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HTC Ruby (aka Amaze 4G) pictured flaunting its specs


After splashing our pages a couple times in August and drawing some attention from the T-Mobile faithful, the HTC Ruby shied away from the limelight until it was outed by Thai blog Droid Sans.

Its latest pictorial confirms the majority of the specs that we reported previously for the Ruby and fills in a couple missing details.

  • Dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S3
  • 4.3-inch qHD display
  • 8 megapixel rear camera (w/dual LED flash), 2 megapixel front camera
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB Storage
  • Android 2.3.4 with Sense 3.5 UI
  • Support for T-Mobile 4G (42 Mbps)
  • NFC support

The device seen here isn’t running final software, so don’t infer anything by its lack of Sense.

Those of you who rely on your Android phone as a point-and-shoot camera will probably enjoy the return of dedicated shutter buttons for videos and stills. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve really missed that feature in moving from the Droid X to the Thunderbolt; I actually find myself using the camera on my phone less as a result.

We’re still expecting to see the Ruby/Amaze 4G launch in tandem with the Hercules/Galaxy S II on October 26th. As you are no doubt aware, T-Mobile did nothing to clarify what exactly is running under the hood on their Galaxy S II. We can’t be sure how the Samsung device will differentiate itself beyond the 4.5-inch screen. That spec alone will probably lead pixel peepers to the Ruby, as its 4.3-inch qHD screen should offer a much smoother, if less vibrant, look.

The Ruby is checking all the boxes with its specs, but if it’s a three way shoot out between the HTC Ruby, the Samsung Hercules and the “Nexus Prime” on T-Mobile come October 26th, which phone will you be backing?

htc-ruby-leak-630 HTC Ruby side view with dedicated camera keys HTC Ruby specs screen

Via: This Is My Next

Source: Droid Sans

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  • Anthony Domanico

    Nexus Prime or bust. or do I mean droid prime? or nexus prime? haha

    I don’t think the next nexus (nextus?) will come to T-mobile.

    • OskarMULA

      It has to come to T-Mobile! Nothing stopped it before, and nothing should stop that now! ‘:-)

    • Sean Riley

      You’re just saying that because you fled to Sprint. You may have to buy it at full retail, but I think there will be a version of the next Nexus that will run T-Mobile bands.

      • Anthony Domanico

        pfffft. you know there’s no reason i say things. I just say things and think it through later.


    • Galen20K

      It absolutely without a doubt IS coming to T-Mobile.

      • Anthony Domanico

        I’d love to see where you have this confirmed.

        Until I see proof, there is doubt. Innocent until proven guilty, if you will.

        • Galen20K

          look at the past every SINGLE Nexus device has been released on T-Mobile. There’s my proof idiot.

          • Angie

            Did you need to say idiot? I didn’t think so.

          • RonWeez

            theres your proof ? your talking about the past that has little to do with what happens to future nexus devices

  • OskarMULA

    Nexus Prime without a doubt! :-) I’m excited for the nexus phone! I hope it really does come out in October!

    • Galen20K

      I actually hope it comes out November or December so I can enjoy a little bit more time with my Sensation lol sounds crazy but its true!

  • triangle

    Looks like a nice device, but not earth shattering since you have so many similar (or arguably better) devices either already released or coming this month. I’m looking forward to the Nexus and an HD screen.

  • Galen20K

    I think they’re all Fantastic devices, but when the time comes I’m getting the Nexus Prime. Until then Happily Enjoying my Sensation.

  • Black Kristos

    I seriously hope the Nexus Prime will exist on Tmo. If this Droid Prime nonsense is true, I may jump ship to Verizon.


    I still want to see complete specs on all 3 before I make my decision.. But of course I am leaning toward the Nexus , due to past experiences

    • humgo

      get a life

      • kazahani

        Get a bridge.

        • kazahani

          You know, cuz that’s where trolls live.

    • Interpol91

      Yup. Although when those images of the Hercules popped up my jaws dropped cause it looked so awesome!!

  • Scotter

    Waiting for the Nexus Prime. Wanting 4.5″ AND high rez AND hopefully thin form factor.

  • keridel

    i agree with the merf-a-tron (new nickname for bigmerf thought i would try it out)

    until the prime shows us it’s inner goodies i cant make the choice.

    i wont be getting an sgs2 cause i have one already. and it’s great.. although plastic and thin.

  • Angie

    Pixel peepers makes me laugh, haha.

  • Nathan

    I would like ice cream sandwich with a HD screen over this phone because probably the next nexus will have similar specs to these high end phone. Well hopefully if the rumors are true anyway.

  • Interpol91

    Leaning towards the next Nexus device cause I want to have the latest and greatest version of Android. The Ruby does sound good though but I’ll hold out to see my options.

  • MetalMessiah78

    The Nexus Prime all the way! As far as a version that works with T-Mobile, Google always releases a GSM unlocked phone. GSM is the world standard, so it will work with T-Mobile and AT&T as well as most of the world. The question is if it’ll have the AWS 1700 band for T-Mobile 3G. I would say yes, since a few other markets also use that band.

  • shadowxof

    I’m trying to hold out patiently for the Nexus 3/prime but i’ll admit that the ruby its a mighty fine looking device. More power to T-mobile when this gets released

  • Sekou


  • Tiuri

    Still unsure about Samsung, but the HTC Ruby looks tempting!

  • kazahani

    I just don’t get why all of these phones are comming out now with ICS just a couple of weeks away.

  • Michael Crumpler

    Wait.. it has the stock dock!? Damn it.

  • thechad

    cool looking phone