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HTC Rhyme launching on Verizon September 29 for $199


At their event in New York City this morning, HTC announced the mid-range HTC Rhyme, which will launch on Verizon Wireless September 29 for $199. The HTC Rhyme is the official name for the HTC Bliss, and the Rhyme is largely targeting the ladies out there. The Rhyme comes in a Plum color, inspired by a suite of applications and wallpapers designed by the HTC team.

Specs for the HTC Rhyme include:

  • 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM 8655 processor
  • Android 2.3.4 with the latest version of HTC Sense (3.5)
  • 3.7-inch Super LCD display
  • 4 GB internal memory, 8 GB external SD card
  • 5 MP rear camera with 720p video capture, VGA front facing camera
  • Charm indicator (more below)
  • 3G speeds (read: No LTE)

Where HTC is attempting to differentiate this device is in the included and available accessories. In the box, you’ll find a charm indicator (basically a small charm with a built-in notification light) to let you know when you have a new notification. Since the charm glows, it will allow you to locate the device in your backpack, purse, handbag, satchel or whatever else you might need to rummage through to find your phone. Also included in the box is a set of tangle-free earphones.

The Rhyme also has a couple of accessories available for purchase, the most promising of which is the docking station. It essentially turns your phone into an alarm clock/multimedia device. You can also pick up a sports armband, bluetooth headset and bluetooth car speaker–all manufactured to match the style of the HTC Rhyme.

If you’re interested in picking up the Rhyme, you won’t have to wait long. The device will be available on Verizon on September 29, and will set you back $199 with a 2-year contract. You can preorder the device at Target starting September 21.

Pictures and videos of the Rhyme in action can be found below. Who out there plans to pick up the Rhyme when it launches next week?

Promo Video

Accessory Video

Rhyme_Back Rhyme_Camera_Front_COMPOSITE_SO Rhyme_Front Ryme_FrontRightPers20110906 htc-rhyme-back

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    is it me or is that a lil to much for that phone on contract?

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I was thinking the same thing…

  • uknowme

    Despite the price, it is good to see a company trying to gain market share by attempting different things.

    • BiGMERF

      innovation is the key to any successful business

  • Matthew H

    It is a good strategy, market segmentation to fill a niche. One thing I noticed at the end of the longer video above was that there was NO mention of ANDROID or the operating at all. Instead, at the very end, there was small print stating the phone had “HTC Sense”. They are branding their Android overlay, and removing references to Android. Pretty interesting on a number of layers and makes you wonder how far they will go with this in the future?

    • @neidlinger

      /Sorry cannot resist

      That’s because android is a word normally associated with “men”, and “techies” most women are afraid of technology. Mainly being labeled a geek or a nerd. instead of trendy and social.

      I have to give it to HTC for targeting a sector that hasn’t been targeted before.

      but yet on the other had i wouldn’t want most women having a phone with access to facebook and twitter. My dinner would never get made, dishes would stack up, and sammiches would be left uncrafted.

  • J

    As I mentioned in another forum.

    As a woman techie, I really wanted to hate this phone when I first heard about it. For some reason, targeting stuff at women usually means making it pink and filled with crapware that is supposed to appeal to us. Gag.

    But, I don’t hate it.

    I won’t buy it because I’m a techie who demand that it run CyanogenMod 7.1 out of the box but I can see where this would be the perfect phone for my mom or my niece. It doesn’t insult their intelligence and I really like the idea of the dock and could even warm up to the charm idea.

    Golf clap to htc. We need more Android phones that go after the market of women who don’t want a phone that looks like their husband’s.

  • ben dover

    I’m just glad to see HTC is finally starting to do flush mount cameras in their phones!

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Good specs, nice looks and is HTC so it’s bound to be a solid phone, great phone for the ladies I guess, sucks my gf is into BlackBerrys and i can’t take her out of that world. But is cool, the more time she passes with her phone the more she realizes the mistake she made buying one of those RIM toys.

  • themanwithsauce

    Verizon – hot tip for massive sales here

    Rhyme – price at 150$ on contract with all the goodies bundled in it
    Incredible 2 – price at 100$ on contract
    Droid X2/Droid 3 – 200$ (or less)

    There’s your mid-range spread. Incredible 2 acts as a nice basic phone and at the price of a month of service or so it won’t break the bank. It’s also stereotypical black so for teens who made some money at their jobs it’s an easy way to get into the smartphone world. The Rhyme is a good phone for women (or men) who want a good phone that also acts as an accessory. It can do everything the other phones do and do it just fine. Then finally, you have some dual core goodness on proven designs for those willing to spend a bit more.

    Or….you know…You could just go back to your old pricing plan and make 200$ the top of the line phone price. I don’t see why a single core, 3g phone is 200$ even if it comes with some add-ons that cost the manufacturer 10$ to make.