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T-Mobile confirms they will be carrying the Galaxy Tab 10.1


In keeping with today’s trend of tablet related news, T-Mobile has used Twitter to announce that the carrier will indeed be carrying the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

No details on exactly which model will grace Magenta’s shelves have been released. It’s very possible that T-Mobile will release a 4G enabled Tab, but a WiFi-only device simply being sold in stores isn’t unheard of. We’ve been hearing rumors that the Tab will come to T-Mobile for quite some time now, but none of those rumors have pointed toward any specific model. Perhaps more interesting than which model Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be made available is the timing of the announcement.

Why T-Mobile would announce a $500 (at its cheapest) tablet is coming right after Amazon took control of the Internet with the announcement of their $200 Kindle Fire is anyone’s guess. Trying to cash in on the hype? Hoping to keep customers away from the Kindle Fire until their version of the Tab is released? Either way, it’s important to remember that the tablets will each offer an entirely different experience. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has long been hailed as one of the best Honeycomb tablets to date. It offers the entire Google tablet experience and adds some highly praised optimizations to boot.

What do you think? Good timing, bad timing, picking one up? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: TmoNews

Source: Twitter

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    sorry but in these times of hardship.. price will win.. Just look t the HP firesale..

    Did you see that Tmobile has joined Verizon in backing Samsung against Apple? The Allied movement has begun ! Axis powers (Microsoft, Apple etc) watch out !

    • heeros

      I loled @ WW2 reference.

      • BiGMERF


        • Fredom fries

          lol lots of american douchebags died in this war LOLz

  • Anne

    i rather want an iPad 2, its much better thanks to the superior, sophisticated technology.

  • Raptor

    U have to support Apple, morons, i tell u this not the first time. Apple is not for u. Apple is doing the world most honorable and successful operation of separation of iDiots with their excessive iMoney.

    • Raptor

      And that’s funny – copycats even can’t CtrlC-CtrlV from Apple properly. See below from Engadget:

      Scott Cariss 9 hours ago
      You don’t want it. I’ve had three SG Tab 10.1 all suffered from Newtons Rings after a week of usage, along with so many users… After the thrid faulty tab I couldnt be bothered replacing again so I just got a refund.

  • Nathan

    and how long it took then to do this? well anyway it’s about time!

  • Wimpy Burger

    Teen-Mobile must be really desperate….

  • kwills88

    This is a bit off topic, but I really hope you guys check this video out and maybe make a post about it…anything Ice cream sandwich related I need to know about..but to me it looks like a custom rom.

  • M3rc Nate

    Doesnt really matter, when i do get a tablet it will be Wifi only.

  • mrjlwilliams

    I want a fast 4g tablet, maybe this is it. Hopefully the price is right.

  • Body Plastic Surgery

    Galaxy tab 10.1 is the best version to have.

  • jennifer

    T-mobile is the best gadget I ever have. I like it more than iPhonw.