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Korean Spider Concept device docks into laptop, video game controller, tablet


A smartphone compatible with a laptop dock? Old news. An Android device that slides into a video game controller? Meh. A tablet-phone? Next. All three combined? You might be on to something.

Announced quietly at IFA (without an event or lawsuit to bolster attention), Korean-based company KT’s Spider Concept is the mother of all docking smartphones. Not only does the Spider Concept fit snugly into a laptop dock (where the actual phone is used as the trackpad!), but the 4.5-inch beast also connects to a video game dock via Bluetooth, slides into the back of a tablet and provides USB host support for attaching a keyboard or mouse. When the device is inserted into the laptop or tablet dock, some small revisions in the UI are automatically made to offer a more refined experience. When being used as a video game controller, a D-pad and four buttons on the form-fitting dock become easily programmable for use with your favorite game. And speaking of games, the Spider Concept should be able to tackle the best of ‘em.

Under the hood, the Spider Concept continues to impress. It comes with Gingerbread, a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage and a 4.5-inch 1280×800 display for some serious pixel density. The Spider Concept also manages to keep things extra slim. At its thickest, the device measures 9.34mm. The Galaxy S II is 8.49mm.

Now that you’re no doubt wiping the drool from your chin, you’ll probably want to know when you can grab one of these bad boys. The Spider Concept is expected to launch in Korea by December at the latest. As for international users, nothing is set in stone. Hopefully we’ll get some good news by the end of the year.

What do you think? Does the Spider Concept tickle your fancy, or is it just another gimmicky device that’ll fly under your radar? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: Engadget

Source: AndroidPit

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  • Interpol91

    I could really care less about its docking features but I would buy the phone cause it looks so dang good and it’s specs are awesome!!!

    • Interpol91

      Small typo: meant to put “its”, not “it’s”.

    • BiGMERF

      gosh i hate koreans!!!

      • BiGMERF

        wow I have been hacked..LMAO

  • Alex

    This is rather off topic but does Android and Me have a podcast? If you don’t you guys should really have that. I love listening to Android Podcasts and Android and Me is my favorite Android website.

    • Dustin Earley

      I don’t know man… I can really talk once I get going.

      • Alex

        Just the way I like it. I mean Android Central podcasts go for like an hour and half and that keeps me satisfied. You can even do Q&A’s at the end.

  • Marco

    Yes, agreed, would love your podcast!

  • Gram

    I love the game controller I would pay 200$ for just that on my phone!

  • anujahooja

    This is what the Nexus Prime should be.

    • alex

      And more llol

  • Bpear

    Agreed this should be the nexus prime 1.5 ghz CPU 1280×800 screen and thin and the docks are a plus. Would buy one if ididnt already have a SGS2

  • xsynth

    I would be very interested in a device like this. I prefer the way the laptop dock is done by these guys, but I also like the desktop dock from the Atrix for a big monitor.

    Hopefully ICS will incorporate something along these lines switching between phone/tablet version of android when docked. There needs to be a set standard for these kind of accessories so we don’t have to keep buying new ones when we get a new phone!

  • Jr,

    That UI kinda looks like MIUI if its not lol… Very good looking phone, would deff get one if it launches in the US.

  • SliestDragon

    The fact that the phone is used as the touchpad is the coolest thing ever! More phones need to have cool things like this. :D

  • AME

    I want more phones to have these extra abilities. I don’t think I would buy any of those docks, but I think it’s cool when these phones are so versatile. Our phones are going to be more powerful than our regular computers in the not too distant future so making use of their power and versatility is the way to go.

  • uknowme

    All in all this sounds fantastic. The theory is sound, I just want to see the execution.

  • domi1k

    Looks like an Amoled screen.. can someone confirm this?

  • thechad

    good article thanks