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Video: Sony Walkman Z – the way Sony Ericsson devices should be

sony walkman z featured

If you haven’t been a big fan of Sony Ericsson‘s Xperia devices, this device might make you yearn for your Walkman roots. While Xperia devices have improved substantially since last year, there’s still a little something they lack. People are more prone to like other manufacturers, even if the performance is similar. But Sony has just announced the new Walkman Z for the Japanese Market, and boy, is that device looking sweet.

To begin, this bad boy comes packed with a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, which should take care of all your media needs. Also, the Sony Walkman Z has upgraded to a 4.3-inch display with a 800 x 480 resolution (for those who like the big screens). While the RAM memory could have been better, 512 MB is definitely not too bad. The device also comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a bunch of multimedia features: microHDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth, DLNA, FM radio, Sony Ericsson’s music apps, active noise cancelation and more.

While the device is great for media playback (what it’s meant to do) it carries no cameras, which makes this more similar to a good old music/video player. It makes sense; this is more of a multimedia device. But come on, Sony. In this day and age, an Android device without cameras is quite outrageous.

Aside from that, this guy looks like a very promising gadget. It has better specs than the Xperia devices, and that Tegra 2 processor sure looks tempting. Plus, it’s a looker!

The device will be released in Japan for now, but we sure hope it can make the jump this side of the ocean. Release date in Japan is scheduled for December 10th, and there will be 3 versions available (as well as two colors–black and red). The 16 GB version goes for ¥28,000, the 32 GB version costs ¥33,000, and the 64 GB version will take ¥43,000 out of your pocket. In US dollars, the devices cost between $362 and $556, but you can expect those prices to be higher here (inflation, etc.).

Except for the camera (or lack thereof), this device looks like what the Xperia devices should have been in 2011. The processor, larger display and overall media features make this a great device compared to the Xperia line. The Walkman Z is surely not superior to most of the high-end phones coming out now, though. And with a December release, it’s actually quite outdated. (You might want to wait for the coming release of the next Nexus device).

What do you guys say? Would you rock a Sony Walkman Z? Check out the video posted below, and let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section, below.

Sony Official Press Release

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  • Rob Koehler

    No camera? Really?

  • ROB

    Well I agree with Edgar on this. This should have been their smartphone for 2011 with a camera of course. 8MP or more.

    I don’t know what Sony is doing anymore. I myself have a SE Xperia X10 and ultimately was disappointed with the service and commitment. Consumers had to force them to get Gingerbread on the X10. Still they lacked the DLNA that was promised.

    Anyway this is what their smartphone line up should be with the Walkman tech inside! So far there is not a Walkman smartphone with high-end specs. I will not buy another SE product until they get their act together.

    HTC with Beats audio is definitely going to make an impact and SE should have done this a long time ago!

    My next will probably be a Galaxy Hurcules. Goodbye Sony Ericsson.

    • Tsany

      I had same experience with P990. I will not buy another SE phone no matter how shiny it is and now many [promised] features will have. 512MB and no camera for Japanese market? – I would like to smoke whatever their marketing division is smoking…

    • Dirty_Azkals

      Hello, why cannibalize their pocket camera/camcorder market? The camera’s in phones aren’t good enough yet to stand on their own. Sony has a history of making sure you always stick to Sony.

      This is the same reasoning Apple gimped out on the iPod Touch. Its missing the following parts/features:

      GPS-A (improved from 3GS)
      5MP Camera
      Cell Phone
      LED Flash Light
      Larger Battery
      2x RAM (512MB)
      Bundled headphones have mic/volume ctrls
      Ear Speaker
      Proximity sensors
      Dual noise-canceling mic system
      mute switch
      Compass (3 axis)
      Stainless steel body frame
      Oleophobic screen coating

      Besides, Jobs always wanted people to “move up” to the iPhone after the training wheels that is the iPod Touch.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    It may be a media-targeted device, but pictures is also part of that, as much as videos and music are. So, no camera? no thanks, I’m sure this thing will have it’s market share, but it should come with one, and at least 1GB of RAM.

  • Dups!

    Why in the world are you referring to this as a smartphone? It is not a phone but a portable music player.

    • uknowme

      I was wondering the same thing.

      • keridel

        sme here. it’s a pmp not a smartphone.

        but it’s what there smartphones should be like..

  • Nider

    I have a SE Xperia Arc, i dont care about dual core cpu s, as long as my phone Performs Very Well..
    I dont like dual core whos heating up like those Tegra Phone namely 2X and SGS2..
    Im more on the actual User Xperience..

  • heeros

    Just thinking about all the functionality it looses without that camera drives me mad. No photos/videos, no barcode scanner and with that no easy lookup of products, no heart pulse scanner, no augmented reality, no flash for a possible flashlight, no optical character recognition. I don’t see how they can sell this.

    • keridel

      cause it’s a walkman. basically an mp3 player that just happens to run android.

      its focus is clearly media that you put on it not media you create.

      i like it and i think the lack of camera will help keep the price low.

  • Bob_Phantom

    “Just thinking about all the functionality it looses without that camera drives me mad. No photos/videos, no barcode scanner and with that no easy lookup of products, no heart pulse scanner, no augmented reality, no flash for a possible flashlight, no optical character recognition. I don’t see how they can sell this”

    If you want to take pictures and videos, buy a real camera. They have much more features (which people LOVE nowadays, and they can store more on them). You don’t need a bar code scanner on an mp3 player. Buy an actual heart pulse recognition DEVICE. And they have the Playstation Vita coming out for way better gaming than any smartphone could ever give you with augmented reality. And just buy a real flashlight.

    People are way too spoiled with mp3 players now that Ipod’s added all of that crap to mp3 players. IMO, mp3 players should focus on what they are AN MP3 PLAYER, therefore they should focus on the music and video quality, not the features. Anyone ever notice that several music devices have been said to have superior audio quality to the Ipod touch? Yet they are somehow more expensive? That’s because said mp3 players use better audio technology. Apple doesn’t always care about quality. To me, Apple is all about efficiency, ease of use, and quantity not quality. On the other hand, Sony is all about quality, and that’s why I’d buy this thing in a heart beat. It looks like the TRUE audiophile’s dream mp3 player. :)

  • harsh patel

    I am fen of walkman mobile.and I like its megabass sound system.
    So please you give me this mobiles price.and lounching date. And also give in this mobile megabass sound included or not.