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Ford E-Bike concept bicycle powered by Galaxy S II

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Ever wondered what kinds of unconventional devices Android could be powering in the not-so-distant future? How about bicycles?

At the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, Ford revealed a concept bicycle they’ve cleverly dubbed the “E-Bike” that’s powered by a Samsung Galaxy S II. The electronic bike features a motor in the front tire capable of speeds up to 25 km/h, a carbon belt in place of the conventional bicycle chain, a 9.2 Ah battery and a Galaxy S II at the helm.

With the assistance of some custom software, the Galaxy S II is able to change the suspension of the E-Bike and monitor the battery levels. Of course other more conventional Android applications could also come in handy when using the E-Bike. Pandora, Spotify and Google Maps are just a few apps that would make your Android-powered bike ride that much more fun. I suppose you could also add Netflix to that list, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Since the Ford E-Bike is a concept vehicle, it probably won’t ever be available for retail in its current form. Someday, however, Android-based consumer electronics could become a readily available industry-wide standard. Microwaves, bikes, cars, washers, dryers; I’m sure we’ll see it all. Android is flexible, easy to program for and, best of all, free to use. If the Ford E-Bike is ever made a reality, you can sign me up.

Source: Engadget

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  • heeros

    I always get a kick out of getting to do more with my phone. And this is a fancy way of getting GPS on a bike :-)

  • SliestDragon

    That’s pretty cool. Maybe one day this could be part of [email protected] or something like that. Adding your bike to the hundreds of items in your house that your android phone will be able to manipulate…

  • Interpol91

    Nice concept that I wouldn’t mind owning. I’m definitely excited to see how others creatively apply Android to other areas of our lives. It’s weird though cause I never imagined Ford to be interested in the bicycle industry.

    • Dustin Earley

      Its got a motor!

  • CactusCat

    What?!! This isn’t using an iPhone? Egads, Ford is going to get sued by Apple….

  • CactusCat

    Sorry, have to make one more comment… Is this ironic that this thing is being shown in Germany??

    • Greg

      Ironic? No.

  • Akshay Jain

    Nice News.. Well I think While cycling using an smartphone will be difficult! :)

  • Ali

    Wow. wow. wow. This is so amazing.!!
    Android is so powerful and the future belongs to it.

  • uknowme

    This is actually a pretty interesting concept. I could also see I’d tracking mileage and even tire pressure. I can’t wait until companies start doing this with cars.

  • Chastity Jankins

    If I wrecked my bike, I’d be out hundreds of dollars if my phone got busted as a result, in addition to the bike being jacked. And I think it’s ironic that, in order to promote driving safety, we talk about not using smartphones while driving… How is this an exception? I think it’s a great idea, but honestly, it’s not very practical for me, because the last thing I want to be doing while riding my bike is farting around with some smartphone on the front of my bike… I’m busy paying attention to THE ROAD and all of the hos on it that are likely to hit me if I’m not watching my crap. I just think it’s one more thing to encourage taking one hand off the handle-bar and potentially loosing control of your bike and jacking yourself up. Not the best idea, especially with the EXTREMELY vulnerable position in which they’ve placed the phone… It just looks like it’s holding on by a thread, perched out from the handle-bar, instead of being more centrally located on the bar and surrounded my a more protective casing. Not practical enough for me, and too risky, considering the type of urban biking I do myself. Plus, the bike frame looks weird to me… like a woman’s bike… and it’s that attractive to me… it’s way too space-age Captain Picard about to go on a joy ride, for me. I like more classic looking designs from older years.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Gotta wait and see if they begin to try this things out on the Google-bikes they use as transportation on the Googleplex. They already showed us Android being put to use for Gym stuff and media players, cars and other means of transportation are just another step to be given, an I know they’ve done things with cars before. While on this, let’s all welcome Google’s Flight Search :-D

  • Topcat

    Tell me how DOES that GPS work without a signal and oh yeah, an extra charged battery on hand just in case.