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Another reliable source confirms Ice Cream Sandwich coming in late October?


Earlier this month, Google’s ex-CEO Eric Schmidt told a crowd in San Francisco that the next version of Android, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), was coming out in October or November. That’s in line with most of the rumors floating around the web. This weekend another insider also suggested ICS would be out by October.

This time the information comes from Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan, who announced in a company blog post that Google would launch the official ICS update in late October. He goes on to make a bold prediction and reports that Notion Ink’s Adam tablet will receive an update to ICS by November.

Rohan also says that Texas Instruments’ OMAP4 is the lead platform for ICS, which we pretty much confirmed back in August.

It is worth noting Rohan’s statements because he correctly predicted the launch date of Gingerbread (Android 2.3) late last year. Rohan said Gingerbread would be announced on December 6 2010, and that’s exactly what happened.

The guys at PhoneArena reached out to Rohan for more information. He replied that Notion Ink is “not on the list of official ICS” launch partners, but they had been working on the update with their “community friends” for a long time; that’s why they expected to update their tablet so soon.

If we look back at last year, Google announced Gingerbread and the Nexus S on December 6. The device then went on sale just ten days later on December 16. The latest Nexus Prime rumors are suggesting a release around November 3, which is within ten days of a late October announcement.

Hopefully Google sticks with their release schedule and gets the Nexus Prime with Ice Cream Sandwich out on time. I’m ready to go wait in line at Best Buy and pick up my new phone.

When do you think Google will launch their next Nexus?

Via: Phone Arena

Source: Notion Ink

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  • triangle

    The sooner the better, but hopefully fully developed. I can’t wait. It would be my first Nexus device. This one sounds like it’ll be a class above the rest, unlike that last one.

    • Nathan

      I’m in the same boat :D

    • Panatella

      Im hoping they won’t call it the Galaxy Nexus though! That name sounds way too branded for ‘the un-brandedphone to end all brandings’

      An early december release will be perfect for me, since my contract is due right around christmas and all the last carriers will start to offer high-priced, crazy tiered data plans in western europe at the start of the new year.

      “If it sales even maybe even two weeks later, im going for somthing else!” said the man sadly but firmly.

  • Jeff

    Since I’m probably not going to be able to buy the Nexus Prime right when it comes out, I am wondering how long Google will drag it’s feet before releasing the source code to ICS so Cyanogen can start working on CyanogenMod 8.

  • DaveC

    I know I sound like a broken record but the timing isn’t my concern as much as “what carrier” will support it in early November. I wish that would be revealed because if it doesn’t include Sprint, I would quit wasting my money on T-Mobile prepaid and go get the Galaxy II.

  • Roland Stranneborn

    Andy Rubin is speaking at the AsiaD event in Hong zkong 19-21 october. It’s the Allthings D crowd. I think he’ll reveal ICS then.

    • ben dover

      that’s one thing I love about Google. They don’t need a meeting in the USA just to announce something. the press will be in Hong Kong so why not just announce it then!?

  • ben dover

    An all carrier launch would be awesome! I’ll be taking my lunch early to run by best buy to pick mine up :)

  • wwJOSHdo

    I agree! I wanna see CM8 on my HTC EVO 3D! lol

  • joe

    Something tells me the CEO of Notion Ink knows exactly the same as you and I about this, no way he has any inside information, their tablets don’t even get Google apps on them.

  • thaghost

    Im not ready to wait in line but i am ready to buy it a week or two after release. (call that the g2x syndrome)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      2 weeks? Didn’t it take T-Mobile more like 4 months to fix all the software problems on the G2x?

      • BiGMERF

        while it took them months to acknowledge the issues, wasnt it really entirely there fault ?

      • thaghost

        Very true, but i have a lil more faith in google’s flagship phone.

  • James

    Something tells me I’m going to be sick and have to call out of work on Nov 3rd!?

  • Tico4674

    Being that I’m going to pass on the tmo variant of the SGS2, I’ll gladly wait for the Nexus. I just hope I don’t have to wait until December. I’m also wondering how the omap will stack up next to the exynos or even the apple a5. Thanks again Taylor for all the great info and sorry in advance, but you’re going down next week in the fantasy football mobile league.

    • metafor

      This is the OMAP4460, which is currently being used inside the Motorola Droid 3 and Optimus 3D. You can see how it stacks up against other SoC’s in Anandtech’s SGS2 review:

      • ben dover

        thanks for posting that! I didn’t realize the omap4460 was so close to sammy’s latest!
        I feel a little bit better now about google going with the omap now.

      • Panatella

        Thanks for the link! It’s interesting to see the OMAP with its 1Ghz alongside the 1.2Ghz Exynos.

    • Mark

      Whatt!? You get to play Taylor in fantasy football. I’m a tad bit jealous!

    • Irishrally

      Vzn Samsung phone may be released in Nov. But other carriers won’t see their version until a few months afterwards. I know someone in tmobile that said they will be be getting the next Nexus until end of December or even January as to not hurt the sales of the gs2. Makes sense I guess, but sucks.

  • Nathan

    I really want this phone right now! My phone is close to death already, it’s a pain in the @$$ to do anything on this thing. But I can wait another two months if I do some adjustment on my phone.

  • Brandon E

    Dont get my full upgrade until September (Of next year) and im a 17 year old college student so i dont have to much money to blow. I guess my nexus s gone have to last *Shrugs*

  • Interpol91

    I’ve been going crazy trying to wait for the Nexus Prime!! I can’t wait to have my first pure Google experience not having to wait forever for an Android update.

  • SliestDragon

    I’m already planning to sell my Sensation for this. I need to get back to a Nexus!

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    ICS is THE thing I’m waiting for this year.

  • greenrobotblog

    Looking forward to ICS, my contract is up in November… But we’re still light on details! And even if the Nexus Prime comes out at the beginning of November, will my carrier (T-Mobile UK) even offer it…? They are more likely to wait 2 months until they can destroy it with their own “enhanced” firmware!