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Is LG secretly working on a “Galaxy S II killer”?


Earlier this month I received an interesting tip that LG was going to reveal a “Galaxy S II killer” sometime next week. Those were some strong words, and we haven’t seen many LG leaks recently. So, it really got me thinking. What could LG possibly be working on that would make Android fans forget about the Samsung Galaxy S II?

Today the guys at GSMArena uncovered a Korean promo site for the upcoming LG U+ LTE. Highlights of the device include a 4.5-inch AH-IPS 720HD display, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and support for LTE download speeds of 75 Mbps.

Unconfirmed specs of the LG U+ LTE (LU6200) include:

  • 4.5-inch AH-IPS display with True HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels)
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core processor Snapdragon S3 (MSM8660)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • LTE speeds up to 75 Mbps
  • 132.9 x 67.9 x 10.5 mm, 123 g
  • WiFi Direct, MHL, DLNA

Overall, this LG device sounds very similar to the HTC Vigor/Incredible HD and I have a feeling it could become the LG Revolution 2 that is rumored for a October 20th release.

For a new superphone to be considered a current-generation killer, I think it would need to boast some more next-generation hardware. The LG made AH-IPS display is a nice start, and it appears to be superior to Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus. But the rest of the specs are what we expect from a high-end device launching this year.

Looking back at last year, this is about the time when LG announced the first dual-core phone, which became the Optimus 2x. We heard earlier this year that LG might have the first quad-core phone, so an announcement might be coming soon.

Initially we were expecting the first quad-core phone to land this year, but NVIDIA recently said their Kal-El (Tegra 3) version for smartphones would not arrive until Q1 2012.

So is the mystery solved? Is the LG-LU6200 really the “Galaxy S II killer” we were waiting on? I’m not entirely sure, but more details should be coming  next week.

Via: GSMArena

Source: LG (Korean)

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  • mjforte

    The MSM8660 doesn’t impress me. If it was the Krait processor instead, I would have been interested.


    Hard for me to get over the g2x mess though

    • noriega713

      A little how Samsung got over the Behold II…that thing sucked….But it looks like they learned from their mistakes.

      • thaghost

        question…”it looks like they learned from their mistakes.” what makes you say that? i havent seen anything that would make me believe that.

        • noriega713

          The Behold II was a horrible phone…Hardware (besides the AMOLED screen) and software was a complete disaster… then they brought the Galaxy S line, which as you can see is a success. I’m pretty sure if they brought out a Behold III with the specs of a Galaxy phone, it wouldn’t have gotten that much attention…So they learned from their mistakes. Crappy hardware+ Crappy UI= Shitty phone… Improved hardware + improved UI= $$$$

          • johnny

            Alot of people didn’t follow samsung before the original galaxy was born. That behold was a complete failure and it was their flagship phone. I think LG is was in that same boat but they are getting better. They need to focus more on power smartphones rather then mid-range. GX2, Revolution, and Thrill are all build pretty good. They should of had focused on their “Touchwiz interface” and current OS’s with these three devices. By next year this time…LG should be a quality name in the smartphone business

          • ACR

            Behold, was it even a world phone? lol Galaxy S and Galaxy SII are global phones.

        • Mike V.

          I have to agree with you there. As far as I know Samsung is still up to their old antics. I own am Epic 4G, a phone still on a year and a half old software with no update anywhere in sight, no source code, no drivers, and crappy GPS and extreme lag. Samsung is all about making money, not satisfying customers. That’s one thing they should learn from Apple. Instead Samsung just steals their designs. Yes, I’m a disgruntled Samsung phone owner. I’ve been burned. Never again though. My next phone will be HTC made.

          • johnny

            that’s why i passed on the GSII. my captivate have one update (2.2) and it was forgotten about. It took a work of God just for us to recieve that update. Never did they come out and say they screwed up on the GPS. All they did was put out an app to restore the GPS settings. It didn’t work at all. All these people screaming over the new galaxy line will sure be pulling their hair when Europe gets ice cream sandwhich and 8 or 9 months later stateside finally see it (by this time GSIII will be on the verge of releasing over there). Like Mike mentioned….sammy is about money and that’s it.

  • Sturoid

    They may come out with hardware almost on par with the GS2 but you know for damn sure that their software will [email protected] it up.
    I got to say I am way more excited about the Prime right now and saving every penny I can for it.

  • ben dover

    I’m sure whatever they announce was what google chose not to use as the nexus prime :)

    • thaghost

      good point. +20

  • omgjoz

    DANG IT! I just picked up my Galaxy S II this morning….

    • ben dover

      and whatever LG brings out, you’ll be glad you went with the SGSII

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Not to big on LG phones, but this is interesting. And if that image is right, doesn’t look like a Galaxy S? Will Samsung sue LG, or will Apple sue LG as well. Seriously patent wars are getting pathetic and tiresome.

    All I know, competition is good, that’s what brings us innovation from one of the parts.

  • noriega713

    Competition…gotta’ love it. =) this will set the bar even higher (assuming HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels)) is the new standard.

  • triangle

    It would be nice if LG brought something substantially better to the table. While the current trio of HTC, Samsung and Motorola make great android devices, I have no problem with LG trying to up the stakes and push the others to make better products.

    That being said, I’m skeptical until I see a great LG product that is really superior to what the others are bringing to the table. Who knows, maybe they will be the first to bring a great HD screen to a smartphone. I hope so because we could use great HD screens on high-end android devices.

    • triangle

      Forgot to mention, hopefully, they will embrace stock android. That would be something different from the others.

  • thaghost

    To answer the question in the title of the article: NO. the only thing LG can kill is themselves.

  • Dale

    Some of you might not beaware that LG was “Goldstar” years ago. I first saw their TV sets in the 70s and they were worse than crap. No one would be caught dead owning on of those things. So, to get rid of the stink caused by that product, they changed their name to LG. They make great refrigerators.

    • johnny

      Their 3D tv’s are pretty good too

  • Richard Yarrell
    • Frank

      Why wait for that junk?

      Why not wait for Samsung’s quadcore 2ghz chip?

      Qualcom will never catch up to Samsung GPU capabilities.

      Remember the original Galaxy with the Humminbird cpu and HTC Evo with the Snapdragon?

      Hummingbird= 90 million triangles of graphics per sec.
      Snapdragon= 22 million triangles of graphics per sec.

      They will NEVER be able to catch up in the dual core markets then into the quad core markets.

  • avinash

    i don’t care what other says ,,,i only know one thing Lg was the first one to introduce dual cor mobiles, ,,,,world’s first 3d phone,,,,,world;s first phone with 2mp front facing camera,,,,world’s first one with wi fi direct,,,,,and will be first one to bring 1280*720p to a 4.5 inch.Hats off Lg,,,,,,,Lg always dare to come first and others simply lag or waitand than they overcome with improved one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Lg is trying really hard and it will be back ,,,,,

    • Raptor

      Yes, these guys are innovators who are trying to make our life less boring. I really wish them finally to make clean, 100% reliably working ultra-appealing devices. Let they succeed.

  • Raptor

    LG claims their screen is superior then SuperAMOLED+. Probably in one respect – higher brightness:

    But they forgot to mention that SuperAmoled is not making 600nits, it makes only 300-350. That at full these two monitors respective brightnesses 600 and 300 nits makes their power consumption equal.

    And then further, when AMOLED screen has not completely white — which is typically what we see when watch movies or pictures etc — it consumes additionally 2-3 times less. Webpages are typically white but there exist apps which make page background darker to spare on battery life. Pulse for example

    And that’s not all. When you browse your internet in typical home brightness conditions, and specifically at evening or at the morning, still lying in the bed, you reduce the screen brightness to its total minimum or even below minimum allowed by Android default, because SuperAMOLED is hell damn bright. In this case SupeAMOLED+ consumes just probably only 1/40 of 1100mW ( I use for that the app called Screen Filter ). That’s 200hours or 8 days of continuous watching. I am not sure if LG screen can be dimmed by decreasing the power of LED backlit which would save a lot of battery life or still consumes the same 600 mW of power.

  • rainai

    Another company is also working on an SGS II killer. That company is called Samsung and their SGS II killer is called the SGS III =p

  • Sam87

    LG= FAIL. While Samsung already made the Galaxy S2 and is working on the S3, LG is trying too hard.

    They produced the G2X in a rush to get the first dual core phone title. FAIL. Reboots, freezes, turns off, etc.

    I will never buy another LG phone again.

    Notice how this new LG phone will ONLY have a 1.5ghz dual core chip (A8 chip). It will have lower benchmarks pushing a higher resolution chip.

    Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is rumored to have a 2ghz QUADCORE chip.