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Thin is still in, Motorola to revive RAZR series with new Droid?


Motorola’s iconic RAZR series might be making a return in a new Droid flavor, according to some EXIF data spotted in a photo by PocketNow. The slimline RAZR first debuted in 2004 and went on to sell over 130 million units, becoming the best-selling clamshell phone in the world.

All we have to go by is the name, Motorola Droid RAZR, but it sounds like the once-popular brand will be making a return to Verizon sometime soon. Evan Blass of PocketNow points out that the RAZR was always known for being slim, so this could match up with the Motorola Slimline that leaked back in May.

As a former RAZR owner, I would love to see the series get a new Android-powered refresh. I’m not so sure about a clamshell design becoming wildly¬†successful¬†again, but we have seen some pretty crazy designs coming out this year.

What design and features would you like to see in a possible Droid RAZR phone?

Source: PocketNow

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    wow, this brings back some memories.. Taylor are you suggesting it will be a flip phone?

    • nexus

      I always thought android should have a flip variant the way blackberry does. An external screen for notifications would be pretty cool and help sell more phones. the dual screens on the echo sure aren’t going to change the game.

      • heeros

        I have to admit that having an android flip phone would be interesting to see and I’d welcome the diversity. I probably wouldn’t buy it myself though. But I guess it all depends on the implementation.

        Now that I think about it. I’ve never had a flip phone. I wend from candy bar design to sliders.

  • ben dover

    oh the razor…. I remember buying one after their first price drop from like $600 but they were still rare.

    Then I got the Samsung Blackjack the week it came out because my Razor was falling apart. haha

    • ben dover

      correction: RAZR :)

    • krazytrixxxsta

      i remember rocking a silver razr with a white dragon on it.

  • Paul

    Xenon flash please, just look at the Nokia N8 the indoor & night shots kills the competition.

  • sketchyalx

    But if it isn’t a flip phone, wouldn’t that make it a Moto SLVR? lol. I almost got the SLVR back in the day….

    • R.S

      That was the (first) phone that was compatible with iTunes wasn’t it? If so I remember that phone and being interested in it (slightly).

      However, the name (or phone) was no where near as popular as the RAZR. The name itself will create interest even if the only thing it has in common is the name itself.

      • Starship

        First iTunes phone was the ROKR
        the SLVR was the Non-flippy RAZR

  • Marcus

    This is so cool. I remember when RAZRs first came out… :’)



  • Kevin R

    Dual screen flip phone? Maybe dual 3″ super thin?

  • Nathan

    It kinda interesting to hear.

  • Macoi

    how about a gsm phone?
    the razr was my first mobile phone and i’ll definitely buy this if its thin enough.

  • Rick

    I still have the RAZR V1… still runs GREAT! The sound quality of calls is not as clean as my Samsung Captivate, but when it got soft-bricked during the Froyo update in February.. i swapped SIM card… charged it.. it ran like a champ as my interim phone! Have never had issues with this phone at all.. loved the THINNESS of the phone.. one of my favorite phones! Went to the V9 slider after that.. a little heavier, but still a nice phone.. then the Captivate… held off on going to a “smart phone” for the longest time.. didn’t care for the iPhone… finally gave in when they announced the Captivate with Android… currently have a phone update burning a hole in my pocket… GSII is in the “on deck circle” as my next device.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Oh the RAZR, how many memories, I personally didn’t have one at time, but my sister and girlfriend did. Looked like a good phone, never had any major problems. I know my gf will be all over this.

  • motorola droid

    Sharp discount on RAZR ties in with the day of six aces. A hot phone gets hotter. (Yes. I work for Motorola Mobility.)