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Google on Googorola: Not just in it for the patents


When Google first acquired Motorola for $12.5 billion, there was a lot of back and forth on why the Big G made the purchase. The general consensus was that it’s all about the patents; the hardware was just an added bonus Google might not even want. In fact speculation was that Google is so much against running a hardware business, they would sell off Motorola’s hardware division after they successfully integrated the patents acquired in the deal. Apparently, that’s not the case. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has opened up on the acquisition and how Google feels about the hardware aspect of the deal.

In a conversation with Inc. Chief Executive Officer Marc Benioff, Schmidt didn’t prance lightly around wording.

We did it for more than just patents. The Motorola team has some amazing products.Eric SchmidtGoogle

There it is, plain and simple. They did it for more than just patents. There’s no telling what Google will eventually do with Motorola’s hardware, but the company undoubtedly has some ideas in store. Cable boxes, phones, tablets, baby monitors–it’s all fair game. What would you like to see Google do with Motorola’s hardware?

Source: Bloomberg

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    Give me a beast Motorola pure 100 percent Vanilla Android phone and I will be happy. Google TV powered set top boxes would be sweet to.. Not just for cable or dish, but Directv also!

    • BiGMERF

      Lord you guys are harsh i get -1 for just posting now.. Haters.. LOL

      • rockinEvo

        Lol I know right

  • thel0nerang3r

    Was the set top box part of Motorola Mobility? I didn’t read up the “who got what” on the split. If STB is part of mobility, then it gives Google a foot into people’s living room. So far, googleTV has not done well.

    • Sam G

      Mobility’s there whole hardware division I’m pretty sure.

  • Tripp McNeilly

    People keep talking about Google creating all sorts of different hardware products, but Google is only buying Motorola Mobility correct? That means only phones and tablets, not cable boxes, etc.

  • etschuetz

    Motorola Mobility has to sections. The mobile products such as Phones and Tablets. There is also the “home division” of MotoMo. This includes Set Top Boxes and such. This was covered by PC World in January 2011 when the spinoff was completed.

  • Futureboy

    More than getting themselves (Google) onto more devices, I could see all the home devices become tightly integrated with your phone, and your Google account, not only from a operational standpoint, but more importantly, from a ad/marketing perspective. Your viewing habits on your Google/Motorola set top box could serve up more directed, relevant ads to you in your email and/or across all your tied-in Google devices. Using your phone to monitor your baby’s room from anywhere in the house? You’ll start to see ads for formula, teething medicine, etc. I think creating devices that are well integrated could be huge as Google creates a device-unified home which would pay off for them in better aggregated user data, and more directed and effective advertising revenue.

    • Futureboy

      Lemme just correct that last sentence….

      *…and increased revenue from better directed and more effective advertising.

  • MrFancyPants

    a top end pre-rooted smartphone (read: not locked down) running a vanilla OS without bloatware would be pretty pimp

  • MrFancyPants

    dammit! I meant *Non-rooted not PRE-rooted

  • AME

    This is one step closer to [email protected] being that much more successful. Motorola is a great company with tons of experience making various products that have wide applications in our daily lives.

    I really hope they read this headline, drop the Motorola name, and change it to Googorola at some point. How awesomely absurd!

  • Interpol91

    Google should use Moto to improve the Google TV experience. If Google can somehow change the look of Motorola phones then a phone from them would be perfect.

  • Nathan

    Well this iß interesting to hear and they arent using complex wording either which is rare.

  • Brian

    We bought moto for more than its patents? And pigs fly, please, don’t lie.

  • anujahooja

    This was my comment on this on G+:
    “So it looks like Google is in fact taking a more Apple direction with this acquisition. I’m unsure about how I feel about this. On one hand, it could go like the Nexus devices, where Google sets an example and helps others go past it; on the other hand, this could really turn off OEMs from using Android altogether as they’d assume Googorola would have an unfair advantage. Really unsure about this…”

  • luiek20

    i just want to see what a phone fully formed designed and controlled by Google will be. I mean seriously the nexus one was practically styled by Google, and that was the last time i felt like the device was truly android! all the droids and galaxies are cool and all but even after rooting and running vanilla android on multiple devices i feel that they aren’t 100% there lol. And to me the Nexus S doesn’t seem like a true nexus device, its just a galaxy s with vanilla android and nfc. So imo a Google hardware & software created device would be an epic device, i mean it would have to be a device that is built from scratch to be a nexus device! not just a phone with vanilla android. it needs the be the next level that pushes boundaries and is incredible! I’m waiting for that phone! :)

  • SliestDragon

    Yeah, it’s obvious that they’ll do something with the hardware. Just have to wait and see exactly what…

  • Bill Sweeney

    This makes perfect sense. You could even see Google Maps/Nav on the Moto Nav devices. Maybe a full on in-dash Droid system that controls the whole damn car.

  • androidawg

    Just buy Tmobile USA and give me the whole experience. All Goog. Hardware, software, and network. Let me do business with a company that doesn’t make my stomach hurt.

  • thechad

    good article thanks