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HTC Flyer Beta Honeycomb RUU leaks out


With the official launch of the HTC Jetstream from AT&T scheduled for tomorrow, it only seems fitting that HTC should shift their attention back to the HTC Flyer. HTC promised a Honeycomb update for the HTC Flyer back in the first half of the year, but the update never came. Fortunately for those who already own the HTC Flyer, an update to your precious tablet may finally be right around the corner.

Famed MoDaCo founder Paul O’Brien has managed to get his hands on an Beta Honeycomb build for the HTC Flyer. Development teams over on XDA are already sifting through the code to see what modifications are needed in order to get the Honeycomb port up and running on the GSM and Wi-Fi HTC Flyer. If you don’t know what you’re doing, we recommend you simply stay on the sidelines until the devs have something usable for the community.

Does a Honeycomb powered HTC Flyer sound a bit more appealing or is the $499 price point still too hard to swallow?

Source: Engadget

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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    This tablet is horrible!

  • Dirge

    Honeycomb on a single core tablet? Ew.

  • DROID Sam

    If I remember correctly, the benchmark scores on the Flyer were better than those of most dual-core Tegra 2 tablets. I’d love to get my hands on the Galaxy Tab 7.7, but since that’s at least 4-5 months out, the Flyer now seems like it’ll be a great option.

    • mjforte

      Doesn’t the Flyer have a lower resolution though? So that could be why it benchmarks higher.

  • DROID Sam

    Yes, but that also means games and other graphic intensive operations will run just as good on this as they do on a dual-core system. I have it when people talk about dual-core phones or tablets as if they are better thaneverything else on the market. Single core systems are still comeptitive and many times come out on top.

  • andy

    It’s got 1024*600 resolution with 1gb ram and 1.5ghz single core. It actually is really fast, solid little.tablet. love mine

  • metafor

    I’ve played with one of these. Samsung seems to be the only tablet manufacturer who gets it. Heavy, bulky tablets are not appealing. Build something thin and light and we’ll talk about me spending $600+ on one.

    • 600+ ?

      Not sure where you’re shopping, but the flyer has never been that high. It’s priced at $500 night now but that’ll probably drop pretty soon. I think if they get it down to 400 that I may actually get this thing. It may be thick, but it’s a lot smaller than most other options out there (even the nook color)

      • Afrikaner

        I got mine on a cheap entry level 3G data contract in South Africa, and it fits into my jacket inside pockets (including its leather booklet-type case). Most of the so-called “heavy & bulky” are battery anyway. I’ll rather go for that and get a few days battery life, than for a energy sapping multi-core powerhouse built into a sheet of paper and permanently plugged into its charger!

  • tiffany1986

    meh….im waiting for ipad 3….

    • asdf

      Sure, if you enjoy a resolution that won’t change, and a thicker tablet. Maybe they’ll allow you to install widgets later, since most of the new features are coming from Android anyway :p

  • Sean Riley

    For $350 with the stylus I would be all over the Flyer. Unfortunately by the time we see it hit that price (I’ll guess that it will be in Q2 2012) I’ll have moved on to something else.

  • Jason

    For those that are bashing the tablet have you spent a day with it? probably not my friend has it and i’ve used it several times it is actually competitive and fast compare to most tablets its size. Even my friend he loves it only thing he was hoping for is the honeycomb upgrade which seems to finally surfacing although a bit too late, maybe HTC was ashamed of it’s own little engine that could for a while since sales haven’t proven much in the market. Overall before you start bashing something spend sometime with it then maybe your opinion will matter.

    • andy

      Jason hit the nail on the head. I’m suppossed to hate a tablet because its not dual core? Rather than like it because its stable, well built, has unique functions (pen), and has a nice, intuitive interface? No thanks. Also, 99% of end users don’t give a sh%t about hardware specs. I recommended the flyer to a non nerdy friend looking for a 7 inch tab who called me to thank me. It really is an excellent device. I just wish they were a tad cheaper. Oh well. No regrets

  • Raptor

    meh… im waiting for Windows 8

    13″ 2560×1600 quad-core transformer

  • Willie Mayes


  • Jean

    Funny, the capacitive buttons of the Flyer seem kind of wasted on a honey-comb interface

    • Nick Gray

      They sure are. Those who have managed to get this Honeycomb build up and running claim that the buttons no longer light up. The only button that still works is the Pen button which lights up when you are using the pen.

  • Neorion

    I have had an ipad, I have an Iphone and this is my 1st toe into Android and so far I am liking it.

    The flyer is a great size, I cant say hand on heart I would have bought it if the ipad had been smaller.

    As for price, in the UK at the moment its down to £329 for the 16Gb wifi version which is perfect and bang for buck its worth it.

    Love having flash on a handheld device.

  • snipe da nigga

    No thanks iPad DESTROYS this ugly lamedroid dumptablet!

    • andy

      You do realize it looks very similar to a 7inch iPad right? But its “fugly”? Have you even seen one? All I take away from your post is that you are a semi literate fanboy who probably thinks he looks cool with a shiny apple on the back of your device. Idiot. (Btw I like ipads too, I’m offended by your ignorance and stupidity not your taste in devices)

  • developerscode

    its better to use acer tablet

  • thechad

    good article thanks