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Is Qualcomm losing their strongman grip on HTC?


Could you imagine an HTC smartphone launching early next year powered by NVIDIA’s cinco-core Kal-El? We normally think of HTC as joined at the hip with Qualcomm, since the overwhelming majority of their devices use a Snapdragon processor. But the Taiwanese handset maker might finally be ready to dance with a new partner.

In an interview with GSMArena, HTC’s VP of Marekting Stefan Streit said they have a long and successful partnership with Qualcomm but “no exclusivity deal.” When asked about other semiconductor partners, Mr. Streit said “Nvidia or TI-powered smartphones and tablets are possible in the future.”

Qualcomm made a minority equity investment in HTC back in 2001, and we have always wondered how close the two companies were. HTC has primarily stuck with Qualcomm solutions in their devices and has been rewarded with the latest access to new Snapdragon processors.

Rumors of HTC and NVIDIA working together on a device go all the way back to 2009. HTC was said to be working on one of the first Tegra-powered devices, but rumor has it Qualcomm was unhappy about the deal and used their leverage to kill the project.

Now it seems HTC has grown enough to start sourcing their application processors from different vendors. Just this week, HTC and ST-Ericsson announced the Sensation Z710t for China Mobile, powered by ST-Ericsson’s new Nova A9500 dual-core processor.

Hopefully we’ll see this trend continue, and HTC will go after the best available application processor. I know I would certainly love to see an HTC smartphone with a quad-core processor in early 2012.

Via: GSMArena

Source: ST-Ericsson

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  • Nathan

    As long it’s a good processer I’m fine with what ever HTC makes :)

  • Interpol91

    I would love to see Kal-El be a part of HTC’s great product line! It’s always nice to change things up and not be so exclusive.

  • pekosROB

    Just wish they would make a QWERTY slider better than Motorola.

  • Tico4674

    In my opinion htc dropped the ball by using inferior s3 snapdragon procs. I would have picked up the Sensation with that beautiful form factor but I waited for sgs2. Now I find out tmo’s version has the qualcomm processor so I’m waiting for nexus.

    • Dags

      What’s wrong with the S3? HTC decided that they’d go for battery life over power and so the second core doesn’t kick in except under heavy load. If you want processing power, you can just load a custom kernel like Bricked or Faux and beat the SGS2 on any benchmark you like.

      • Tico4674

        It’s not necessarily about benchmarks. You do realize that the sgs2 can also be oc’ed? I guess I do prefer processing and gpu power. Just my silly need to want the best. Fyi, from most accounts the battery life is much better with the sgs2. Just saying!

      • Rovex

        Even overclocked its no match for the SGS2 with Exynos. There are one or two benchmarks, like Linpack, that it does win, but generally its way off. Add in gaming benchmarks and its even further behind, sometimes its less than half as fast, overclocked or not.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I applaud HTC and QUALCOMM the relationship they have is legendary and both have benefited from this union and we as customers have had great products especially these last 2years. Bottomline the future is bright and the future of the Snapdragon S4 Processors and the Evo brand of 2012 will be legendary for the best android device for 2012.

  • Richard Yarrell

    We will be enjoying some of the best speced devices in 2012. Quadcore Evo brand in 2012 with Ice Cream, 4.7 to 5.0 screen, with 2.0Ghz processor with 1.5gb of ram, 10 or 12 megapixel camera in the back and 2.0 front facing camera. With these specs in the snapdragon S4 Processors which can overclocked to 2.5 Ghz processor this will be introduced at ctia in New Orleans in May 2012. This EVO BRAND in 2012 will definitely be the best and will also be an LTE device on sprints new network which will introduced on October 7th 2011 we current evo owners will be rolling totally. Based on these potential specs the Nexus Prime can’t compare to this in 2012 that’s for sure. Just give me ice cream on my current EVO 3D and I will be happy to challenge this NEXUS PRIME and day of the week. The qualcomm snapdragon S3 in the evo 3d is pretty special with a lot of hidden gems that can be brought to public with some ice cream finally a OS optimized for dualcore/quadcore..

    • Bpear

      Come on dude, what is your problem. Your worst then an iPhone fanboy. We all understand that you like the evo line and that’s fine, but you can’t keep going around saying it’s the best and destroys everything else, when that’s just not true… I had a sensation and sold it and now have. Galaxy s II, and I can tell you that the CPU in the sensation/evo3d is not very good at all compared to the competion my sensation just didn’t feel as fast as a dual core should , like my galaxy s II does also I’ve use a lg g2x and it also felt faster then the sensation, the evo3d is a great phone but it isn’t the best the photon and epic touch are both just as good and probably even better, also there’s no reason to be obsssed with one line of phone, the galaxy s II is better the evo 3d but I’m sure the nexus prime will be better then both, you don’t like change or something ? Your just annoying everyone