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T-Mobile Galaxy S II release date coming next week, so check out this hands-on video


T-Mobile customers have been patiently waiting on a release date for the Samsung Galaxy S II while Sprint fans got their version of the device last week and AT&T gets some action on October 2nd. It doesn’t look like they will have to wait much longer because we just got invited to a special reception on September 26th to “celebrate the latest in 4G from T-Mobile.”

An evening of DJs and glorious devices.

Samsung unveiled the three US versions of the Galaxy S II last month, but T-Mobile’s version was trapped in a glass cube and no release date or pricing was announced. T-Mobile representatives said they would hold a separate event to showcase their device, so we are going to assume that’s what this big party in San Francisco is for.

For an idea of what to expect next week, check out this hands-on video from Mobile Syrup with the Samsung Galaxy S II X for Telus in Canada.

The Telus version of the Galaxy S II was originally codenamed the Samsung Hercules and it’s almost identical to the version coming to T-Mobile. Both devices differ from the other Galaxy S II’s with a faster dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor and support for 4G HPSA+ 42 Mbps.

How many of you are planning to pick up the T-Mobile Galaxy S II when it hits stores in a couple weeks?

Via: Mobile Syrup

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    im so torn !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It will be an awesome phone, but people who buy it might be sad one month later when a better device with a newer version of Android comes out (aka Nexus 3).

      • BiGMERF

        exactly… LOL !

      • kwills88

        To be honest, not a lot of people are familiar with the nexus name, so it will get over looked by the average customers…the only people who seem to be fond of the nexus brand are people like us who care about specs, so I don’t think a lot of people will mind or care when they pick up this phone over the nexus, but people like us already know we should wait so that mistake won’t be made.

        • Galen20K

          Exactly kwills, leaves more Nexi for us tech geeks – )

      • orlando

        Why would we be sad? The nexus 3 / Prime is going to be on Verizon. For those of us who are on T-Mobile and like want to stay with them (at least for now) this is going to be an awesome phone.

        I live in Chicago and have the Samsung SG4 and get average speeds of 5-8 meg so if this phone can get anywhere from 15-20, I will be excited.

        • nory

          Come on lol you don’t think T-Mobile is getting the nexus 3/prime … we are definitely getting it, just a question of when. We got the first two first, and I’m hoping they keep it that way. And I don’t doubt that Verizon will get their own version called DROID prime or whatever and it will be exclusive, but in that sense, its just a name and brand. Nothing special but Verizon bloatware lol I’m waiting for nexus prime!

        • Shanikwa Johnson

          Ohhh gurl I was making Tyrone his favorite dinner. That’s right honey you know, fried chicken and greens and some of mammas sweet potato pie when I read this crazy ass bunk shit, nearly made me pull my weave outa my head.

          Now you know, all them Google employees up in Mt View be T-Mobile customers since the very first nexus now, now you don’t be expectin all them Google engineers to just get up and join Verizon now do you? Don’t be silly, it’s a Google phone and all the Google employees are on T-Mobile. You can rest your little sweet heart assured T-Mobile will get the Nexus.

          Ohhhh thats Tyrone calling, got to go, baby wants a slice of mammas sweet potatoe pie.
          Coming honey….

        • Mr Guzz

          What ?
          You will buy the Nexus Prime from Google and get activate on your carrier !

        • Galen20K

          The next Nexus will definitely be launching on T-Mobile, regardless of all these false rumors. The Verizon may also get the Nexus but the device everyone is talking about on Verizon will turn out to be a modified version of the Galaxy SII no doubt about that.

      • R.S

        I’ll go check it out when it’s released but may wait or two to see if any worthwhile details about the Nexus are announced.

        However, as much as I may end up preferring the Nexus, unless it’s actually sold through T-Mobile, and it probably won’t be, I’ll go with the Galaxy S II and have no regrets. Unless of course it’s riddled with problems. Lol

    • thaghost

      im not torn at all. it’s clearly the nexus. this phone however will be great.

  • TJ

    WANT!! So sexy!

  • mongbinhthuong

    I want it, so beautiful…oh, no but I’m broke :-(. I’ll just stay with my G2x.

  • Tico4674

    Don’t do it Bigmerf. If you’ve waited all this time, what’s another month for the Nextus?
    Who knows, by the time tmo actually releases the hercules the Nexus may be just a few weeks away making our decision much easier.

    • BiGMERF

      i suffer from got to have the best when its available syndrome. Lol. But as a former n1and nsuser. I am sure i will wait the extra lil time.

  • kwills88

    After seeing that video, I will pick it up, then again, I have no choice but to, I wanna wait for the nexus 3 but I got a g1 and idk when it will die on me :(

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Wow you still got the G1? I say upgrade.

      • kwills88

        Unfortunately i do running CM6 >_>…but it’s at it’s final stage, i have a full upgrade so i am going to be using it for this phone…since idk if i can hold out for the N3

    • nory

      You are a true android fan my friend lol I also still have my original G1, but it’s not my daily driver, I have a sensation at the moment, and soon hopefully the nexus prime (fingers crossed) but to still use your G1, you’re hardcore ;)

  • Ichigo Bankai


  • irishrally

    Sweet phone, not digging the shiny band though. Hopefully the Nexus 3 will be as sleek as the Nexus S.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah I’m expecting it to be flat black again, but with some metal components.

  • Mark

    Three Phones for the Verizon-kings under the sky,
    Seven for the AT&T-lords in their halls of stone,
    Nine for Mortal T-Mobile doomed to die,
    One for the Consumer on the palm of his hand.
    In the Land of Silicon Valley where the Shadows lie.
    One Phone to rule them all, One Phone to find them,
    One Phone to bring them all and in the Android OS bind them
    In the Land of Silicon Valley where the Tech is made.

  • demo

    Every carrier stayed true to galaxy s 2 specs but T-Mobile. CPU GPU not as good as Exynos/Mali 400 no matter the clockspeed. Negative rate my post all you want but its true

    • demo

      Qualcomm uses old cortex A8 when exynos uses new A9 architecture. Even at 1.2 its faster and more power efficient not to mention can easly clock up to 1.6

      • awg

        True, the exynos is a better processor but I believe the decision to go with qualcomm was due to it being able to support the fastest hspa+ that tmobile offers. I’m pretty sure tmobile customers would gladly trade the slightly faster processor for much faster data speeds.

        • Mike

          Whats the point of much faster data speeds with a monthly 2-5gb cap
          also faster battery drain..ect the A8 doesn’t have the best battery life

          Also you’re not going to get the faster speed everywhere you go

          I agree with demo faster CPU/GPU. CPU is the lifeline of this phone not the radio
          IMO standard HSPA+ is plenty

          also expect lag when using HDMI mirroring. granted its fine with movies but not with games since you need to use the physical phone for a game controller.

          • awg

            To each his own. Depends on what you use your phone for. If you’re not a hardcore gamer then data speeds are more important than GPU. And its not like the qualcomm processor is slow, its going to handle games just fine.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Better wait for Nexus Prime and what gets released until that happens, if you feel the SII pulling itself to you, then you’ll be sure you get the phone you actually wanted.

  • Ryan

    Ugh… I don’t think I can do it again. I’ve gone from the BH2 to the Vibrant. You know what they say… fool me once…

  • Tico4674

    What happens just before the release of this phone or the Nexus if a rumor emerges about a mysterious new phone sporting a quad-core? It’s tough being a latest greatest mobile spec whore.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah quad-core phones will be coming out 1H 2012. I think the main appeal of the Nexus is Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Black Kristos

    This is a great phone, but if the Nexus hits VZ and is a true Nexus phone (vanilla), then I’ll probably jump ship. The looming AT&T deal has pretty much made Tmo useless to me.

    That said, if the Nexus on VZ isn’t a true Nexus phone, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what Nov-Dec holds…

    • idiot you are look at the news

      the fcc denied the merger which means YOU CANT MERGE

  • stondec

    I’m definitely planning to get this phone.

  • Raptor

    Any free ticket for this reception? Is it for media only?

  • Joshua

    The real question is, will this phone still work if AT&T takes over T-Mobile?

  • Oreo

    Does this one come with At&t bands? Just like the first vibrant?

  • Saso

    Why do you say that the Qualcomm S3 is “faster” than the Exynos? I doubt that .3GHz makes two A8 cores “faster” than two A9s in the Exynos. We all know that frequency ain’t everything since the times we were deciding on weather to buy a Pentium or an AMD ;)
    That’s a pretty bad thing HTC did, and the major reason I switched from being an “HTC only” to owning an Galaxy S2.

  • Androidgangsta

    How come is the only site reporting this?

  • mr. android

    i will never buy a samsung device they are so shity , so defective , and made from only plastic

  • DAC
  • juan valdez


  • Chand Sohail

    I like this mobile, when it will be launched in Pakistan and what the price of this set???