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Ice Cream Sandwich video surfaces online; developers confirm authenticity


While most of us will be waiting for October 11 to roll around for our first hands-on experience with Ice Cream Sandwich, one lucky eBayer claims to have received a Nexus S with an early build already installed. And he has the video to prove it.

Originally posted on Engadget, the two minute video features a silent walkthrough of the camera, app drawer, launcher, notification bar and lock screen. Compared to the rumored reports of what Ice Cream Sandwich looks like, everything seems to be spot on. Of course plenty of people online have already started chiming in with how they believe this video was faked. By using a custom ROM and launcher, anyone with a Nexus S could easily recreate the video. But not so fast.

A user on the XDA developers forums has come forward claiming to be the anonymous owner of the Nexus S with Ice Cream Sandwich preinstalled. According to the 20 page (and growing) thread over on XDA, Google has remotely wiped the device. For the last several hours now, the owner has been working with well known developers in an attempt to salvage any useful information still available. No hard evidence has been posted yet, but one developer is saying this is indeed the real deal. JCase, a recognized developer with over 1300 posts, chimed in.

/System was unrecoverable. Toolbox contains an applet that is capable of wiping /system, and there is a service that allows google to use it remotely. His reports of its behavior, and the condition of /system back this theory up. It was remote wiped.jcaseXDA Developers Forum

If this is to be believed, and there’s a good chance it is, then the video you’ll find below is of the real Ice Cream Sandwich. If any new information becomes available, we’ll be sure to update this post. What do you think, still don’t believe it? Waiting to see some solid proof?

Source: Engadget

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  • teecruz

    Obviously it’s the real deal.
    you can’t sit there, and have a solid theme (settings ui, etc.) throughout the whole device, and tell me it could be a launcher. fuck that!
    this some solid android core fresh out the oven by google shit.

    I’m excited!
    & I think anybody in their right mind who critiques this update is a jackass.
    Android is fully customizeable,
    and this is only going to bring a greater API level, including features.

    And you know for damn sure Cyanogen will at least have you covered!
    I Love it. (& I’m just hoping, as I am assuming, that the dock app drawer bar is customizeable)
    because I would rather it stay just being the app drawer alone. (on terms of using Vanilla)

    October 11th will be a great day!

    • teecruz

      the one thing I wish the video had shown, was the guy typing in the Google search bar.
      that would have told us whether or not, if it was either real or fake.

      Because in the Honeycomb clone launcher as mentioned from my friend below
      has a Google search bar that doesn’t work and is mere aesthetic.

      • TWiT Commander

        I see this and …


        • TWaT Commander

          Yes, android user jizz in their pants – because they are kids or retarded!

          • ihatefanboys

            its metaphoric, so obviously hes not retarded, hes excited. dont be such a TWAT, commander.

    • hdhsusi

      I thought it was fake, but then I looked closer. That lock screen is definitely unique and also look at the camera app. There is a new option there, panoramic pictures…. That was rumored to be coming in ics. Now couple that with the remote wipe stuff and google announcing the event yesterday, it just adds up.

      • xallies

        I’M DISAPPOINTED. I expected a more beautiful layout. Cleaner camera, interface. Some intuitive gestures from metias Duarte and a funner way of manipulating objects like web os

    • Martha379

      wow what a disappointment…very underwhelming

      • ihatefanboys

        its a primary build, far from polished, dont understand whats so disappointing. Besides the video barely scratches the surface of ICS. You must be disappointed and underwhelmed alot in your life, maybe u shouldnt expect so much and be happy with what life gives you…a lot less stress that way hun.

      • BigMagoo

        Are you disappointed in the OS or the video. I wish the video showed more, but what I’m seeing in the OS looks pretty slick so far.

    • Maisum
    • Maisum

      And if this were real then this guy is Android user just like us. Why would you give us a simple 2 minute review and not go in depth? Why wouldn’t you sump the rom? If he doesn’t know how there’s so many people that could tell him. I know for a fact nobody would just post up a 2 minute review if they bought a phone that came with ICS. No way this is real. Crossing my fingers for the 11th.

      • Maisum

        Oops just read the actual article. Disregard that comment.

  • ben traves
    • teecruz

      I was thinking that too. . but when you compare the two.
      The launcher is a mere transfer of Honeycomb.
      the images displayed in the shortcut app launcher (we’ll say) when holding Home
      show images from Honeycomb apps.

      Meanwhile, in the video. it actually shows the app the way they should on an Android smartphone.

      Could be fake. could be real.
      why rely on prejudgement, right?

      I guess we’ll just have to wait until October 11th! :D

    • Yorick

      It definitely looks somewhat, but there’s a good reason for that. That launcher was based on leaked screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich.

      • ben traves

        i thought the screenshots turned out to be fake?

        • Yorick

          That was never proven. However, the screenshots are roughly the same as what we see in this video, so they’re not fake after all.

  • hdub32

    If The Nexus Prime has no buttons. How do you go home?. There does not seem to be a constant toolbar in the ui to have soft buttons to go home , like in Honeycomb.

    • Yorick

      Such a thing would be unnecessary and a waste of space on a Nexus S, which has perfectly capable buttons itself.

    • Zhi Hao

      I’m sure Google has thought of something :)

    • 4n1m4l

      Buttons optional operating system. very honeycomb esque if you don’t have an old device with the keys.

  • Christopher Chavez

    Why does every leakster have to use the blurriest, crappiest camera they can find? If I was Engadget and saw this video — I would fly out to this guy’s house with my freakin’ HD camera and record some REAL footage. Holy crap.

    • TWiT Commander

      The videos look crappy because they are made with eyef1.

    • Wade

      No shit!

      “NEWSFLASH! There’s this awesome new invention called a TRIPOD! Learn to use one, and maybe learn to focus your camera while you’re at it!”

      • ihatefanboys

        most of us have no need for a tripod, so why have one, unless youre a professional camera user. As for focus, this is the 21st century, most cameras AUTO FOCUS these days, again, unless youre a pro camera user and actually use interchangeable lenses that require focusing. is the really news to you ?

    • ihatefanboys

      because its a leak, duh….he wanted to get it out quickly. it could be worse tho

  • SliestDragon

    Still not sure what I think ICS after seeing it. May have to play with it first. Can’t wait till October 11! :)


    I saw this earlier today and was a bit skeptical. But it looking more and more like it is real.

  • kwills88

    Gonna go to the store, buy a bunch of ice cream sandwich just for hell of it because more ics news makes me happy.

  • heeros

    I think it’s real, and it’s really getting me excited. I wonder when Cyanogenmod will get their hands on the code, and when the first nightlies will be available.

    • ben dover

      Cyanogenmod will get the code the day google makes it available and nightlies are usually about a month to two out. the alpha code will be posted as cm8 is being worked on and the folks on xda will be compiling the code before the nightlies.

      I had cm7 on my evo in early january and I believe the nightlies started end of january.

  • keridel

    i’ve been reading the xda posts and there is some heated debate but it looks pretty real. i like hat i see so far. when he bought up the app draw with the widets tab it made me think it could be real and you can see the mrket icon in the top right just like hc.

    october 11th cant come soon enough.

  • Jeff

    Actually, this gets me thinking about lost iPhones and why they don’t a) instantly report their location on boot-up, b) can’t have FindMyiPhone always on and c) aren’t tracking those suckers like crazy with multiple bodies on each prototype?

    • XXXandroitkillaXXX

      Goggle androit doesnt have the sofisticated, tob class technology like iOS from Apple has, so androit hazz to shutt em down.
      androit suxx

      • Jeroen

        Aren’t you the internet warrior!

      • muadhnate

        This is GOOGLE. How can they NOT have the ability to track their phones. They track everything else.

      • Ankit

        I think your post just gave me cancer.

  • xoldier

    Live Wallpapers are tacky.

    • Cryptision

      Mostly they are tacky, but I have seen some cool one. Live maps wallpaper can actually be useful. Only thing is, live wallpapers suck up the battery like Monica Lewinsky on a cigar.

  • Russell

    Do you think maybe this is what ICS will look like on pre-ICS phones? Like this is the way it will look for phones with capacitive buttons and on buttonless phones it will look different?
    Just an idea

    • Russell

      Or it could be an older build from around the time those last pictures leaked. Looking at the Ebay listing it ended on 9/1/2011. This might be ICS but it might not be the final ICS

      • JBnHollywood

        Exactly my thoughts!

  • Nathan

    If it was remotely wiped by Google, then this should prove to you that it was real why else would they do that right?

  • ironnmetal

    It looks like TRON and Windows 95 got together and had a baby. An ugly baby.

  • Willie Z

    Fake confirmed.

  • Androidlover

    This is 100% fake, that makes no sense and I cannot believe all the techs sites arr running away with this like it’s breaking news. This is clearly a launcher, this one is called Honeycomb Launcher. You can learn more about this @ and stop Spreading this BS over the Interent. Some Dev got the ph on Ebay, took one of his Rom and give it a version number than put the Launcher on and have some fun at you guys expense.

    • ihatefanboys

      its 100% real, the dev that posted the video confirmed it, but still the ultimate proof is google remote wiping the phone.

      • Nate B.

        It was not a dev who posted a video. It was the buyer. He doesn’t know anything about hacking. If you read the thread over at XDA he’s asking questions about how to root and simple things any dev would know. I can’t wait for the REAL IC to be revealed cause this is beyond silly how people are falling for this.

        • mackster248

          This has been proven to be real. If you took the time to read the thread, some very well knows devs such as Chainfire himself was able to pull out what was left in that system. They found that it was using a 3.0.1 kernel, thus it was ICS. So don’t call people silly when you don’t know what you’re even talking about.

          • Nate B.

            When the actual IC comes out and you see the huge difference then you’ll understand. Things can be tweaked and worked around. Its an exact mock up of the IC launcher and Honeycomb. This is not an early build, this is not what we will see, this isn’t a final build. Its animagination. The thought of the features are real but not in the way of that video. Two weeks away from the official thing and you really think something on such a low level build of an OS would leak. We would of at least seen something more final, if it was real, but its not. The scheme of the color and alignment was all off. It had no logic. It was put together on what we heard of what would make up IC and someone had a good idea and some skills. We shall see my friend. Lets agree to disagree. And I would rather call someone silly then something really nasty. So don’t take it personal.

        • ihatefanboys

          listen dude, im not gonna go back and forth with you about this… the WHOLE article above the comments section, read it carefully. it clearly states “A user on the XDA developers forums has come forward claiming to be the anonymous owner of the Nexus S with Ice Cream Sandwich preinstalled. According to the 20 page (and growing) thread over on XDA, Google has remotely wiped the device. For the last several hours now, the owner has been working with well known developers in an attempt to salvage any useful information still available. No hard evidence has been posted yet, but one developer is saying this is indeed the real deal. JCase, a recognized developer with over 1300 posts, chimed in.”

          i may have been wrong about the owner being a dev, but an experienced dev saying its the real deal is good enuf for me…its not hard evidence, we all know that, the point is that devs know what to look for, YOU DONT, so shut it.

          • Hary Ayala

            I could easily fake that and leave traces that would indicate it was real… and guess what, it doesn’t take much, just a little bit of time.

            recognized developer or not, they can be duped, and in this case they were, people just want to believe it is.
            wait for Oct the and you’ll see a real ICS.

            Oh, by the way, i can also fake not knowing anything about android… just saying.

  • Stella

    Real or not, it only builds my excitement for ICS.

  • Interpol91

    It definitely got me excited when I first heard about it but after watching the video it didn’t really get me all that excited.

  • Boobies

    They should let someone without parkinson’s disease shoot the freaking video.

  • jonehi

    I’ve seen rumors of this coming to every device, is that true.
    I’m on a t-bolt so I just got ginger bread now and I’m hopeing ics won’t be relesed to lojg after its officialy out

    • rick

      well, think about this. gingerbread was released last december (2010) and you are just now getting it for your thunderbolt. it is gonna be a good looong while before you see HTC get their hands on ice cream sandwich, smother it with their sense UI and release it officially. thank goodness i rock the nexus s, i will have ice cream sandwich long before that…

      • jonehi

        And what if I’m rooted are chances higher that a rom that will run on the bolt will come before the official one does?

  • Futureboy

    A bit disappointed because, really, beyond any flashy UI enhancements, I’m still hoping for some actual functionality improvements, like type-to-select labels in email (like in gmail proper) rather than having to scroll a long monster list to get to the right label. Or how about a notification dismissal button right in the notification shade rather than having to open the app? (Hell, Motorola has had that baked into their UI for a while now). I’m a vanilla android fan, but I’m beginning to wonder what’s the point when the handset manufacturers are putting out UI’s with better features. (HTCs camera, Motorola’s notification shade, etc). I don’t need a prettier way to select my recent apps, I need better functionality!

  • Nate B.

    This is fake. It was put together from two different launchers. Isn’t it funny how this shows up after a dev made a 2.4 launcher on what he thinks it’ll look like. It has the same exact features from the Honeycomb launcher & IC launcher.

    & your article is false lol smh. No dev proved anything. All they’re talking about in that thread is how to recover it because people want to play with it. The interface looked so unprofessional. A half done official leak would have looked better then that. Everyone is so excited & the 11th is in a couple of weeks you’ll believe anything. Not everything will be leaked. Google & Sammy have done a good job on that. We will see in the next two weeks. Lol & the fact he got it off eBay. Clearly a set up. There was honestly nothing new about that fake launcher that our phones can’t do now. It just had new icons & ways of doing what our phones already do. Some launchers already do that anyways. It was just tweaked out because no launcher will modify your camera.

    Why did I even post that passage…

  • Aerohix

    And also it is only me the one that tought that is really ugly?
    I’m a Nexus One user and I love the stock launcher (I use launcherpro but with the original dock and icons), and please, this is horrible, the 5 icons at the bottom are unaligned they have different sizes, the color scheme is terrible, it is worse than ADW launcher and others, that thin line separating the dock and the homescreen is also a f**king ugly, and the information is all splashed at screen, if Google is trying to make android more user friendly thay should make things more simple! I don’t believe Google designers would go into a meeting and decide to go with this…
    also I really don’t understand your minds, a guy said he has jizzed in the pants, bitch please.
    Srsly ppl, this can not be true…


    • muadhnate

      Assuming that this is real and assuming that the video showed the final version.

  • muadhnate

    Yeah I don’t buy it. Assuming that there are some with ICS, how would they’ve known it was him specifically? Wouldn’t other people be complaining of a wipe? Why would they release it to one person?

    • Cryptision

      I don’t buy the ICS leak either. Google takes security at their offices alot more seriously than Apple apparently does. So until the SDK gets ICS in their platform update, the chances of the leak is remote. I’ve heard that Google does not allow any kind of storage devices into their labs. So sneaking code out without Google knowledge makes this “news” of ICS look like a hoax. Apparently Apple researchers can just walk out of their labs with prototype iPhones.

  • JungleKing

    Sorry fellas this is a fake. For those that insist the lock screen is unique. Sorry, I had this exact lock screen on my Droid X not too long ago. I do not remember who developed it or where I got it but it is out there.

    As for the video, here is why I do not believe it. The guy makes a 2 minute video and clumsily tries to show is things but really only goes into the camer and notification bar and the widgets/recent apps area. These are all areas of a phone that can be eaisly themed in a rom. He fails to go into settings and about phone to show us what the phone reads.

    However, we do have a screen shot of the about phone area that shows Android Version “IceCreamSandwich”? I don’t think so. Has anyone ever seen and Android OS that actually used the nickname instead of the official version number like 2.3.4? Sorry. it would not happen.

    Finally, this guy just happens to stumble upon a one of a kind phone and his video barely shows anything, and he is not even remotely excited in the video to talk about it? Then he knows to go to XDA-developers and Endgaget but when they start talking about rooting he has no idea what that is? I don’t thihnk so.

    For those that insist a developer confirmsed it is legit, I don’t buy it. He is basing it off of chat and or phone conversations because they believe the phone was wiped. That in no way is confirmation.

    • Hary Ayala

      % The lock is called Circle lock and it’s in the market for download.
      and yes, this whole thing is a huge fake that just proves that 90% of the android fans are as stupid as 99.99% of apple fans are.

  • triangle

    Can’t wait for the new Nexus and ICS. Seeing the new UI in the video gets me even more excited. I guess that was the point of the leak, eh?

    Get some good video at CTIA guys!

  • Nate B.

    I can’t even believe this article was posted as belief of all blog sites. Android and me is my favorite site to come to for these things and the poster falls for this crap. I like the fact the fake videos and screen shots are coming out of excite and it being highly anticipate, but to believe it yourself and post and article about it. Shame. Is everyone who truely believes this going to say, oh, I guess that video was fake. Duh? We can’t really lose our common sense from excitement. Usually all mobile blog site post the same story but this so called dev confirming it article is only found here. The others have question marks at the end. The guy who posted the video knows not a damn thing about rooting. Just read the thread. Its android syndicate. They have a site posting the honeycomb and ice cream launcher and with screen shots. Its an EXACT mimic of that. Oct 11th. Enough said. I guess if there is an.official leak closer to the 11th then this article will be “UPDATED”

    • alamoe

      The only thing in the video that looks like Android Syndicates launcher is the multitasking thumbnails. And not even those are exactly the same since theirs is a predefined list and the video has Speedtest in the list. That wouldn’t be there. The settings menu, the long-press on home, the notification pull-down, the camera, the app launcher with the widget previews, all of that is NOT in ICS launcher.

  • Limbo8

    101% fake and ugly

  • Nick

    It looks good. The only thing that makes me think it might be a fake is right at the end he is on the home screen and presses menu and the menu pops up and only has 3 options, and one of them is “help”. this makes me think it is a home replacement app.

  • Ryan

    Just saw one of the leaked pics of ICS that came out in August and the launcher configuration is wrong. Unless Google decided to let the user customize their launcher like LauncherPro or ADW Launcher, I think this is a fake or a rom.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Need more info in order to have a proper opinion about this. For the rest it looks good and I can’t wait for the proper release of ICS and the Nexus Prime, so excited!

  • kwills88

    Here’s what I come to when reading the threads and watching the video, if it is real, considering that it is on the nexus s, means that it’s a beta version of ICS…so there could be some or a lot of changes when it finally gets released to the public…so we shouldn’t be bashing something we know little about just by a 2min video that didn’t really show much.

  • Nate B.

    Lol after watching it again I noticed there was a help button when he hit the menu button. Those are always in Launchers. Smh haha

    • alamoe

      True, but the ICS launcher app menu looks NOTHING like whats in the video.

  • ihatefanboys

    Even if it is a fake, who cares, if androidandme only posted confirmed things there would be nothing to post, then all you whiners would whine about no news updates. Its a rumor, its possibly true, a dev confirmed the phone was remotely wiped, is it really ICS ??? who knows, who cares ?? its something to talk about…. but i always love when u armchair devs and techs pop out of the cushions of your fart laden sofas to question authenticity of things, as if you actually know what youre talking about. Sure you would like to think that ICS has to be what YOU want it to be, when it may actually look like this, or worse…its a software update to a…..wait for it……smartphone !! omg if its not exactly what you want it to be, the worlds gonna end. So go ahead and be disappointed, youre already a disappointment to your whole family. so go lol and smh yourself to sleep loser.

    • Denny

      I think this guy is an A&M writer disguising as someone else to protect their name. lol.

  • Aaron

    If this were real the first thing he would of shown us is the about phone menu where it shows the version number

  • Rashad

    Looks good to me, I really like the lock slider!

    • Hary Ayala

      Then go to the market and download it, “Circle Lock” that’s what the guy who put this together used to get it.

      • alamoe

        Maybe the stock lock screen was buggy and the guy installed that replacement lock screen

  • Anil

    Is October 11th the official date for the release for Ice cream? Can’t wait to get it on my galaxy s2.

  • alamoe

    I’m sorry, but I’ve used the ICS launcher app and it is not the same. If it is then it has to be a version that the Syndicate hasn’t released. How do you explain the “Apps/Widget” screen, which has the same transition style as the new Market? The notification pulldown is completely different from anything I’ve seen. In the ICS launcher the home button works the same as on the current versions of Android. ICS launcher has the multitasking button on-screen. When its pressed it opens up a list of thumbnails of apps. These apps are predefined (SMS, Browser, Gmail, Calendar, etc). They never change and Speedtest would not be in there. I think maybe the guys behind the ICS launcher have seen the real ICS and put together an imitation of it, but what is in the leaked video is actually an early test build of the real ICS.