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HTC is thinking about buying a mobile OS; webOS might get a third chance


It looks like owning your own mobile OS is all the rave these days. Following Samsung’s unfounded rumors that it was considering buying webOS, HTC has now said that they’re carefully thinking about buying a mobile OS to call their own. The news comes straight from HTC’s Cher Wang, who said:

We have given it thought and we have discussed it internally, but we will not do it on impulse.Cher WangHTC

However, Wang also mentioned that HTC doesn’t need to produce its own OS to be able to differentiate themselves:

We can use any OS we want. We are able to make things different from our rivals on the second or third layer of a platform. Our strength lies in understanding an OS, but it does not mean that we have to produce an OS.Cher WangHTC

And that’s exactly what HTC does with Android. The company is able to change the OS so much, that it basically becomes their own. Why would they buy another OS if they can already turn Android into whatever they want it to be? Well, there’s one reason and it starts with “M” and ends with “otorola”.

Even though Google has said countless times that it plans to keep Motorola as a separate company, it’s hard to believe that Google will let the company run completely autonomously forever. Eventually, Google is going to turn to Motorola every time it wants to build something. Things like that alien-looking media player they showed at Google I/O. Basically, every time Andy Rubin or Larry Page feel like building something cool, they’ll go to Motorola.

And when that starts to happen, companies like Samsung and HTC need to have an alternative to Android. Samsung already has its own OS, called Bada, and that’s why those rumors about the company buying webOS made no sense. However, HTC doesn’t own an OS. The Taiwanese company could always turn to Microsoft if Google gets too friendly with Motorola, but things are not looking any better in the Windows Phone camp. With Microsoft basically owning Nokia now.

All of the sudden, HTC buying webOS doesn’t sound so crazy now does it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that happens. It could happen next month, next year, or the year after that. It all depends on how Google handles the Motorola acquisition.

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  • keridel

    imho i still dont know wether HTC really need to.

    they are the second biggest seller of android phones at the min and like you said they can change the whole android os to suit there needs anyway.

    seems silly to buy one for no other reason than it’s the in thing to do.

    now if google bought webOS that would be great. incorporate all the good bits into android.

    • uzunoff

      Now that you mentioned it,
      I wouldn’t mind having HTC incorporate parts of WebOS into Sense UI. As long as they keep the core android.

  • uzunoff

    HTC are getting blinded by their success.

    They should not forget that its not the hardware that sells phones but the software. Although WebOs is very ‘Pretty’ OS it does not have the developer and app support that Android does.

    The best thing they can do, is buy it, make it open source and hope for the best. But most likely it will follow Windows Mobile to the archives of history

  • Funky Home Finds

    Their pockets are deep enough and the foresight far enough to make this decision a reality. I doubt very much that they will need such an OS in their inventory, but it could be a simple matter of “just in case…”.

    But personally, I can’t see Google making too much trouble for HTC, Samsung and the others to still have a level of access to Android as they do today. It might be a bit more costly in the future, and their piece of the pie might get a bit smaller, but that pie is growing bigger and bigger every day.


    HTC it forces Googles hand. Google will then probably have a bigger role in Moto.. Is it a good thing, maybe. Maybe not

  • 1BigFella

    There’s one MAJOR issue everyone except uzunoff is forgetting to take into consideration…..


    This isn’t the world pre-iPhone. If an OS is released by a mobile monster like HTC or Samsung, people aren’t going to buy it. They’re actually creating the very monster they seek to destroy.

    The more success Samsung has, the less people will want a smartphone with no apps (which is the main difference between a smart phone and a feature phone).

    webOS is the right choice for anyone who wants to run with the big dogs (Android, iOS). It’s got a following and the potential for a massive developer base.

  • Dre

    I’d like to see HTC pick up webOS, they have the ability to do it right like it should have been done by Hp and Palm

  • nikol

    i disagree with uzunoff, hardware is one of the major deciding factors when purchasing a phone. Hdmi, dual core, camera, screen…i much rather purchase a $300 HTC, motorola then get a free, cheap plastic phone like the comet…citrus…but all run android and have access to the android market? of course but the built quality is the difference

    As far HTC buying webOS….im all for it, i always wanted the slick design of HTC to merge with an os that would match its hardware. And I believe the developer issue is one subject they are addressing in meetings, if HTC has the will to tackle this issue im sure they can be successful. I do believe android at first didnt have as many developers when they first launched but kept on growing. (not that webOS is new, but that they do have great potential).

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s clear that HTC has made there mark with android as well as windows and both platforms are emensely better because of them. In my world it’s HTC or nothing so whatever they feel they need to do I support that 100%.

    • squiddy20

      “immensely” Try using Spell Check just once in your measly little life. What a short sited child you are. Instead of diversifying yourself by trying out new things, you’ve gotten yourself into a rut that you’re too ignorant to get out of. How sad.

      • AME

        “Try using Spell Check just once in your measly little life” followed by using “short sited.”* Bravo, Mr. Spell Check Police. Bravo!

  • pax

    It would be a smart decision. I am a proud owner of 2 HP Touchpads as well as a Pre3 (all at the discounted prices) I say it is a nice platform.