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Eric Schmidt: Ice Cream Sandwich coming out in October or November


You can always count on Eric Schmidt to say a bit more than what he’s supposed to. At the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, Schmidt mentioned–intentionally or not–that Ice Cream Sandwich is coming out sometime in October or November. More specifically, he said:

We have a new operating system, internally known as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason, which is being released in October/November, which everyone's really excited about.Eric SchmidtGoogle

Oopsie. Looks like the cat’s out of the bag, Mr. Schmidt. For those of you keeping count, October is roughly three weeks away. Meaning we could see Google release the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK in the very near future. However, the pessimist in me says that a November release is probably more likely. This would put the Nexus Prime coming out right behind in late November or early December like we previously heard.

With the release of Ice Cream Sandwich just a few weeks away, we have to wonder what happened to the Honeycomb version of Google TV. At this point, it’s quite possible Google has decided to skip the update and just go straight to Ice Cream Sandwich. After all, why would Google even bother releasing it right before the whole platform is about to be overhauled and united under a single source code?

Whatever the case may be, the Android platform is about to get a whole lot better. And we can hardly wait. Keep an eye out for more Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime details–the leaks and rumors are only going to increase from now on. I’ve embedded Eric Schmidt’s whole keynote below for your enjoyment. The part we’re interested in starts at 30:25.

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  • triangle

    Can’t come soon enough. Hopefully, it’s fully baked.

    • ddpacino

      I really wish this is completely baked and ready to go, and not rushed. I want thsi to be the Android version that makes most drop thair jaw – “WOW! Google has Really outdone themselves! i-What?!”

      • Lekz

        Not sure I want my Ice Cream Sandwich baked… Too runny for me :P. I’d rather have it fresh out of the fridge!

        • RockinEvo

          Ha I get it

        • Doug

          How about baked Alaska? Get it?

          • max stoner

            i want to be totally baked when i 1st try it out ….yeah man thats what i am talking about …love wake and bake meself cant catch a better buzzzz all day but i still at least try!!!!!!!

        • Lekz

          I just realized I didn’t login properly for this comment LOL

      • drewbie

        its full of bugs and reboots just like honeycomb and gingerfail were too

        • REALigion

          And how do you know this?

        • Ed Greshko

          Honeycomb at 3.0, did have reboot issues on my Asus Eee Transformer Pad. However, since the update to 3.1, and now 3.2, no problems at all.

    • alex

      yeahh i dont want my ice cream sandwich baked, lol but seriously i cant wait for the Prime and ICS

    • drewbie

      Ice cream in the winter! wtf lol fuck off all google a$$holes! iPhone 5 in october!
      Beat you kunts again hahah

      • JeffDenver

        Again? LOL! Have you been paying attention to Apple Marketshare over the last year? Android blew past Apple like it was standing still.

      • CactusCat

        drewbie, do you know why you’re trolling on an android site? It’s simple really… there is NOTHING going on in the iPhoney world. Hasn’t been for a long time either. Yah, you’ll get a incremental updated iPhoney5 soon and you know what? I’ll be so glad that you’ll out somewhere having your Apple-gasms and chanting with your fellow cult members to your lord, Darth Jobs. That means you won’t be in here bothering the real phone users. Don’t worry drewbie, we’ll never go to the dark side. And to my fellow Android users, my apologies for feeding the troll. I did not capitalize his name due to the fact that he doesn’t garner any respect from me.

        • drewbiekiller5000

          totally support you here.

      • Aidan

        the new iOS is not just updated icons – its a massive change to everything, iv tried out the beta

    • schwiz

      but wouldn’t the icecream melt?

    • Carol Anne

      I imagine it tastes like dump cream!!!! iPhone 5 will maul this rotten sandwich.

      • JayMonster

        Just like it has been doing over the past year or so, right? Where is that marketshare… oh that’s right… exactly where it was a year ago. Guess all the lemmings have their toys so now it is just the upgrade march.

  • SliestDragon

    As much as I want ICS now(which is badly, I might add!), I hope they wait till November. Let them get it right, and hammer out all the bugs. I want to be the most amazed by the release, and not instantly waiting for a .1 update.

    Can’t wait for ICS on my Sensation and Touchpad!

    • ben dover

      how do you know that it wasn’t ready this summer and they’re waiting until October to release it to iron out the bugs? :)

      • Mike Hunt


      • W!LL

        good point there!

  • Nate B.

    Google is going to most definitely have us saying Omgosh.

  • Nate B.

    And my birthday is in Nov . 29th to be exact.

  • Black Kristos

    Thank you, Eric. Now here’s to hoping that we see a nice, 4.5″, button free Nexus.

  • Aaron

    Why would we assume Schmidt is saying more than he’s supposed to? We went through a slow, unofficial rollout of both the Nexus S and the XOOM, with not just mentions in public, but actual appearances in the hands of people like Eric Schmidt and Andy Rubin! I think we’ve just passed some point where release is certain enough that people like Eric Schmidt can talk about ICS comfortably, then other Googlers can feel comfortable repeating whatever Schmidt, etc. have already said.

  • RevSpaminator

    I wonder if anyone will be able to get it to run on an old G1. :)

    Seriously, I just got a G2 in January, so I hope ICS will run on it. My ex-wife is going out of her way to make sure I have no extra cash for early upgrades.

    • RockinEvo

      Damn sorry to hear that’s how some females are (notice ladies I said some) making sure they stop the guys from buying our toys. I’m quite certain they will have a port to the G2 we all know the efforts on the famous g1

      • RevSpaminator

        Mental instability knows no gender, it is an equal opportunity affliction.

    • cryptision

      ICS is supposed to be able to run on most handsets and tablets. This is probably Googles way of reuniting what is already a fragmented Android experience. When I say fragmented, I mean the way that most Manufacturers are using different version of Android on new phones. One Android to find them, One Android to bind them and one Android to bring them all together again.

  • Dragonithe

    As much as I want the next Nexus, I want it to be perfect.
    Software that can make everyone WOW and hardware that doesn’t have a critical flaw ( antenna-gate / gps , wifi problems).

    So Google, please take your time!
    And don’t release it before November, because that’s too early for me a then I don’t have anything to hope for.

  • etche

    I’m expecting ICS way too much. I just hope that what’s coming is not what we saw in the supposed *leaked photographs* some time ago.. Besides everything else, I’m hoping to see a nice facelift in UI.

    any news on that? no one confirmed nor denied those pictures.


    my fear is that in there rush to compete with apple they are rushing ICS,, I mean like the rest of you I hope for a timely release as well but I would much rather have a complete non buggy version that is released later.. But we shall see..

    • Cryptision

      Unlike iOS Android is open for anyone to develop on, so that means more beta testers. So if there are problems they would get solved more quickly than with iOS

  • Jason

    This guy is a horrible interviewer. He can’t stop interrupting Schmidt with his sad attempts to prove he knows something about technology and the industry. He needs to learn to let the interviewee tell his or her story.

    • cheese

      that interviewer is the CEO of Salesforce… he’s not a professional journalist. Give him a break. They’re close friends. Thats all.

      • (.)(.)

        close friends? so he is bedding shmidt????

  • °

    I remember the lies about gingerbread….delays delays delays..
    I think schmidt is a bloody liar and traitor.

  • uknowme

    Man this blows I just hooked up my Revue and found out it isn’t compatible with Comcast yet. A rep said honeycomb should fix it. Now I have to wait for ICS!

    • BiGMERF

      i took my review back because it did not have 1.4 hdmi through.. thus not supporting hd

      • uknowme

        I don’t seem to have that problem. When the picture comes in it is pretty damn clear. The problem is it flashes on and off pretty rapidly.

      • Interpol91

        Yeah I saw that too but the video still comes out great for me so it’s not that much of an issue. Hopefully it gets some ICS love soon

      • BiGMERF

        I meant to say 3D, not HD

    • cryptision

      Comcast is one of the worst cable companies out there. Never believe anything their reps say. Look on forums like XDA-developers and see if someoen else has a solution or custom ROM.

  • Alex

    Hard to imagine what else could be added to the already awesome Android. Regardless, I know Google will surprise us all. Can’t wait!

  • Marcus

    Wow! I can’t wait for ICS! Its gonna be amazing and knock iPhone right out of the market!

  • Ron Jeremy

    yet android phones are still fat – clunky – ugly battery drainers – and of cheap plastics.

    Thank god and apple for the superior iPHONE 5.

    • Giggles

      Well, you have a point, women and Ignorant people need something to use with out having to think too hard…

      • jaduncan

        Don’t be a dick with the sexism, OK?



    • cryptision

      From what I understand ICS will be compatible with most handsets old an new specifically to combat fragmentation. Its on their developers blog

  • rhY

    My only question is, “Can I get source with that?”

    I can’t believe nobody else is asking about the source code. Where the hell is the source?!?!

    • SherlockHomeboy

      They already confirmed at I/O that they are indeed open-sourcing ICS.

  • Juan Almanzar

    While this is fantastic news, I more looking forward to the actual device that ICS will launch with, aka the Nexus Prime. I can’t wait to see the type of hardware that it will be packing and well as hoping beyond anything else that it will come to Sprint.

    As of yesterday, I became eligible for an upgrade. While I am tempted to run out on the 16th and grab up the Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S II), I think I will wait to see if the Nexus Prime lands on the yellow network.

  • Mauro

    I think i don’t get it completely. I have a moto backflip that never got an update (motorola didn’t make any for latin america) and it’s still running android 1.5 :$. When Ice-cream sandwich is released, will i get an update?

    • Mikael110

      sorry but no, you probably won’t, it’s not google’s responsibility to update your phone its your phone manufacturer (motorola in this case) and if your phone is still on 1.5 then the chance of Motorola making ice cream sandwich available to the phone is pretty unlikely

      • Mauro

        That’s what i thought :S, thanks anyway. However i have a little hope now that Google bought motorola!

  • Danny

    I wonder if all of these troll posts are paid for by Apple through some outsourcing company or if they’re actually that dumb. Keep it up fellas, you only make us android users look smarter to the rest of the world. Cheers!

  • S:C:R:O:T:U:M

    OMFG the CEO wears white tennis socks…gosh what a douche

  • Dr.Carpy

    I feel sad for the iFools that are so lonely, desperate, and pathetic that they’ll go to an Android website trying to annoy and disrupt any an all android talk. Wow! You all need some hobbies or friends. Go jail break your phone…oh yeah you lemmings can’t do that cause lord steve said you can’t choose for yourselves. All this iPhoney talk, who are you trying to us here, or yourselves? I can’t wait to have a new flavor of vanilla… in the form of Google ICS!

  • Interpol91

    Definitely can’t wait for ICS to be released!! Along with my precious Nexus Prime.

  • Dr.Carpy


    First off, all caps is annoying! Secondly, ICS is the way Google is trying to eliminate fragmentation, or can’t you read?

  • Kingfroman

    From the quote i take it the nexus s is going to get the update first since he only mentions the software. samsung’s road map leaks the prime in late November early December.

  • Antonio

    This new version will run in the Galaxy Ace Brazilian model?

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I’m completely more exited about ICS than the flagship-device (a.k.a Nexus Prime) and there’s a major reason for that, no matter how good the phone is, what we all love about Android is the OS itself and not the phones it comes, sure I’m exited as well for the next Nexus, for the what Google may do with Motorola and the future of smartphones.

    You may find great hardware in a lot of places, but you can’t hardly find a good OS, and Android is a damn good OS, Google really hit the nail in the head with it and the fact that is Open to an extend just makes it better.

  • @DanielDoherty

    I’ve been excited to get honeycombe on my phone for so long now (Orange in UK notoriously slow at releasing updates and phones…. but their phones work by the time get them and awesome customer service).

    Oh to get an ice cream on and Orange contract upgrade. This coupled with new tegra 2 chips in phones makes exciting times.



  • SherlockHomeboy

    I just want hardware accelerated GUI on phones which is pretty much confirmed so I can’t wait for this!

  • kodiekinz

    haha wow my friend just told me that iphone is better the other day and i desided to show him what a 3 day text bomb can feel like.

    Gotta love that ATRIX (no motoblur fuck that shit)

  • cryptision

    We just jealous that you will be getting ICS first, oh BTW happy birthday.

  • Google insider

    Go to for the entire story and all the new and exciting updates such as, face unlock and much more usual the direct line of google phones will be getting the ice cream sandwiches before they get passed on to everyone else.