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HTC Vigor passes through FCC with Verizon LTE on board

HTC Vigor

Let’s be honest for a second here. Not everyone is all gaga for the Verizon branded Nexus/Droid/Galaxy Prime. Whether it’s due to a hatred for Samsung or loyalty to another company, not everyone is going to rush out and buy one. If you’re a fan of Motorola, then you’ve no doubt been drooling over, or cradling, a brand new Bionic. If you’re a fan of HTC devices, then the Vigor has to be the phone you’re waiting for.

While we still don’t have a ton of solid information on the Vigor, one thing is for sure: it’s going to come out rocking Big Red’s 4G LTE network. A mysterious HTC device has just passed through the FCC with LTE intact, and there’s very good reason to believe it’s the Vigor. Not only are there no other big name HTC devices coming out for Verizon anytime soon, but the model number in the FCC filing (PH98100, ADR6425) lines up perfectly with the model number given to the Vigor in Bluetooth and WiFi certification documents.

As far as other rumored specs on the Vigor go, we’re looking at an absolute entertainment powerhouse. A 1.5 GHz dual-core processor is expected to power a 4.3-inch 1280 x 720 HD display, Sense 3.5 atop Android 2.3.4, Beats by Dre audio and multiple cameras for all your photography needs. As pointed out by DroidLife, Beats by Dre audio may just mean the Vigor will launch with a pair of Beats headphones. A set of those paired with what could be a non-Pentile HD display (the Prime’s SAMOLED HD is Pentile), and you’ve got the best combination of audio and video power available in a handset today.

The rumored release date of the HTC Vigor is October 6th; just under a month away. How about it Verizon users? Does the Vigor sound like your cup of tea, or are you waiting to see how the Prime plays out?

Source: DroidLife

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  • chris

    As long as it doesn’t have as bad of battery life as the tb I will get it. Htc makes good phones and are dev friendly with unlocking the bootloaders.

    • snowbdr89

      I think I read on droid-life it will have a beefy battery, 1650 I think..

      • Richard Yarrell

        Spec wise all this Vigor really is will be another EVO wanna be. There is no difference from 1.2 Ghz processor from 1.5 Ghz processor what the difference of 1 second opening applications??? The specs in the Vigor the EVO 3D already has today. And sense 3.5 isn’t a big enough bump to get excited about. Beats headphones are nice thou. Every device on sprint today pisses all over version devices

        • Nick Gray

          The faster processor means 3D gaming and media capabilities will be a lot smoother. Don’t forget that this sucker has a 720p HD display. I love the EVO 3D (got another demo unit from Sprint to play with), but the Vigor should be a lot better.

          • Richard Yarrell

            The Vigor should be a little better in some ways but overall I roll with evo 3d all the way..HTC is about to seriously explode….

          • squiddy20

            You just said “spec wise all this Vigor really is will be another EVO wanna be” implying that the Vigor will be less than your Evo, yet here you are saying that it will be “a little better in some ways”? Can you say “suck-up”, much?

        • metafor

          The two major differences (and they’re major, mind you) is the 720p display — my Sensation has the same resolution/size as the Evo 3D and I have to say, the pixel density isn’t high enough for my taste — and Verizon’s LTE in place of WiMax.

          Both are far more noticeable than any slight difference in processing speed and are welcome features.

        • squiddy20

          Sense 3.5 “isn’t a big enough bump to get excited about”? Coming from you, that statement is absolutely absurd. You, who doesn’t ever shut up about how your Evo 3D is the “best” with “the most updates”, the “most advanced this”, and “most advanced that”? Get real. The only reason you’re not drooling over this is because it’s coming to Verizon first.
          “version devices”? Did you maybe mean “Verizon”? Where the hell is an “s” in Verizon? Learn to spell. And “every device on Sprint” does NOT “piss all over Verizon devices”. Feature phones, are basically the same from carrier to carrier. And pretty much all of the lower end and mid range phones on Sprint are also comparable to those found on Verizon. You could use a little objectivity in your life because you CLEARLY don’t know shit.

          • Richard Yarrell

            At best YOUR A CLOWN on this site. Someone that doesn’t have any current HTC devices or have never brought HTC before. I have owned ONLY HTC DEVICES had sense 1.0, sense 2.0 and now sense 3.0 and have a very close relationship with certain people within HTC and trust me there is not much differance between sense 3.0 and sense 3.5 if anything I know. Your simply someone with no knowledge or industry related connections when I speak I speak from experience and knowlege…Rather you like it or not I could care less just stop responding to any of my comments on this site…Cause here I am KING and always will be…..

          • squiddy20

            If I am indeed “a clown” then why are most of my comments in the positive while ALL of your comments rated in the negatives? Would a “king” really get such low ratings? If you’re a king of anything, it’s ignorance, blind arrogance, and absolute stupidity. Having “owned only HTC devices” doesn’t make you well rounded, which therefore makes you THE most biased person on these forums. And you called yourself “objective” in your “review”? Please. You couldn’t be objective if your life depended on it. And also for your information, if I am “someone with no knowledge”, then how do I seemingly know more about Sprint and rooting than you do? Oh that’s right, you told me rooting was for “2 plus year old phones” and that Sprint’s data and voice networks were one in the same. By all means, keep digging yourself deeper in the mountain of stupidity.

        • YNWA

          GTFO DICK!

        • Jennifer

          Ok seriously Mr. Yarrell. Not EVERYONE is on sprint or wants to be. I have had Verizon for almost 10 years and very happy with the service I get and I like the phones they have. I am so glad you like Sprint service and the Evo but not everyone wants that phone or needs a phone that size. If they did then android would just be like iphone and apple. There is no need for you to continue the comments on EVERY post. We know that you like your phone. We get that. I am so happy for you. But to seriously think every person in the world wants exactly what you have, you have some issues.

          I am looking forward to the Vigor and do hope it does arrive on the 6th cause my contract is renewable the week before and I am ready to trade in my faithful Eris for something new and powerful. :) I was going to go for the Thunderbolt even with the battery issues but if the Vigor comes out within a month of what they say I will definitely try for that one. I think HTC makes great phones and hope that this one will hold that up!

  • snowbdr89

    My new beast, almost got the bionic but with this beast a month away an bein able to unlock it an hopefully have some cm7 love I think I just blew a nut..

    • Richard Yarrell

      HTC doesn’t really want you as a customer please buy Samsung it suites you better. I definitely don’t look forward to all your CHILDISH Posts. You don’t deserve anything good like the Vigor that should be reserved for high profile ballers like me.

      • snowbdr89

        Oh look the ultimate troll came out from under the bridge, dick I totally forgot you existed but do us all a huge favor n take you’re fat ass bungee jumping but dont use the bungee cord!!

        • DeRocKK

          I really think it’s a fake account.

          • thaghost

            it is, lol

      • squiddy20

        And how do you know what HTC “doesn’t really want”? Do you work for them? Are you employed in any way by them? Or are you just another stupid fanboy who *thinks* he knows “what’s best” for HTC? I’m going with the latter (not “ladder” as you put it last week). Well if you’re soooo knowledgable, why aren’t you employed by them? Why do you still have a job as a janitor at the homeless shelter that took you in?

        HIS “childish posts”??? Have you taken a look at your own lately? All that you’ve ever said is “your useless”, “Evo 3D/Sprint/HTC rules while Verizon drools”, yada yada yada. YOU are the child, especially with an attitude like that. BWAHAHAHA!!! “High profile baller”?! Like hell you are! Less than 4 years ago, you were living on the streets of NYC! And now you think you’re some big shot because you have a place to sleep and smartphone? You REALLY need to get in touch with your humanity. I never thought I’d say this, but you are a disgrace to the human race. Go f**king die.

        • snowbdr89

          I liked the baller comment aswell, the only pussy dick yarrell gets is when he drops his pants!!

        • squiddy20

          I forgot to add, if his posts are so “childish” then why are most (if not all) of his posts at least positive while ALL of yours are negative? Why are most of your comments rated so low in fact, that they are “hidden”? See for yourself.
          The comment you made in the above link (made less than 24 hours ago) has already been rated so low it’s been hidden.

          ALL of your comments in the above link have been rated -30 or LESS. It’s roughly the same story about all of your comments, no matter what website you use. Why do you think you were banned 3 times from Phandroid and at least once from other websites? Still think he’s the childish, “useless” one?

        • Richard Yarrell

          squiddy20…The man living in that dark basement in your mothers house WOW guess you finally was able to get near a computer and troll on your usual sites. I thought by now she would’ve thrown your sorry ass out of the house..I wonder what lie you gave her now…GO GET A REAL JOB AND GO PAY SOME RENT YOU LOSER……

          • squiddy20

            You really haven’t learned anything in all this time, have you? The stereotypical image you have of “geeks” “living in that dark basement in [my] mother’s house” is incredibly absurd. As I have said to you so many times. I know plenty of programmers who have their own places and do their programming in well lit rooms other than basements. Try making a more reasonable assumption of where I live. Since all you’ve ever said to me is that I live in a dark basement, maybe that’s where you live, hmmm? After all, we draw upon our own environment for “inspiration”. And for your information, I do have a job you simplistic dolt. Try NOT assuming crap you can’t even begin to get correct. Learn some respect.

          • giggles

            Can someone please get this n word off of here? Id like to read comments made by adults not children and 4chan frequenters.

  • Anthony

    Yes, I think this will be the one for me after hanging on to my Droid Incredible since it launched April before last. NilsP’s Business Gingersense has kept it feeling fresh, but I really want some LTE love with the sexiness of the Sense UI.

    Played with a Bionic in the store today, it’s nice hardware wise, but really wasn’t that impressive as far as UI goes and the screen is really nothing to write home about (but that’s another can of worms).

    If the battery plays out to be nice, I may cash in and hope against hope the updates will be better this time around which really is the overall draw of the Prime, besides being the first ICS phone of course…I’m also a music lover so Beats is also appealing even though I have a set of Bose headphones that work just fine.

    • brad

      I agree. I checked out the Bionic today at the Verizon locate store too and was not very impressed. It’s a nice phone, but It was thicker than I thought it would be. I have waited this long with my Droid OG. I figure what’s another month.

      I raced my wife with her TB to a website and even using only 3G the TB kicked my Droids butt. Bad! I even cheated and still lost!!

      I haven’t read anything about an HDMI port though.

      Not easy waiting…………I’m still a little pissed that Verizon isn’t carrying the SGS2.

  • Dirge

    Droid Incredible, is that you? :o

  • Richard Yarrell

    Finally Verizon will have something in there lineup that can compare to the ROSE ROYCE of smartphones the EVO 3D on sprint. HAIL TO HTC as usual they always deliver for there fans. The Droid Prime can’t touch this htc device.. Plus they have to install a 1730 or higher battery inorder for the vigor to have a chance. 1600 or 1680 is not enough with LTE..

    • snowbdr89

      You really are the biggest moron I have ever come across!!

    • squiddy20

      “Rose royce”??? WTF? If you can’t even spell a top-of-the-line car manufacturer like that, don’t bother saying anything at all. It’s “Rolls-Royce” you stupid moron. And how do you know that the Droid Prime “can’t touch this HTC device”? Do you know the actual specs? Do you know what the screen size will be, the amount of RAM, ROM, SD card or no, type of display, etc? Since I KNOW you don’t know any of those as actual facts, STFU.

    • snowbdr89

      Dick im curious did you drop out of 4th grade? Im a lil confused whats a rose royce?

  • HTCunt Vigor

    ———This phone is obsolete————-

  • thaghost

    This phone is ugly

  • kazahani

    Is there any chance that you guys could IP ban this fake Richard? He’s more annoying than the real one.

  • Dirge

    Looks like it’ll be a nice phone, but the Droid Prime seems like THE phone to have.

  • oleg

    I cant wait tell htc vigor come to Verizon in October will be my new phone going to be blazing fast iPhone 5 killer.

  • KenG

    I doubt if it will be on VZ. Nexus phones are stock android, and include things like tethering that can’t be blocked by the carrier. VZ doesn’t sell any stock android phones, and I don’t expect they will start now, even though they pledged to allow any phone that works with their network, They want control of everything.

    And I know they allowed the Mot Xoom, which runs stock 3.1/3.2, but they probably knew Mot wouldn’t sell very many of them.

  • thechad


  • yah

    please help how to hard reset HTC Vigor

    thank you