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Prime time: Google will reveal Ice Cream Sandwich Oct. 11


Are you ready for Android 4.0? Samsung Mobile just sent out invites for their latest Unpacked event on October 11 at CTIA and Google will be joining them to provide a “look at what’s new from Android.”

This special “Google Episode” of Unpacked will be broadcast live at, so you can expect several big announcements.

Although it has yet to be confirmed, this is almost certainly the big stage that Google will use to unveil the next version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich and demo the rumored Nexus Prime.

Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 5 on October 4, so it will be interesting to see how Google responds one week later.

We’re expecting to see a device very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S II HD, but a lot of the finer details remain a mystery. Google could surprise us.

Whatever happens, Edgar and I will be at CTIA next week so we should get to spend some quality time with whatever gets announced. You can tune into the live broadcast at 11:30 AM PST, or keep your eye on the site for a full recap of the event.

What are you expecting Samsung and Google to reveal?

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    Taylor we will all be leaning on you my man !!!! Looking for big things next week !!

    • nexus

      announce availability for later this month. The sooner the better. at least 720p SAMOLED HD, 8MP, and LTE. Would be nice too if they made the buttons software (like the early rumors said), but thats not a hard requirement for me to bite.

      • Aspeds2989

        Forget the hardware. I’m wondering when, if ever, they’ll bring out the Blindtype keyboard??

        • Aspeds2989

          Oh, and the Chrome browser. Pleeeeease give us the Chrome browser!

          • xsynth

            Chrome is definitely something I want to come to android asap!

        • Yashar

          Hallelujah to that my man! Where the hell is BlindType, Google?!! Release the freaking beast!

    • Jason E

      Apple will crush this ice cresm meltdown party with the arrival of the iPhone 5 on Oct 4.
      Nobody will be interested in this new meandroid mess any more!

      I am buying the new iPhone 5, dont wanna downgrade to google…

      • jackmo13

        Iphone 4S haha! sucks to be an apple fan!

      • JonjoJr

        Yeah, iPhone 5 will crush??? OOOKKKAAAYYY. I once saw a movie called “Walking life” you should see it. It may ease the pain after the disappointment.

      • Zyo

        ops, no iphone 5, I think you got yourself a wet dream….

  • Jorge89

    October 11 will be the day I decide if I get a T-mobile Galaxy S 2 or Nexus Prime

    • Bill Bye

      Same here. I’m really hoping they show a global Nexus Prime device and not just the Verizon-bound Prime. My plan is to only buy Nexus devices from here on, but if I have to get the Tmo Galaxy S II, then so be it. I hate that it’s not using the Exynos CPU like all the other ones, but anything is better than the G2x.

      • Alex

        I’m in the exact same boat! If the Nexus Prime and ICS fail to deliver and live up to the rumors and hype, then the Galaxy S II will win my dollar. Can’t wait! On a G2x now too, how coincidental haha

  • Jorge

    Wow!… I hope there will be a PRIME on my house soon!

    PS. Please talk to Obama and tell him we need a strong Dollar for that day! (I live in Mexico, right now your dollar is to expensive to buy my next Nexus Phone)

    • inviolable

      If you’re not really Mexican and you’re being [racially] sarcastic, it’s not funny. If you’re making an honest statement, it’s really not funny.

      • Fuzzytux

        I don’t think he was being racist at all. I’m Canadian, and when our dollar is stronger than the U.S. dollar, it’s cheaper for me to buy products in American dollars. If the U.S. dollar is weak compared to the Mexican peso, it makes it cheaper for him to buy the Nexus Prime in the U.S. Obviously not something Obama has direct control over, but it’s still kinda funny.

        • DroidSamurai

          Unfortunately, devaluing the dollar is a very effective way to drive us back to recovery because it makes our products more competitive in the global market. This is a very effective strategy in the past.

          Whether this strategy is still as effective this time, however, remains to be seen because one of the major global producer — China, has a relatively fixed exchange rate. So, devaluing the dollar has little effect to the yuan. On the other hand, China having a fixed exchange rate may not be a bad thing to us. Imagine the yuan-to-dollar exchange rate double in one night. When China goes out to buy things like oil, steel, etc, they can spend much less than before now. Also, keep in mind that even the dollar devalues so much this time, the inflation pressure is still relatively mild, this probably has something to do with the cheap Chinese products — if China increases the exchange rate, god knows what would happen.

          Put it simply, generally speaking, when our economy is going downward, devaluing the dollar isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What we aren’t sure this time around is whether the presence of the Chinese economy still makes this an effective weapon against a recession.

          • Yashar

            I want some of that stuff you are smoking!

        • jamorenom

          thanks man, I never want to be racially sarcastic, I just want to pay less pesos for the Galaxy Nexus, that’s it!…

  • Sway_212

    There’s actually a video released on Engadhet very recently showing a guy who ordered a Nexus S from eBay and found it to have the OS IceCreamSandwhich v3.0 Looks like a hybrid of Gingerbread and Honeycomb….check it out!

    • inviolable

      I saw that, but I wonder if it’s real. The multitasking popup and google app window is what made it look more believable than others.

      • Maisum

        Well here’s the sad part…

        Looks like Iceandfire is a rom that has the exact same multitasking menu…

        How would they know what it looks like before pictures have even been released? It looks real but with this rom that has almost exact things to it makes it seem unreal…

        • xsynth

          There’s this one too which is just a launcher you can download and install that a dev made which looks the same.

          • xsynth

            bah, no edit.
            * Just without a ‘tron’ skin

        • Ian

          That’s pretty close, but it’s still not quite there. The ROM on the Nexus was buttery smooth (including in the App drawer, where that one seemed to struggle), and had a couple of thing that would take all crazy kinds of development efforts to implement in a ROM based on 2.3. There was a screen rotation animation, for instance, which we’ve only ever seen on the 2.3 version of MotoBlur. And it ran on Linux 3.0, rather than a late 2.6 that gingerbread has. And the launcher was similar but not quite the same (four icons across the bottom, and you press and hold home to open the multitasking menu.

          Some of that would be easy, but the rotation and the kernel are just a little too much work to make it a fake.

  • Juan

    Hopefully this is the next Nexus release. It is great to see that Samsung is hopefully making the device but I am afraid it is going to end up being a Verizon exclusive. The only thing that confuses me about this entire ordeal were the rumors that surrounded the Nexus devices at the beginning of this year.

    A lot of people were saying that Google was actually working with multiple manufacturers in order to bring unique phones to each of the carriers. It will be interested to see what within the next couple of months. I really hope Google pulled out the big guns for this next update being Apple and Microsoft don’t seem like they will be slowing down anytime soon.

  • kwills88

    Okay, now I got a place to post this, a video is floating around on engadget about ics on the nexus s…idk if it’s just a rom or what…but interesting nonetheless.

    • Sway_212

      Just what I mentioned a while ago….thanks for posting the link mate!

    • kwills88

      So I was on youtube, and found out about a launcher called ice cream sandwich launcher, and after seeing the vid, I kinda feel like this video is of the launcher on a custom rom.

      • Sway_212

        Certainly possible…it does sound weird that the phone had ICS right out of the box whereas the device is supposed to have vanilla Gingerbread.

  • Galen20K

    Soooo excited, where’s my fast forward button…

  • Ron

    I’m fine with it being the same hardware as the SGSII HD, just PLEASE take away the capacitive buttons!

  • Nate B.

    Google and Samsung will set things right for all carriers. Other phones will be nice but not like this. It will be a pleasure to use.

  • Thomas

    I wish the release of quad core phone was at the same time at ice cream sandwich, so that you could have two really good reasons to upgrade

    • Sway_212

      I don’t know if quad-core would really help so much…dual cores are doing just fine and they were released just this year!

    • dilemma

      if you want the newest hardware you pick Galaxy Line

      if you want the newest software you pick Nexus Line

      if you want the newest of both???? well you cannot

      Hardware development will always be faster than software development

      • Ian

        True, but consider this; without awesome software, even the best hardware won’t live up to its full potential. And hardware that’s fully utilized is always more valuable than wasted hardware, particularly when the software is free.

  • Mr Guzz

    Great news….can’t wait for !

  • Joshua

    SO EXCITE!!! (Borat voice)

  • Nathan

    Well it about time we get to know when ics will be announced or at least we think so. Anyway I just want to know what ics will look like and how awesome the prime will be :)I’m really looking forward for this.

  • Tico4674

    What would us android diehards ever do without Taylor? Thanks again for keeping us up to date!

  • Richard

    Ohh boy…. I’m starting to feel like May when Google IO came.
    I can’t wait……..

  • johnny

    If ice cream comes out before my device gets gingerbread I’m freaking throwing it in the ocean

    -LG Thrill

  • Dave Clary (@dclaryjr)

    Good timing. My month-to-month on my N1 expires on the 12th. Hopefully I’ll know by then what the future is for the Nexus on Sprint!

  • Lekz

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming :P

  • ben dover

    streaming live huh? looks like I’ll just so happen to take my lunch at that time! :)

  • cb2000a

    They will announce a quad core phone with 1020 resolution which will melt down anything Apple has.

  • Interpol91

    I will definitely be tuning in to this event! Can’t wait to see the ICS goodness and hopefully the soon to be released Nexus Prime!!

  • SliestDragon

    Sooo excited! So close, and yet I don’t know if I can wait that long! :D

  • Joshua

    I’m surprised that no one has made the connection to the recent Apple event that was announced. I think this is indisputable evidence that they will be talking about then nexus prime.

    If you know your competitor is breaking their latest and greatest on Oct. 4th – with plans to ship it around the middle of the month – what better to do than crash their party with YOUR plans for the next greatest device?

    I can’t wait – I’ve been holding out for the prime for what seems like forever. Too bad we can’t get that new exynos chip in there.

  • JonjoJr

    Google has been far ahead of the game for a few years now. The thing is that Google does not show off, they just smack you with it. While Apple keeps you in jail, Google opens the doors and allows this technology to be used in anything, not just what apple wants. Hell I’m going to check out the SDK so I can make my toaster talk back to me. I’m gonna call it TIRI