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J.D. Power and Associates consumer satisfaction study ranks top smartphone makers


Twice a year J.D. Power and Associates publishes its US Wireless Handset Customer Satisfaction Studies report, which gives us a look at what phones consumers like the most. Rather than breaking things down by individual handsets, the report has grouped the data by manufacturer since those numbers should give consumers a clear understanding of how the brand performs as a whole.

While we would like our favorite Android manufacturers to come out on top in the smartphone segment, the numbers show that Apple has been crowned king once again. This is the sixth time in three years that Apple has taken the number one spot.  HTC, Samsung and Motorola have claimed spots two, three and four while RIM, LG, Palm and Nokia round out the top eight.

What’s most interesting about the J.D. Power and Associates report is how they have broken down consumer satisfaction for smartphones by hardware size, weight and features. Just as an example, the report finds that satisfaction numbers are higher for smartphones that weigh less than 5 ounces (8.1 out of 10) than those that weigh more (7.6 out of ten). The same is true for handset thickness for phones that are less than 0.45 inched wide (852 out of 1,000) when compared to phones that are 0.65 inches wide (783 out of 1,000).

Other features, such as processor speed, display technology (Super AMOLED versus LCD), and even camera megapixel count, play a significant role in overall consumer satisfaction. While we may think that specs alone should boost at least one smartphone manufacturer above Apple, the sheer number of handset choices from Motorola, HTC and Samsung make it a lot harder to compete since Apple only focuses on one product at a time.

It’s not unexpected that satisfaction is higher for devices that have new technological advances or features. Having the right combination of physical dimensions and operating functions and features for both smartphones and traditionally equipped devices is key to creating an exceptional ownership experience with each type of wireless device.Kirk ParsonsJ.D. Power and Associates

So let’s turn this over to you. What phone do you currently own and how satisfied are you with its features? Feel free to add in all the phones you have ever owned. This should give us a clear picture of how different manufacturers have improved over time.

Source: J.D. Power

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • AndroidFTW

    Droid X 1, no major problems just the few bugs here and there. Kept me busy here with the recent Power Outage :D

    • BiGMERF

      Thank god for APPLE


    Wow I am really shocked to see someone even that close to Apple… Not surprised it is HTC though.. HTC’s product line in the mobile world to me is the build of a Lexus in the auto industry.. Fashionable and quality.. 2 things that will always have a customer coming back.

    Im sure Samsung will jump up above industry standard next go around

    • DroidSamurai

      I echoed BetterWithRoot — why were you downvoted? Your comment is reasonable. There’s no deny that Apple would easily make the top spot in this survey. Whether we like it or not, this is the current state of customer satisfaction. The key point here is that Apple is not-undefeatable, because HTC scores REALLY close. The fact that HTC scores so high when it offers a wide array of handsets makes it an even more impressive achievement.

    • DroidSamurai

      BTW, I gave BiGMERFa vote — so he’s no longer getting a negative now.

      • BiGMERF

        Thanks guys.. Unfortunately some people follow my replies from article to article , just to don vote me.. I am the Justin Bieber of Android and me.. LOL. People dont know me and just want to downgrade me for the hell of it. I understand that I comment alot, but is there anything wrong with that?

        Atleast I try to leave a productive comment 100 percent of the time. Sometimes its positive and sometimes its not. I always stick around the site, I dont come around fr ontests. Post in it and leave until the next contest.. Why dont some of you who follow me around just to flame me look at the past. I have never won a contest. So why all of the hate. Its obvios I like coming here..

        I ike to think I help keep this blog around by commenting daily.. Try doing the same !


      You are an idiot. Im downvoting you all the time. Get a real life, man. You got waaaay too much time on your hands….

      • BiGMERF

        Wow an internet tough Shows just how (insert alternative word for cat) you are. I would love nothing more than to smack the spam out of you.. Keep hiding behind a screen chump

    • ihatefanboys

      HTC FTW……samsung will never get above HTC…..soon the world will realize how much they really suck…

  • DROID Sam

    So close HTC…. better luck next time. From all the phones I have used over the years, these numbers look to be about right. Samsung and Motorola are so close that’s I’d give Motorola a few extra points for build quality but Samsung deserves more for design. If HTC cut out their bottom of the line handsets, though could find themselves within spitting distance of Apple.

    • BiGMERF

      those same extra points you give for build quality, I take away a few more for Motoblah.. :) IMO of course

  • itrustme

    I currently own a nexus s (personal line) and a HTC sensation (job line) . I enjoy them both but I gotta say the nexus takes the edge, more due to the fact its stock gingerbread and its samoled screen. I love the build quality of HTC products theyre unmatched when it comes to android hardware. I definitely feel they nailed the design aesthetics with the nexus s , I love the look of the device: curved glass all black and when the screen is off it’s totally murdered out black. Looks like a phone Darth vador would own.

  • shiftylock

    Meh, I know these results are based off more “not-so-savvy” people than us techies, but I still agree with this chart. It’s about what the people want. Although, I love Nokia, and to see them at the bottom of the list makes me and my N86 8MP feel foreveralone. :/

  • Interpol91

    Yeah I can see how Apple is the top rank. Though I hate Apple I’ve got to admit that their build quality is top notch. I’m not satisfied with Samsung cause my phone is still officially on Froyo even though leaks have given me Gingerbread. Hence, the reason why I want the Nexus so bad! I don’t want to rely on others but Google to push out Android updates.

    I love how Nokia is last.

  • Nick

    Absolutely NO surprise whatever about crApple being no. 1. Their suckers are by a country mike the most willingly deluded fools this planet has ever seen. Why this survey even included them totally beats me. Ah well, once again they’re losing market share drastically, and absolutely rightly so. END RANT, OPEN BEER.;-)

  • diordna

    Apple’s build quality and software are excellent but it is still unacceptable to make a phone you cannot replace the battery on. I can’t believe people can overlook such a huge flaw.

  • John Arleth

    I love the iPhone but not the carrier so have disposed/given away 5 of them. Currently use my second Android Impressive but it behaves like the software is possessed by Gremlins (remember the movie?). The Motorola Droid one and two were impossible to use the touch screen reliability. Had a Samsung that was so bad it had to be given to an IT guy just for the sheer amusement of it. In short, none of them, IMHO are ready for prime time. They are not good phones, not good cameras and not great at Internet usability. The one thing I do like is Google’s voice look-up for the net. It can not do anything but amuse for Google Voice mail transcriptions but it is near perfect for Google searches. While I’m on a roll, I must say I agree with the DOJ that the proposed merger of Verizon with T Mobile another large carrier will not, IMHO, result in better service or consumer savings. History indicates fewer competitors leads to higher pricing and less attention to consumer satisfaction. Just say’n.

  • Richard Yarrellr

    Bottomline gentleman HTC is the ROSE ROYCE of smartphone manufacturers a brand that is easily Identifiable no matter where you are all over the world. They are a manufacturer that treats and maintains all there device from a software standpoint and there sense UI brings comfort and joy on top of android to a point where NO OTHER manufacturers will ever compare. HTC is all about innovation and creating a user experience that all customers will benefit from on a daily basis. Based on what I have seen HTC will be around for many years to come and the funny part is people haven’t seen the best yet that will come as we end 2011 and get into 2012. Apple can only wish they were HTC…

    • squiddy20

      LEARN TO SPELL. It’s ROLLS-ROYCE you stupid moron. If you’re going to cite a well known company, at least have the decency to spell their name right.
      And why would Apple want to be HTC? Last I heard, Apple had roughly $66 BILLION in cash reserves, and the money keeps pouring in for them. How much money does HTC have again?

    • squiddy20

      In fact, why don’t you USE your Android phone to SEARCH GOOGLE for the correct spelling of, well, everything! I know 5th graders who can spell and use proper grammar better than you. And you call yourself an adult and “king”? I am laughing soooo hard at your stupidity.

      • ihatefanboys

        Apple has $66 billion in cash reserves because morons continue to buy their outdated, overpriced crap without researching what else is available. HTC does make better quality products, ones that dont need tech support from them for a user to change the battery or put in a bigger sd card, oh wait, apple doesnt have sd cards. Apple should want to be HTC, theyre on the rise, while Apple is losing momentum…

  • Sheila

    I actually like the HTC…The functionality is far better than any other phone I have used in the past (technology moves forward at a rapid pace). I have considered the HTC my computer away from home and am prone to whip it out at a moments notice when I want to look something up, get directions or just browse the net. Play nice guys, its about the HTC. Peace.

  • thechad

    nice job HTC