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Samsung refreshes Galaxy S II with LTE and HD display after moving 10 million units

Galaxy S II LTE HD

Over the weekend Samsung boasted that their Galaxy S II handset had sold over 10 million units. Today the Korean company revealed newer models with LTE support and HD Super AMOLED displays.

The Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy S II HD LTE were both announced for the Korean market, but there’s a strong chance we might see something similar in the US.

For the hardcore Android fans, the main attraction here is the 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display with HD (1280X720) resolution. This display is the “first AMOLED display to feature 316 pixels per inch (ppi), higher than the standard 300ppi, resulting in substantial improvements in screen sharpness and readability.”

Both new devices also sport an unspecified dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, slightly faster than the 1.2 GHz Exynos being used in most Galaxy S II models. Some upcoming Samsung phones have been rumored to use the dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S3, but there’s also the chance Samsung overclocked their Exynos to match those speeds.

A constant stream of rumors has suggested that the Nexus Prime would also feature a 4.65-inch HD display and dual-core 1.5 GHz processor. This latest press release is a good sign that will come true. Verizon customers might also see a similar device marketed under the Droid branding, so we’ll keep following Samsung to see what they announce next.

We won’t have to wait too much longer, though. Samsung has already scheduled another Unpacked event at CTIA on October 11. Which devices do you think Samsung will announce?

Source: Samsung Mobile Press

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  • Armando

    Wow right when I am about to buy the Galaxy S II for AT&T. I might as well just buy it and sell it if anything.

    • Hedwig

      Agree, the new iPhone 5 will maul this obsolete scamphone…

      • xvxcv

        uhuh… and you base this on??

        like when the iphone 4 came out, same time as the first galaxy s. The first galaxy s was far superior. much faster cu/gpu. Gorillas glass doesnt crack like everyones iphone i know. Expandable memory with the use of sd cards, having the ability to use it like a stand alone harddrive and just connecting it to any computer with a usb and no need for retarted itunes. Having 4g radio gave it a MUCH faster internet experience. Plays all formats out of the box, didnt have to wait 5 hours to convert movies for my girlfriend. Having the full interent WITH FLASH. Super amoled screens destroys the phone with insanly vivid colors. Being able to remove the battery is another thing. Yeah i phone 4 looked great, it definetely mauled everthing else. Oh yeah and a cheaper plan for any non iphone

        • CactusCat

          You forgot one VERY important fact. We do NOT have to use iTunes to do our stuff with our Android phones. That has to be the worst burden to have ever been put on any phone… of course, Apple doesn’t agree but they want that total control.

      • NeoJesus

        The iPhone 5 is going to use the same chip as the iPad 2 and the Galaxy S II already wiped the floor with the iPhone 4 AND the iPad 2 in web page rendering speed tests:

        That’s right, a mobile phone whooped your iPad 2′s ass, a tablet!

      • Tony

        Which is a shame you feel that way, since you’re not getting an iPhone 5, you’re getting an iPhone 4S


  • Thomas

    nice one but quite large, i found a good graphic:

    • Anthony E.

      Did anyone bother to click the link? Why’s this guy down-ranked?

    • Dragonithe

      Nice link!
      Seems that a 1″ in screen size increase doesn’t mean a extremely huge phone if they ditch the buttons.
      Then it’s just a little wider than my Desire

    • Rhino3081

      Its the exact same size as the Epic 4G Touch but has a bigger screen. Winning!!

  • davetheAndroid

    And there is the Nexus Prime. Behold the beauty!

    • York

      That would be great, I really like the design of the galaxy s2.

    • irishrally

      The Nexus 3 will look a lot sexier than that.

  • Kev

    The korean internet site (naver shopping) claims the galaxy s2 hd lte has a1.5ghz qualcomn processor and its korean code name is SHV-E120L.

    • nexus

      Interesting. The prime’s number is different ,,, SGH-I515. Wonder what the two have different.

    • cb2000a

      That’s because the Exynos does not work well with LTE.

      • Dags

        Yes, the Qualcomm APQ8060 is the obivous choice to match with an LTE radio. Also the Scorpion core is more overclockable (due to the longer instruction pipeline compared to Cortex A9 designs) than the Exynos so would be more reliable at 1.5GHz.

  • ben dover

    There’s the 4.65 Super AMOLED HD screen that was rumored for the nexus prime!
    I’m glad that it’s just about fact now that the prime will have the HD screen!

    • Nate B.

      Well, the screen on the Galaxy Note was a HD one, so making it smaller wouldn’t of been a problem. So I would say it was fact already befire this was announced.

      • ben dover

        That was a 5″ screen though which proved there was, in fact, a Super AMOLED HD screen in production. This the same 4.65 number we kept seeing rumored so hopefully that means a lot of the other rumors from those same sources are true as well!

    • DroidSamurai

      Too bad it’s a PenTile. Hopefully, the high ppi will make it more bearable. The LG LU6200 has a AH-IPS at 720p also, and it doesn’t use PenTile. The HTC Vigor, suggested by Engadget today, also has a 720p display (not sure if it uses PenTile.)

      • ben dover

        you would rather drop the pentile for a lower res screen? no thanks!

        • DroidSamurai

          What do you mean by “lower res screen”? Both the LG and HTC phones I mentioned have 720p, which is the same as the Super AMOLED HD. The difference is, if they don’t use PenTile, they actually have more sub-pixels. Why wouldn’t I want a true 3-subpixel per pixel 720p display instead of a 5-subpixel per 2 pixel PenTile (RGBG) one?

        • David Williams

          Yeah, I’d take lower resolution over a pentile display any day of the week. The 4.5″ screen on the epic 4G touch looks FAR better than the Droid Bionic screen..

          • DroidSamurai

            Except that you don’t have to. While I couldn’t find any concrete evidence that the LG AH-IPS isn’t using PenTile, the chance that it does is pretty low because PenTile is owned by Samsung, LG’s biggest Korean rivals in pretty much everything.

            I really hope that Samsung can do better than a Super AMOLED HD for the Prime. Give us Super AMOLED HD Plus, please!

          • Dags

            The difference between AMOLED and LCD in those displays is much greater than the difference between pentile and RGB stripe so I don’t think that’s a good comparison. At 316ppi, pentile would make very little difference to the sharpness of the display but your battery life would be much better.

      • Tony

        AMOLED screens have always been PenTile, just in case you didn’t know. ;)

        I’m so glad the bullshit about the PenTile arrangements on recent Moto ventures have made it a buzzword for people to automatically assume that..

        A: It’s a big deal on a Moto device.. *Psst… It really isn’t, its hype*

        B: If it’s a PenTile people automatically assume its bad, even though the one that is supposedly “bad” isn’t. Now we have dipshits thinking that SAMOLED is the same.

  • triangle

    Looks promising. Would like to see it available with ice cream sandwich NOW!

    • nexus

      minus the buttons of course, if that rumor is still holding up from so long ago.

  • Louis

    For this year and my next phone, I don’t care about anything else except it’s the Nexus Prime.

  • Nathan

    I just want to see the next Nexus so I can decide to wait for it or not.

  • iamXiV92a

    Please PLEASE announce the Galaxy Note for the US! I will gladly replace my Streak with it

  • vijay

    i want to buy samsung s 2 HD display how to buy it. I am india i purchased in korea