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Android “Jelly Bean” to be next version after Ice Cream Sandwich? (Update)


Google has a tradition of naming Android versions after desserts. Ice Cream Sandwich is currently one of the hottest topics, as it’s the version we are all waiting for at the moment. It’s the Android version that will democratically unite tablet and smartphone software into one.

Due to the fact that ICS will be such a huge jump, we’ve not stopped to think about what Google will name the next Android version. If we follow the tradition, it should be a dessert starting with the letter J. We’ve heard a few assumptions, like “Jello,” but according to Thisismynext’s sources, it will be called “Jelly Bean.”

It’s still unknown what number will come attached with it. That’s not surprising, as we don’t even have confirmation that ICS will actually be Android 4.0. This continues to be a rumor, and we probably won’t know much about Android “Jelly Bean” for a while.

The same sources also mentioned that “Jelly Bean” will actually include some “game-changing stuff” that was originally meant for ICS. It is still unknown what these features will include, but we hope Ice Cream Sandwich was not stripped down too much.

For now, we will have to focus more on Ice Cream Sandwich. But we certainly have room for Jelly Bean in the back of our heads. Some speculation couldn’t hurt, either. Do you guys think the following Android version will actually be called Jelly Bean? What other names can you come up with? And what could these “game-changing” features removed from ICS possibly be?


According a second source from Thisismynext, Jelly Bean is actually one of the proposed names for the Android version after Ice Cream Sandwich. It seems like the final name has not yet been decided by Google, but there aren’t many other dessert names that start with the letter “J.” What do you guys think could be other options?

Via: ThisIsMyNext

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  • Marcus

    I think it will be called Jelly Bean :3

    But right now, I’m just waiting for ICS. And I hope K will be like, Key Lime Pie or something. Lol

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      Juicy Apple

  • RX-78-7

    Wow I havent had a jelly bean in years. D:

    Anyway I’m calmly awaiting the arrival of ics

  • will

    Personally I’d like to see webtop type capabilities baked into jelly bean if left from ics.

    • kazahani

      Wait, they BAKE jelly beans??

  • teecruz

    I doubt it will be called jelly bean, there are plenty dessert names with the letter ‘j’. But who knows (:
    I, personally am anxious for ICS. It better be a big one(:
    & updates for all devices better come within 3-4 months. A little less is Preferred, of course. :)

  • Interpol91

    Though it will be interesting to see what “Jelly Bean” will offer, I’m just eager for some ICS!

  • AceoStar

    DAE see this mascott with the Peanut butter jelly time face on it? :p

  • donnieace

    I just want to see ICS and the new Nexus. I’m ready to upgrade :-)

  • fathom614

    Why didn’t they name it “jam” so they can get tablets, phones, Google TV, and android home and jam it together.

  • Scott

    Throwing jelly beans on my froyo? Bad form Samsung… bad form.

  • Alan Paone

    The only big thing from ICS that I desparately need is hardware acceleration. Thats definitely there (they said so at io). Everything else is just gravy

    • maxican16

      I completely agree. I have been looking for confirmation on this. Didn’t know they said it at IO. Good news indeed. Thx.

  • Nathan

    One update at a time please ;p but let get ics first before we start the rumor mill on jelly bean OK ;)


    All i know is for S,it better be called stomach ache.. Lol

    • BiGMERF

      or jelly jizz….Lol

      • RockinEvo

        Lol I second that

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    There’s also Jalousie, I dunno about the name, but the waiting for ICS is killing me, I’m sure not going to star waiting for the next big update at this early stage.

  • Matt

    It should b called “jawbreaker”. Makes me think of blow to iOS’s jaw

    • Nate B.


    • Galen20K

      word!! Ahahahaa

  • Nate B.

    I really need a huge legit leak as far as images or a quick 1:30 video of IC running on a device. That will hold me. Its annoyingly painful to wait lol. I havent felt this way about a device in so long.

  • Lexington Steele

    With all the fragmentation, bugs and reboots they better call it

    ANDROID 4.0


    • Stan

      Stupid troll is stupid

  • theamazingaustin

    Jollyrancher! Nah… they’d get sued for copyright infringement for sure. :)

  • Gary Wapnitsky

    Jelly Donut

    • Hills

      Jelly FroDo (Frozen Donut)

  • scott

    Lol I knew it would be called Jellybean!

    • Emily Jackson

      Why they called that name? jelly bean? its that like a bean?

      • inviolable

        Y u no know what jelly bean is

  • Plz name it

    Jagermeister or Jagerbomb! :D

    • Humbo9

      lol, well its is a dessert :D :D

  • StuB


  • Joshua

    “Due to the fact that ICS will be such a huge jump, we’ve not stopped to think about what Google will name the next Android version.”

    So tired of assumptions. It’s not even out and people think it will be a huge jump. Most Android releases are never HUGE jumps. Only small incremental increases. Let’s see what this HUGE jump ends up being before you start making it sound like fact.

    • alex

      froyo was a big jump

    • ToeJom

      Taking into consideration that at IO they said this will be their “most ambitious” release yet and the fact that Matias Duarte (lead designer behind the beautiful and functional web OS) is spearheading this release (like he did with Honey Comb and how different Honey Comb was than the previous releases), I think it is safe to assume that this will be a “HUGE jump.” The fact alone that the api will be able to scale from large tablets to small phones (one OS everywhere) is “HUGE.”

      • alamoe

        Actually, Duarte did an interview with Topolsky in which he said Honeycomb was practically finished when he got hired. Gingerbread probably was too. ICS should be the first release that he really has in-depth involvement with. Actually I think he said some of the new icons in GB are really all he added. I would say the recent updates to YouTube, Gmail, GVoice, and the Market give a hint to where you the UI is headed. He also had a post on Google+ where he said how much of a MetroUI fan he is. When I look at the new Market that makes sense.

      • newjaruz

        I do think this will be a big release with substantial changes but I am aware that Matias Duarte
        did not really have anything to do with the honeycomb release becuase he just got there when
        they were putting the finishing touches on honeycomb something he admitted himself in an interview with engadget when Josh was still around. Look it up.

    • frettfreak

      are you insane? Have you messed with ANYTHING that has honeycomb?? I know its just for tablets, but its a HUGE jump and WAY different than anything we have seen on our phones.

  • uzunoff

    A lot of words about nothing.

  • ,,,


    • BiGMERF

      thats what im talking about!

  • Melvin Tan

    Jalebi … let’s represent some ethnic treats. LOL

  • Dave K

    Of course it would not be “Jello”, that is a brand name.

    “Jelly Bean” is the most likely candidate if they stick with the dessert motif.

  • Billy Jean


  • Emily Jackson

    Jean bean is a girls name and why they called that one?

  • Brian

    JALAPENO would be HOT if they wanted to start using Vegetables!

  • Don Boogie


  • Soylent

    It will be Jellybaby.

  • Dr.Carpy

    Soylent, is a genius! I also was going to say jellybaby in keeping with the 4the Doctor (I love Dr.Who), +1! Marcus is onto something. Key Lime Pie, is tasty and probably on deck! I could go for some Kahlua or Kiwi Cheesecake.

  • Rushi

    Juicy lips would work but I don’t see that happening

  • Gabe

    Juicyfruit, jelly doughnut, jelly tart, jelly roll, julep

  • ved doird-na

    Close, its actually Jelly doughnut. Watch this space.

  • Richard Yarrell

    In my book GOOGLE can call it whatever they want I really don’t care what we all need as android faithful is a consistant platform where everyone can equally enjoy the fruits of android from a platform standpoint. I will always be a supporter of GOOGLE and will always purchase HTC and be part of sprint that will never change. I am only focusing on ice cream now because the need for current dualcore devices to be able to operate at it’s highest potential is most important and gingerbread is not offering dualcore devices that opportunity. With quadcore on the horrizon ice cream better offer a lot….

    • squiddy20

      There are ROMs out there for 2.3.4 that enable use of both cores, even in your precious Evo 3D. But of course, you wouldn’t know a thing about that since you think rooting is for ” 2 plus year old phones”.

  • dream

    4.0 juicy fart
    or jelly poop


  • johnny cababe

    i think it should be called creampie

  • Nider

    Can we just talk bout ICS?
    We duno what ICS will bring to the table, Google said at IO that the ICS will bring some great stuff, but what the heck is this? Is it just all for HYPE??

  • Techeomania IN

    Surely this Jelly Bean version is going come up with many new features.
    For more info check out

  • Clemens W

    I made my own list of Android future OS names earlier this year. Predicted it :)

    • Feel

      Хм, забавно, посмотрим что будет на самом деле

  • real

    is “Jello” trademarked, cause an android made out of jello makes for a nice logo ;)

  • zym

    One for the Brits…

    Jaffa Cake :D

  • dokholiday44

    how about Jello? then they could have bill cosby be the spokesperson

  • laurie jackson

    Jelly Roll; then they can Roll everything into 1

  • RevSpaminator

    They could call it Jabberwocky Jubilee for all I care. I’m more interested in the features. :)

  • Sokhal

    would galaxy S2 be given update for ICS… ?

  • hithendra

    Jalebi 5.0 !!!!

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  • Dan

    Jam Rolly Polly sounds the most tasty!

  • Real Bhuiya

    Is there a patent on “Jello”? Because a Jello android logo would look great, and taste awesome as well!