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Facebook announces Timeline, other features; mobile version should be coming soon

If you haven’t completely moved to Google+, you’ve probably noticed all the changes Facebook has been working on lately. Feelings are mixed about these changes, but most people seem to dislike them. Well, we have one more addition to the repertoire, and this one actually seems to be a bit more exciting.

Facebook has just announced Timeline. This feature takes all your information since the creation of your Facebook account and organizes it in an attractive timeline. This will allow you and your friends to go back and remember sweet old times with older images and general information. Whether you were studying hard in high school, partying it up in college or getting married in Hawaii, the Timeline will display it all.

There was no mention of Android compatibility on the way. (It is coming to iPhone soon, though). But we can assume Android will be getting Timeline soon enough. It is the most popular smartphone OS, after all. Timeline should be rolling out in the following weeks, so you’ll have to check it out on your computer until then.

Timeline is the most exciting new feature, but the rest seem alright too. Facebook also announced Spotify, Netflix and hulu integration. This means you can share what you’re listening to or watching. More services will be integrated in time. As you can see in the video below, one one feature will be similar to Nike+, allowing you to share where and when you take your daily jog.

We’ve heard many different opinions on this. One of the most popular is that Facebook is no longer as “intuitive” as it used to be. But we’d like to see what our readers think. Let us know how you feel about these changes in the comments section. Do you like Timeline? Do you like the integrations that were added? Would you rather get rid of that side bar (along with all the new changes)?

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Source: theofficialfacebook (YouTube)

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  • kwills88

    The new features on Facebook just gives me even more reasons to stay on google plus.

    • MorphiusFaydal

      Agreed. I do not like the new Facebook.

      • Cwalden21

        i concur!
        Google + get ready,..

    • 666

      Cool – all five of you G+ users can do a huddle together and stay off FB posts.

  • Keith

    OMG do we really need to share all that? Will we have new toilets soon that will post when take a shit?

    • Jess Blanchard

      That would be awesome and would save me a lot of trouble. Do you think it could weigh the shit and include that vital information in the post? I’ve always thought people wanted to know how much poop I make, by volume, but it’s just too time consuming (and frankly, gross) to determine that information on my own.

      • anon

        Im waiting for the live stream….

  • j

    I think facebook is desperate these days and the way they called these new features something that will change the whole human society just goes to prove it.
    Its like listening to steve jobs announcing some old school feature on iphone.
    Anyway, I only log in to facebook once or twice a month to check my messages, so I really couldnt care less.
    Have a good day everyone :)

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    This is, finally, something really bold and innovative from Facebook, so far I’ve seen the company fall behind Google+ as it continued to “copy” or develop “new” thing. Now what they are trying to do here, this is cool, and new to say at least. the Timeline idea will get detractors, the same the new Chat and all other FB-upgrades get, but I can see some people happily using it. As for the Apps, they look fun to use. Bring on the competition FB, I hope Google is watching.

    I for one will keep my FB account, as well as keep using my G+ account, Twitter and even Myspace.

    • teecruz

      Smart man.
      Right? I personally was loving the intimidation Google+ was giving Facebook that caused them to be insecure about their creation.
      I honestly never liked Facebook, so it made giggle.
      I must say though, I actually like this Timeline.
      Though it is stolen terminology from twitter, as a lot of thing from “New” Facebook have transpired from G+
      & despite the fact that is a little that channels a online scrapbooking of your of some sort.

      I Upgraded today! & can honestly say, for the first in my life I had something positive to say about Facebook. It works.
      The cover concept, gives users an advantage to customize the already limited boring layout we know as Facebook. Will it work for long? Who knows.
      Could be just a new fad, that people will grow tired of.

      Point is: for long, since I registered for FB last year was I as well as Facebook looking for a reason to prove they were relevant. Until today, they gave me that.
      If they can give me a solid decent mind blowing mobile experience even better. As they’ve always lacked in that department.

      For the most part:
      Twitter is and always will be my preferred site.
      This a smart for Facebook on terms on personal innovating.
      Might keep their longer, a bit. Maybe.
      Google+, I Love.
      Google is not done with it.
      & they continue to wow me if they choose to. :)

      Facebook, just promise me from now on. You’ll rely on your own intellect.
      I was about to rename you twitbook+ :)

      I recommend Timeline! (If you’re not weird out by “Facebooking,” should be the new term for scrapbooking, your life. & getting more into detail with Facebook by updating your audience as to when you’ve broken a bone as well) :\

      Watch I get past my excitement in a matter of weeks!
      Well hey, something is something. :)
      When you’re a naysayers of Facebook who has been delivered nothing but disappointment.
      Kudos! To them. (:

  • Paydrow

    I wish everyone just defected to google +, I really don’t care for facebook for any other reason than being connected with some people that don’t have google +

    • 666

      G+ is Google Buzz all over again.

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s definitely no secret that google plus has something special going on which I do appreciate why because who you say you are is exactly who you are or you won’t be on google plus. I will always remain with facebook but it just won’t recieve as much of my attention as it use too.

  • Ann Monis

    Timeline looks like an interesting feature.

  • Devon

    I think the Timeline idea is really cool, but I wish it were a separate or sister website to Facebook that uses your information but left a version similar to the last version of regular Facebook. Timeline is really neat and clever, but it’s for the past and nostalgia. People want the constant post-everything-that-happens-to-you-every-5-seconds format that FB allows, and the parts I’ve seen of Timeline don’t lend itself to streamlining this process. For this reason, not to mention people just don’t like drastic change, FB will lose many people to G+ and Twitter for their constant barrage of “What I ate for dinner.”
    Though, all the images I’ve seen are about YOUR Timeline page, not how you see other people’s status updates and News Stream. So I might be mistaken. I would just like to have both.

  • 4sevenfilms

    i am really excited… i signed up for the beta, and one thing ill say is they made it possible for everything to be able to get posted… you Can sign up with YouTube, spotify, twitter, and the new interface is really nice, and really clean… its not just the past.. it makes the present way easier to keep up with too… not a bad thing!

  • George!/FukkThisSh1t?sk=wall << Join the cause and lets get timeline off facebook! lot of people joining !