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Facial recognition coming to Ice Cream Sandwich


Wouldn’t it be cool to use facial recognition for unlocking your Android device? A list of files reportedly leaked from a Nexus Prime appeared on MyDroidWorld, and one of the surprise applications was FaceLock.apk.

This wouldn’t be the first time we saw a form of biometric security on an Android device (the Motorla Atrix had a fingerprint scanner), but it’s a welcome addition now that our phones might soon replace our wallets.

Our preview of 13 things we might see with Android 4.0 showed that Google was working on new camera APIs, so this facial recognition security feature might be available for all developers to incorporate into their Android apps.

Would you like to secure your Android device with your face? What kinds of apps do you think would benefit from facial recognition?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: MyDroidWorld

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  • Nickedynick

    The one I’m looking forward to most on that list is ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk

    • ben dover

      lol! very nice! I would like to see that as well

      • ben dover

        even funnier is the fact that I just realized ChromeBookmarksSyneAdapter.apk is one of the files on that list! When I first posted I hadn’t read the whole list yet and thought you were just being a funny guy :)

    • chuck berry

      facial recognition? wow thats good news for hood rats.

  • wondercoolguy

    Great idea but imagine each time you lock your phone having to line up your face to unlock your phone it would get old fast. If it was set up so you could customize to a certain app then that might work.

  • wynalazca

    Bring on the face-tracking 3D games!

    • Henrik

      … and some upskirting *looool*

  • Interpol91

    Interesting to read about but how well would this work if I’m in a dark area with no good light source? Of course by then I would be smart and switch the locking style. However, it wouldn’t be convenient and for me it would just become a thing I would use to “wow” other people.

    • austin

      I would think the phones screen would become bright enough for the camera to see you.

  • alex

    how about google body?

  • Jeremy

    Visidon already has it…

  • Jim Nutt

    Visidon works pretty well, for apps, would be nice to have it for the phone lock.

  • alex

    would be awesome to use facial recognition to unlock phone. and someone commented on bgr saying “Apple fanboys pay attention since these are the features that ios 6 will have.” lol

  • Brandon GolwayI

    It sounds like a good idea at first, but I agree it would get old fast. I’ve never used facial recognition software but how would it deal with random cuts or stuff like that? Say you set it to scan your face as it normally is, then you get into a fight and your face is swollen and you have a band-aid on your face. Would it still recognize the swollen face as your face?

    • Nate B.

      You made my day lol

  • Jess Blanchard

    “Jewellery?” They need to hire me. Sheesh.

  • Maisum

    To everyone saying “what if its dark” or “if I got burned in a fire”I’m sure there’s a bypass. As in you can switch (while on the lockscreen) to go a PIN code, Orr password, or pattern. And if anything I’d use this just to lock certain apps, not my actual phone. Think about when you repeatedly text and lock your phone. That would get annoying quick. But we atleast would have it. +1 on the iPhone vs Android debate.

    • justin credible

      check out visidon app lock

  • Andy in Indy

    This would be really cool if Speaktoit Assistant would look right at you while you were taking to it! or any other virtual character or pet for that matter. . .

  • Will Morley

    Best Cannon 7d Camera Review:

  • Ryan

    Just got a haircut: better get a new phone :-/

  • DroidSamurai

    You know, as the iOS catching up with Android (ex, notifications, voice commands, NFC, etc.) the green robot needs to come up with something new for the fruit company to pretend they invent first next year.

  • mike

    what better way of getting your facial profile into government system without your consent

    • Randy

      I know.. and its not like EVERYONE ON THE COUNTRY has a driver’s license with your picture or anything.

      These conspiracy theories are seriously out of control.

  • CJ84

    Yes! Now my brother and parents cant get into my phone. I might go to boarding school so that would be really useful with my dorm mates and dorm parents. Especially if they like to check your phone. Im so paranoid.

  • Lars

    Isn’t it a bit insecure to use facial recognition on a security feature? I mean, all you need is a picture of the person registered on the lock, and you’re in…..

    • justin credible

      that can’t work since the picture doesn’t have depth…

      • Dave Coons

        Actually, I have used a printed photo to fool Visidon applock.

  • muii

    How silly are these biometric systems ! I can’t imagine to secure any sensitive (or not) information with some part of my body… If someone really wants it you could get your finger cut, or here it’s so silly to have “face recognition” through a phone camera !
    I bet my shirt you can hack this just using a photo of the device owner… Silly silly, so silly !
    If you want to keep something safe, just keep it in your mind !

    • Dave coons

      Fingerprint biometric security is extremely convenient and actually lets you unlock the device faster than a PIN. You can also quicklaunch applications or speed dial with a specific finger. Imagine your right index finger always does a normal unlock, but your left index finger unlocks and automatically activates your favorite application. This is coming soon!

  • casper

    Thinkpads already have this to lock the laptop if away from the screen for x amount of time you select. It’s an ok feature but runs the cam the whole time which burns battery time. Personaly its not for me. Nor do I ever seening it being so.

  • dbareis

    These sort of systems are typically easy to break into with a photo, but perhaps it if looked at a sequence of pictures and looked at specific variations (which perhaps you could define) then that could make it much harder to crack.

  • Johan Ribbing

    So if you’ve got long hair and ear piercing you’re female?

  • rusty shackleford

    Facial Recognition + XXX Games = “O” Face Recognition

  • J

    there is a face Lock app on android for all devices with Android 2.3 and up called ” Face Lock”

    another version using VOICE recognition for unlocking is going to be out this week ALSO

  • ze ta

    yüz tanımayı androidde ne zaman kullanmaya baslayacagız??

  • myokoko

    face unlock.apk