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The LG G-Slate holds its own, but not against a flamethrower

LG Gslate

There’s nothing like a teeth-wrenching video to start off the weekend. Today’s video comes from YouTube user ratedrr, who likes to play around with all types of weapons. This time he has a defunct LG G-Slate and wants to put its durability to the test.

This tablet goes for $399 on a 2-year contract with T-Mobile or $599.99 off-contract. It has everything you can expect from current Honeycomb devices: NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB of RAM and Android 3.0 Honeycomb. This bad boy did not pass ratedrr’s rugged device test, though!

Get that popcorn ready, sit back and watch the video posted below to see how the war against the G-Slate goes.

Source: ratedrr (YouTube)

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  • Me

    Boredom is a bad bad thing, haha.

    • /flamethrowersalute


  • teecruz

    I just thought I’d get some advice here, because the commentators here are very active.
    Today is T-Mobile’s “Value Sale”
    & the G-Slate goes for $299, $99 after 200-MIR.
    would it be a good idea to take advantage of that?
    I think the idea is marvelous. :)

  • semajhan

    I just biught mine this morning. It requires you to pay $10 a month for 20 months on top of your payment plan. So with my 2gb for $29.99 i pay an additional $10 and get $5 off because i added it to my voice plan. Costed me a total of $329 up front.

  • AME

    In the past, you would sit around with your buddies drinking and shooting cans off a stump with a bb-gun. The future has arrived. It’s time to shoot high-end electronics with flame throwers.

  • Brian

    Too bad he couldn’t take a photo of it before he did that. Because apparently he doesn’t notice that the stock image he used isn’t the lg g-slate. not even an lg device

    • justreboot

      the picture is of the dell streak 7..

      • Brian

        I know. He doesn’t. That is all


    i could not find myself to

  • Zyo

    WTF is this?! I said I wanted it medium rare!!!!!

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