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How does the delay of the 1.5 GHz OMAP4 affect the Nexus Prime launch?

Texas Instruments

For several months now the Android blogosphere has assumed that Texas Instruments’ OMAP4 will be the lead platform for the next version of Android, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich. But we don’t know which specific processor will be inside the Nexus Prime.

Many of us speculated Google would go with the fastest chip Texas Instruments had to offer in Q4, which was the dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP4460. This sounded believable because other upcoming devices like the Archos G9 tablets would also feature the 1.5 GHz OMAP4 and launch in October.

Unfortunately, today we learn that Archos has delayed the launch of their 1.5 GHz OMAP4 tablet because “there have been some delays in pushing it to its max.” Instead the device will launch at the start of 2012, “when it’s properly signed off by R&D.”

Archos says they have been “following the Texas Instruments roadmap” for their own release cycle, so it’s possible that other hardware partners might have to delay their products that were going to use the 1.5 GHz OMAP4.

There is no way Google is going to delay their flagship device, the Nexus Prime, into next year, so it’s highly likely they will go with the existing model dual-core 1 GHz OMAP4430. Archos is planning to replace the 1.5 GHz OMAP4460 with a “Turbo” OMAP4430 overclocked to 1.2 GHz, so this could be what we find inside the next Nexus.

Qualcomm and NVIDIA have both boosted their current dual-core offerings to 1.2 GHz, so we know TI could also hit those speeds since they use a similar ARM Cortex-A9 CPU core.

I’m sure someone out there will complain that Google didn’t use a 1.5 GHz CPU or an Exynos or Snapdragon S3 or Tegra 2 or [insert processor], but you should still expect the upcoming Nexus to be the fastest Android device we have ever seen.

Ice Cream Sandwich should include many optimizations for multi-core processors in smartphones, so the Nexus Prime will have a default advantage over any other dual-core phone running an older version of Android.

Would you be ok with a dual-core 1 GHz Nexus phone while your friends are rocking the new Snadpragon S3 phones at 1.5 GHz? I’ll put my money on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Via: EuroDroid

Source: Archos Facebook

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  • goncalossilva

    Damn, what a bummer. I was hoping for the Nexus Prime to do what the Nexus One do: change everything. When everyone was playing with 500/600MHz, there came the N1 with 1GHz. At first, I hoped to see a quad-core. After some disappointing news, I was hoping to see a considerably improved dual-core. Now this.

    • texsux instruments

      Meandroid is lagging behind as always, apple is leading the way as always….

      • Copolii

        Yeah … Apple is leading the way with their 3g radio and their single core pieces of shit that you sheep buy

        • repeat for truth

          Meandroid is lagging behind as always, apple is leading the way as always……

          • Oreo

            Yeah, sounds like your trying to convince yourself. -Kanye Shrug~

          • repeat for truth

            Yeah … Apple is leading the way with their 3g radio and their single core pieces of shit that you sheep buy

  • teecruz

    Or. . . maybe Archos is just waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich? they just didn’t want to release details.
    Because I find it very hard to believe. . that weeks before Nexus arrives, TI will pull the plug & say,
    “Oh! sorry guys. yeah, we never started on our work. it’ll be a few more weeks.”
    It’s just subtle.

    Or, maybe. TI is only working at a pace fast enough to satisfy the Nexus, that Archos has to go a different route.
    I’m still looking out for the higher specs.
    Otherwise, the Nexus really will be overshadowed come 2012 when more ICS devices are released. .

    just a thought. :D

  • inhuman5000

    I want them to use an EXYNOS cpu @ 1.5 ghz for the nexus prime

    • The_Chief

      Won’t work. Exynos doesn’t play well with LTE… and I FAR prefer an LTE device to a faster processor. Dual-core 1GHz should be fast enough if the cores are properly optimized by ICS.

      • inhuman5000

        I was taking about the non Verizon nexus prime.
        The”Droid” prime from Verizon will most likely be customized to verizon’s liking

      • Sturoid

        What proof do you have of this?

        • inhuman5000

          Just rumors like everything else. But Verizon is known to screw their flagships up with their bloatware or restrictions on something. There have been rumblings that it will be from the “DROID” line of phones.
          Also having LTE is not all peaches and rainbows. Its a notorious battery drain on handsets. However much they tweek and configure their LTE phones so they could be more energy efficient, LTE phones still have multiple radios that switch from 3g to 4g constantly causing battery drain.
          Rather wait for GSM HSPA+ “Nexus” prime anyday.

          • Slith

            My biggest worry is the bloatware Verizon will cram on to the phone. I hope Google forces a pure install of ICS, but I doubt it.

            You are right about the LTE draining the battery. The switching between 3G and LTE really seems to be the biggest cause. On the outskirts of Phoenix where my Thunderbolt is constantly switching between the two radios, my battery life drops in half. If I stay downtown in LTE the whole time the battery life is much better. The best by far is staying in 3G country.

          • Justin

            What are you guys taking about with this bloatware nonsense?? “But Verizon is known to screw their flagships up with their bloatware or restrictions on something.”
            Verizon has had two flagship Google devices, the OG Droid and Xoom. Both have pure vanilla os’s and no bloat. Even if it did have bloatware, the Prime, just like the Zoom and Droid, is a developer device. Which means it will have an unlocked bootloader and will be easily rooted. Problem solved.

          • Tony

            I really don’t see the first ICS device to ever be released being full up with bloat and custom UI. It doesn’t make any sense and Google probably wont’ allow it.

      • Tariq

        Sometimes reality is overshadowed by the figures on the paper for example I would have a lot of difficulty going for a 1GHz as opposed two a 1.5GHz even if they said it was faster. Because the only reason it was faster is because of ice cream, when the 1.5GHz processor get ice cream it’ll be a lot faster. or i’m I just not understanding. My point anyway is when simply everyone is using 1.5GHz , it seams going back two steps and using 1GHz, I mean how are you going to explain that to your friends

      • JimmyHACK

        Except the fact samsung announced galaxy s2 lte and s2 HD lte with 1..5 ghz……… if the TI is actually delayed, then this would mean they are using Exynos with LTE just fine now.

  • dclaryjr

    I’m fine with 1 GHz…I just want some ICS!

  • Nathan

    Bit of a disappointed but lets wait and see

    • KidPhat

      Bit?? Hella disappointed.

      • Nor Cal star

        -1 for hella…

  • jdog25

    The best person to answer this, is you Taylor you went back to the 1Ghz Nexus S from the dual core Atrix.

    Do you think the Nexus needs to have the best processor to be better, probably not.

    • AME

      He’s always saying software > hardware.

    • Justin

      Definently not.

  • jsdudf

    What a deal breaker. I know the software will be great, but what software couldn’t I get if I waited for the Sgs3? KAL-El is my soulmate.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Samsung’s building their processors in house. SGS3 will have Exynos.

  • SherlockHomeboy

    Maybe the delay is because they’re making so many chips for the Nexus that they don’t have enough available to fill demand from other people?

  • Dr.Carpy

    Man, this bad news. I, like others, want a somewhat future proofed Nexus. As a flagship device, this is a HUGE letdown. This what Apple always does. Pedestrian specs, with a ton of fanfare. The Nexus needs to stand out, as well as be the trendsetter as where Google is taking things. These specs are lower than most of the Q4 phones. If the Nexus isn’t the flagbearer, why have a Nexus at all?

    • Justin

      4.65 INCH 1280×720 Super Amoled ( rumored to be curved like Nexus S ), dual core OMAP, ICS, LTE, surely 1gb RAM. You call that “pedestrian specs”???????????

  • mooncricket

    Haha, google will find a lame excuse for this….its lamedroid all over again

  • nory

    That’s definitely disappointing if true, but I’m still getting nexus 3 no matter what

  • this stuff

    If truly there is delay on OMAP4460 by logic 4chan’s rumor becomes little more convincing…. cause he said that Nexus Prime will come with 1.5GHz Exynos

    • Julius

      Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      I’m guessing it will come with an Exynos. Makes more sense now.

    • Kye

      Oh god. I would have to eat so much humble pie if thats true. I totaly slated aam for that report. But, you may have a point!

    • kazahani

      I hope hope hope they go with Exynos! The GS2 is the fastest phone I have ever played with by far! I make a habit of running Quadrant benchmarks on all the new phones we get. The previous record was held by the Motorola Photon: 2364. Sprint’s GS2 Quadrant score: 3487!!!

  • dmw

    Wow that’s a big letdown. If the nexus fails to deliver, im going with the htc vigor. Been itching to get an awesome htc device anyways

  • mjforte

    Wouldn’t be the biggest surprise to me. The Nexus phones have never been top of the line hardware at the time of their release. Only the Nexus One set the pace for other devices following it.

    • Sturoid

      You speak with such authority and all knowledge of ‘Nexus Phones’ like there have been loads, there have only been two so far! The first set the bar and the second didn’t. You cannot come to a conclusion of a trend with two opposite outcomes.

  • Vishal

    Everyday we are coming to know that nexus prime, after all, won’t be the phone of our dreams. The other day we saw some of the features of ICS has been moved to next version. I was hoping for quad core but it’s specs are going down day by day. I think the resolution was also showed to be reduced. I know ICS would be great so specs don’t matter but phone in early 2012 would be more powerful since they will have ICS and higher processors. Why ICS doesn’t matter much to me is that there are some great minds working for us-CM,MINI,etc. I’m sure I will have ICS on my milestone, gingerbread runs great now.
    So I’ll wait for next best phone.

  • Zhi Hao

    Hmm… building on what teecruz said, it’s possible that TI delayed their processor shipment to Archos because of the higher shipment requirements of Google. Meaning TI redirects supply of their OMAP 4460 to the Nexus instead of the Archos tablets.

    Btw, the first word of the 4th paragraph is spelt wrongly.

  • J. to the O.

    For a little optimism, maybe they are waiting for OMAP 4470 ;)

  • http://I Richard Yarrell

    Ok now with this being revealed what will google do?? I am sure this will be a very nice device but better than what’s already out now?? That’s subjective at best. And trust me with 2012 on the horizon and Samsung and Htc readying there next iterations the EVO BRAND of 2012 and the GALAXY S3 the Nexus Prime won’t be on top to long. Plus i place my current device the EVO 3D with 1.2Ghz processor and upcoming ice cream sandwich update against any device why?? Because the operating system will be optimized for dualcore devices with this update to ICS.

    • Kye

      Doh. Accidentally marked Richard up on my small phone screen. Should have had an EVO 3D! Haahaa

    • Chris B

      And when the galaxy s3 and HTC next flagships are released in 2012, there will be the nexus 4 and others on the horizon, then the galaxy s4, etc etc.
      Never ending…

    • Tico4674

      Do not put the evo and the SGS2 on the same level. Go to the store and compare the two, it’s not even close. Or better yet, buy one and write a review. Is qualcomm the only processor that will take advantage of ics? This infatuation with a single brand borders on insanity.

    • squiddy20

      “That’s subjective at best. ” It’s too bad you don’t know what the word “subjective” means to fully comprehend what you just said. So here’s a little lesson: subjective- based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. This means that to different people “the best” or “what’s better” is different. I might think red is “best” while you think green is “best”. It’s a little something called “opinion” and you obviously think your opinion “rules all”. Grow up. Aren’t you in your late 40′s? How does one get to that age with such narrow, close minded viewpoints?

      • Kye

        I think the deeper question is, how did he get to his late 40s and only have evo 3d in his life. I dont get too mad about his fanboyism. But i do feel a bit sorry for him.

  • cb2000a

    Deal breaker for me. I will wait…

  • Sturoid

    I don’t know why you are so hung up on this OMAP rumour. There is no way that Samsung would go with an inferior processor at 1Ghz when its Exynos currently blows everything else out the water. Plus we have already seen that they have been working on 1.4Ghz items because we have seen the Note and Tab 7.7 with the unnamed dual core in them.

  • HiyaBuddy

    It seems like somewhat of a let down that Google didn’t try to get a quad core processor. I know that sentence sounds rigged but I guess if Google wants to put out the nexus s next month the quad core won’t happen seeing as the Kal-els haven’t been released yet. Aside from that I hope Google doesn’t optimize Ice Cream Sandwich for just dual core processors that way we aren’t sitting out there with two or three extra cores (kal-el).

  • James Jun

    Hope this won’t be a Nexus S-like release. Was almost the same as the current Galaxy S besides NFC. Disappointment. Please let it be quad-core!

  • Mr e

    I would delay the release if they cant get the hardware that it needs.
    ICS is going to need a beefy processor
    I’m sick of hardware manufacturers ‘almost’ getting there all the time and then they remove something killer which they delay so they get repeat sales.

  • tera

    the proc it self quite fast at processing speed .. but in gpu .. it slightly an outdated product ..
    its powervr sgx 540 .. its been inside samsung hummingbird since last year … they should use better GPU .. like powervr sgx 543 .. or SGX543MP2 which in ipad2 …

  • Jason S

    Typical google, thats why me and all of my friends went with the iPhone 4.
    Next month, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new iPhone 5.

    iPhone 5 here i come!

  • groinko

    Hope Nexy Prime will have a Samsung proc to get best GPU performances.
    If this Prime is not so good, I’d keep my Nexus One or maybe go to iPhone 5 cause I’m sure it’ll be fast… if it’s released one day ;)

  • Jimbo

    I don’t understand why this an issue? It falls perfectly into place. Everyone thinks Samsung can’t use an Exynos processor because it doesn’t play nice with LTE, well who’s stoping Samsung this moment in optimizing their processors for LTE. Think about it, what better way to showcase it now and catch the competition off guard

    • Solrac924

      what’s stopping them? time, that’s what. it’s gonna take a lot of R&D time for resolving the issues.

      • Jimbo

        Time?? so they haven’t been working on something else since?? I honestly see them using the Exynos processor, clocked either at 1.2 or 1.5. Think about it if they want to compete with the Vigor then it needs to be a Exynos

  • Solrac924

    nah, i’m NOT ok with it.
    1 GHz?! forget that. i was originally excited with the Nvidia’s Tegra3 quad-core. later i was settling for the 1.5 dual-core from TI. i wouldn’t have minded the Exynos from Sammy but degrading to a 4430 is too much.
    the flagship Nexus series was all about raising the bar. the S model was a bit of a letdown since it was very similar to the already-released Galaxy II’s. although i love seeing many of the rumored specs on the Prime, the only real CPU/GPU i see that pushes the envelope is “Kal-El”.
    if this news about overclocking is true, count me out. this is the dealbreaker. i suppose i’ll have for the Tegra3 whenever that’ll be.

  • Dirge

    If Exynos doesn’t play well with LTE, what processor does the Galaxy S II LTE have?

    I, personally, would love a 1.5(or maybe 2.0) Ghz dual core Exynos with an updated GPU.

  • 45rd

    yeah, im waiting for iPhone 5.
    It will blow the competition out of the water….

    • Dirge

      For a few hours, until the next big android device is announced.

    • inhuman5000

      iphone 5 will be advertised as a dual core 1 or 1.2 ghz cpu but like always they will underclock it to squeeze out more battery life as usual. “Blow competition out the water”? Im sure it will blow, but not competition away.
      The Galaxy s 2 is a better phone than the upcoming iphone 5. Ill put bet on that. And to compare it to the Nexus prime is no competition at all lol.
      All iphone 5 will have going for it will be ios5 which is a total rip off of android. Plus now that apple is gong elsewhere for parts other than samsung then it will also have inferior innards as well.

  • Justin

    You guys crying that it isnt Kal-El are idiots. The Nexus S is still one of the top Android devices 9 months after its release, and its a lowly single core device. 1280×720 Super Amoled, LTE, and the launch device for ICS, and you clowns are crying about no Kal-El? Give me a break. This is going to be an amazing phone.

    • Tariq

      I hope and pray you’re right. Nothing would please me more than to see this device really blow away the competition, and leave those damn apple cows squealing

  • AME

    I think it’s nearly impossible for any manufacturer to “future proof” anything nowadays. Hardware is moving too fast. Even internally, carriers are getting ready to release the next iteration of their previous monster device as they are pushing the first one out the door. The only thing that’s going to make any Nexus device “future proof” is the Google experience it comes with. That’s why the Nexus S is still very relevant.

    • Justin

      +1 Exactly! CM7 turns my thunderbolt into a great phone. Software is the key.

  • Joshua

    HAHA! I wish I could go back to all the blogs where people were talking about the Nexus Prime being the next greatest and blowing all the other phones away. I said I wouldn’t wait for it and now I’m glad I didn’t!! I so wanna go back and say I told ya so!

  • inerdtia

    Time to go get my Droid Bionic…

  • SliestDragon

    I honestly don’t care what the processor is. As long as it’s dual-core I’ll take it. ICS will do the rest. :)

  • Anthony

    Say what u want but if its a different chip its a different device. I had original nexus picked up the S .I think ill lay low for a bit and see how this plays out.
    The nexus s is still doing its job well so what’s the rush
    I wanna see how Verizon and Google handle this one. Nexus line is pure Android lets see if it has Verizons bloat ware

  • carla

    Lets wait for the new iphone 5

  • Noel

    I will not mind a delay of the Nexus till early January if they can get the right processor in it. Since there will be devices coming out next year with quad cores i would at least want my Nexus to have the best dual core available..that mean a 1.5 Ghz dual core OMAP4460 or a 1.5 GHz daul core Qualcomm S3 chip. Besides there are rumors the iPhone will also be delayed due to some issues. There will be devices like the different GS2′s and Ruby/Amaze 4G, Vigor etc to hold any iPhones 4S or 5 onslaught. I want the very best on my Nexus..we can afford to wait a little for Google and Co to get it right with the next Nexus.

  • OptimismPrime

    The interesting things about the Nexus Prime are the 1280×720 display, and the fact that it has NO android buttons, because they are inside the UI, like Honeycomb.

    But i will NOT get the Nexus Prime if it just has a Dual 1 GHz CPU.

    Why? Doesn’t ICS count as the selling Point? “Software makes the device” and all that?

    The Reason why ICS is not the Nexus Primes selling point, is the fact that ICS will be fully commited to AOSP repositories, which means it will be in custom firmwares for existing devices in no Time.

    I am STILL using the T-mobile G1, First Android Phone from 2008, and it runs a custom 2.3.5 Gingerbread Rom without a problem. It only had official Roms up to 1.6, and the “Selling Point” of newer Android Versions allways fell flat.

    “Nexus One has 2.1, wow” – “Pfft. so do i”
    “2.2 Phones are faster because of JIT” – “I have 2.2 too”
    “First 2.3 Phone!” – “got 2.3 too!”

    The only reason i held out for the Nexus Prime was the rumored “no hardware buttons because of ICS”, and i thought that was neat. But when i buy my next phone hardware is king, because software is easy to come by!

    • Justin

      You make a pretty good point. The biggest questions to ask of your next phone is this: Is the bootloader unlocked/unlockable? Is there a root exploit? Will this device be supported by developers? If yes to those, then the software that comes preloaded on the phone doesnt matter anyways. The only thing i disagree about is that the OMAP chip is going to be plenty good for this phone. Remember, ICS is going to bring hardware acceleration which should help immensely. What can you do with Kal-El that you cant do with OMAP 4? Just better graphics?