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HTC officially announces Sensation XE with Beats enhanced audio


HTC’s first Beats audio handset, the HTC Sensation XE, has finally been formally announced. And boy does it look good.

Coming in with an all-new black and red color scheme, the Sensation XE is exactly what earlier leaks pegged it to be. A slightly upgraded HTC Sensation with Beats brand audio enhancements. Under the hood of the Sensation XE, you’ll now find a 1.5 GHz processor, paired with a 1,730mAh battery to tackle even the longest jam sessions. You’ll also find the same 4.3-inch qHD display from the normal Sensation, along with an 8MP camera capable of 1080p video capture, a VGA front-facing camera for video chat, 768 MB of RAM and your choice of an 8 or 16 GB memory card. And, of course, included with the Sensation XE is a pair of Beats headphones, as well as the necessary handset modifications to fully utilize the added audio power.

According to Jason Mackenzie, president of global sales and marketing at HTC Corporation,

The audio quality is a very important factor in mobile sound experience and we are working to push the boundaries not only for speech reception, but also for music, video and games up fully. The HTC sensation XE delivers a truly incredible audio experience and is a further proof that we want to offer customers the best possible mobile experience.Jason MackenzieHTC

The HTC Sensation XE will be available by late September in Europe and Asia, starting out at €589 (roughly $800USD). How about it, readers? Do you see a Sensation XE in your future, or is $800 just too much to stomach? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Chris Hall of Pocket-lint has posted some hands-on with the Sensation XE.

Source: Pocket-lint

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  • Tiuri

    I’ve wanted a Sensation for a while now, so this is good news. That is, apart from the price tag!!

    • Dustin Earley

      It may be cheaper if it ever hits North America, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • mark34324


  • Dave

    Note that European prices are usually quoted inclusive of tax. Depending on the country this will be between 15-25%. You can’t just convert a Euro price to US$ as the audience expect their prices to be pre-tax.

    Still seems a little pricey though – depends on the quality of those headphones. But then a lot of people upgrading their phone, who already care about sound quality, will already have a decent set of ‘phones, so bundling them and hence increasing the price is bound to put some people off. Possibly not such a clever move by HTC

  • Richard Yarrell

    This would be a great buy something that would make me consider opening a tmobile account just for the sake of having the device. But since these specs are not over whelming and this does not have 1gb of ram which is required for top devices on the market today I will pass. The last Sensation had the same 768mb of ram that is not enough regardless of the 1.5Ghz processor..At least that is what I believe…..

    • squiddy20

      Bwahahaha! You have got to be joking! You never shut up about Verizon’s “overpriced” phones and this one is even MORE expensive? For example, the Droid Charge which you droned on and on about being too “expensive” ($300 with 2 year contract, $570 without) is $230 LESS (not on contract). Beleive me, if you complain about “high prices” on Verizon, you will NOT be able to afford this phone. GTFO

      • Richard Yarrell

        As usual we all know anything on verizon will not be something you will be purchasing so WHY COMMENT?? As I stated before whatever you have in your pocket now is 2plus years old so it’s not worth for a trade in and since you have no income you can’t purchase any items so what’s next…Your living a sad fantasy…I guess you and that other pittiful soul @snowbdr89 just get your jollies TROLLING THROUGH site to site to see if I posted any comments because in the real world you don’t have anything to wake up for…PRETTY SAD LIFE….

        • squiddy20

          “we all know anything on verizon will not be something you will be purchasing” Again, who’s this “we” you speak of? I only see your stupid face arguing with me. Not many other people have said anything against me, just you. Write this down somewhere so you *might* finally get your story straight, I am a Sprint customer, have been for at least 9 years, won’t be switching to any other carrier anytime soon, and therefore won’t be “purchasing” anything from Verizon. And as I have stated before, the Samsung Moment was released on Nov 1, 2009. By very very simple math, that’s still a month and a half away from being “2plus years old”. Write that down too. You need help remembering things. And as I have also stated before, I DO have a job and a source of income. You’re certainly one to talk big while being incredibly small. Don’t you work as a lowly janitor at a homeless shelter?

    • snowbdr89

      Dick yarrell the moron

    • Rushi

      I +1′d you for not mentioning sprint. I would +1 you again for not mentioning your evo 3D. And I’ll have to agree that for that price tag 1gb of RAM seems like a necessity

    • keridel

      that was the most gognizent arguement you have ever made on any android blog. EVER

      that my friend is GROWTH.

      i’m giving you a +1 man!!

  • Nathan

    sweet, this one sound cool but I’m into another phone right now :)

  • uknowme

    A little expensive, although it is nice. It is nice to see HTC trying out new things. I just think they will need to find a more comfortable pricepoint.

  • Don Boogie

    Which lakes are you referring to? Great Lakes? Fingerlakes?

  • comandantecee

    Instead of releasing gimmicky shit like this they should find a solution on fixing the problem with dust under the screen especially when owning this device for only a month and a half and I’m on my 3rd Sensation I might say and every unit I’ve gotten back has the same problem!


    as a current sensation owner ill pass, but i wish it was on my phone cause its the one complaint i have with it… sound stinks

  • smithey253

    Was about to purchase the sensation last week until I saw the rumours about a special edition being released. Glad I waited now!

  • JAGDrummer

    Single core? I would be all over this if it was dual core. Actually, I might still be all over it.

    • Tangent

      It IS dual core… The original is dual core @ 1.2 GHz, this version is dual core @ 1.5 GHz. Read the “earlier lakes” :-P link for more details.

      • JAGDrummer

        Awesome. I did not see mention of so in this thread so I just assumed (but you know what happens when you assume). Hopefully it makes it to the states so it can be my next phone!

  • Pavel Webb

    God it’s so beautiful, I wish I heard about HTC buying Beats before I got my Galaxy S II, I would definitely wait for a Beats phone. But I don’t get too upset, I know that a year from now the beats phones will only get better ;-)

  • Jon

    Wonder if they upgraded that horrific loudspeaker.

    • Tangent

      Exactly my question. I use headphones extremely rarely so if that’s all the audio upgrading they did it’s useless to me. If they upgraded that speaker though, _that_ would be a worthwhile improvement. Actually what would help the most is upgrading the ear speaker and using that for media instead of the one that’s pointing away from you while you’re holding the phone…

  • XShockTech

    I’ll trade my Unlocked Samsung Galaxy SII for an HTC Sensation XE when it comes out.

    • htc xe

      Your crazy and I have xe. Sound is great S-2 is just so much faster,stick with the Samsung.

  • iPhone Philippines

    This is the rumored HTC Vigor, right?

  • RBI411

    Why does HTC hate giving their phones 1 gig of RAM?

  • Nickedynick

    Does this actually have a faster processor, or is it the same one as in the original but with a different software governor?

    • Dags

      Same processor – MSM8260. Run a custom 1.5GHz kernel in the existing Sensation and pop in an Evo 3D battery and it’s practically the same phone.

  • Tran Lang

    It’s too expensive to think of. Economy is down now.

  • senation4gees

    is it possible to upgrade my sensation 4g(i got it in july), for the sensation xe

    • drock

      Yes I have done so. You need unlocked and s-off sensation to run revolution xe (HTC xe) Rom. Does sound better but. You need to buy beats headphones $$$, to get max benfits. Doing this Rom change also gives you 1.5 CPU which was better than factory 1.2 .

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I would have expected them to upgrade to 1GB by now, also that’s one big price right there, at least for me. Incredible amounts of good phones coming out recently, but i’ll just keep waiting until Google finally releases ICS and the new Nexus.

  • Enoch161

    Good job with the device HTC, but just cool down on the price by about 100-200 dollars.

  • ♚Damian♚

    So whens it coming to the states? More precisely when’s T-Mo getting it?

  • Chris

    “…will be available by late September in Europe and Asia…”

    And the weather widget on the promo photos has what city? – FAIL

  • Caleb

    Looks like a great phone a erik as the features like the 1080 video, and keeping the 8mp is what the htc is known for. However, the prices is much, I would not be surprise if ppl just get the phone and not the headphones. But we will wait and see.