton of live streaming video from horse shows and not many of these are compatible with Iphone. Unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever way you look at it, I have unlimited data plan, and, living in a rural area, 50 miles west of Ft Worth, my best option in Verizon is probably not workable where I live. My ATT service is fine in my home and in my shop on the property (in a metal clad building), and my friend has a Verizon phone that she must use outside the building, as she has no service inside. No real reason, I think, to try to switch carriers, as I know every ATT phone that has been inside that building gets good service and no dropped calls…I’d like opinions on if I should stay with the Holiday, or, the Galaxy S II, or wait a bit yet – I would like the best screen res possible, and would like to use the phone for video and pix, with video being more important. Would be nice to be on the cutting edge of the curve in this next quarter, then have 2 yrs of contract to drool over what ‘could have been, if I’d just waited…’

  • WhyisTonyDungyStillonTV

    Man I really hope its revealed as part of CTIA! I was thinking about getting the Galaxy SII and then there’s this rumor about the LTE Samsung Celox supposedly coming out in Quarter 4 of this year on AT&T. Its slower than the Galaxy SII according to someone testing it but as part of LTE its good enough for me. Now the battery…