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First set of Google+ APIs released; third-party Google+ apps coming soon


Ever since Google+ was first released, developers have been waiting for their chance to use the service in new and exciting ways. Back in August, a small sampling of devs were granted access to the code necessary for testing third-party Google+ applications. As announced today, all eager developers will finally get their shot at testing the waters.

Google has made a small sampling of code public for all developers to play around with. In the words of Google, “this initial API release is focused on public data only–it lets you read information that people have shared publicly on Google+.” Some examples of the actions this release will allow you to perform include obtaining profile information and pulling up a list of most recent public posts.

Google says it will be working hard to release more code as time goes on. For right now, developers are reporting success with the initial release. This is a great sign of things to come. All the third-party social networking apps available now that allow for Twitter and Facebook integration will soon be able to incorporate Google+ as well. TweetDeck, Plume, FourSquare; the list goes on.

Developers, have you had a chance to look things over? What do you think? And consumers, what kind of apps are you excited to see gain Google+ compatibility?

Source: Google

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  • Steve Garon

    Tweetdeck with G+ support… That would be great. I could post to FB, G+ and twitter at the same time!

  • keridel

    i am really hoping this might lead to the hangouts being in the api.

    i still dont understand why i cant hangout on my tablet when i have all the requirements to so.

    • Eduardo

      You can, but only joins hangouts already opened.

  • dimish

    but nobody uses google+.

    • quickanswer

      “but nobody uses google+.” yet…

    • Alex

      And that’s the problem because when google+ was announced it was pretty much a glorified blog. Everyone got excited but then nothing happened for a while and now people are starting to forget about it. I certainly am.

      They should have asked couple of developers to write apps for platform and then release to beta testers for a very short time – a week or so, then to limited number of people to build up the hype and then very quickly to everyone. Now it certainly lost its momentum that it had in the beginning, but with good third party apps all is not lost.

      • Jim Beam

        Agree, g+ is already dead.


    tweetcastor and google plus….niiiice

  • Mark

    I may catch some heat for this but…Google desperately needs to open this thing up to the public if they want this thing to remain relevant in today’s fast moving attention world. They should have had an internal closed beta instead of having everyone in a hoopla. Even at that, it was hard to get in so those people that aren’t really into tech quickly forgot about it and moved on. I know some might say, Google just wants to make sure it’s a perfect, clean product but the truth is that they could have AT LEAST made it completely open and call it a beta instead of the redundant invite system they had. The closed, internal beta would have given them a chance to sort major bugs out while the open would give them a chance for minor ones. I hope this API brings major apps to it though and gives it a fighting chance cuz I really want to see Facebook go down.

    • Ray

      “Redundant”… I do not think that word means what you think it means…

      • Mark

        Correct me if I’m wrong but the word means unnecessary and that’s what I meant.

        • Fonk

          Actually, redundant means repetitious. Example: “I hop and I jump.” Since hopping=jumping, there’s no need for the declaration that I jump. I guess unnecessary plays a part in that it’s often used to describe unnecessary repetition. Hope that helps…

  • Houston

    Yes, Google+ seems to be dead to me too. I join right away but my non-teck people simply refuse to change from “F”. So i had a few converts but simply not enough people to be usable. Maybe some good games will change things.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I’m an avid G+ plus and I welcome this gladly. We are not death around here people.

  • Alex Murphy

    I’m laughing at all the “Google+ is dead!” comments. It hasn’t even been out 3 months yet. How do you think the mainstream (non tech) masses felt about Android three months after the T-Mobile G1 was released? And look at Android now. Trust me, Google has a social plan that extends beyond six months, a year, even three years. They’re in it for the long haul, and eventually everyone will be +1′ing, even if they don’t know it yet.