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Last call: $15k AmazonWireless video contest ends next week


Do you have a talent for video production and a love of smartphones? The AmazonWireless Freedom to Choose video contest we announced last month is winding down. Submissions are due by Wednesday, September 28, and the total number of entries is still low. There will be cash prizes for the top six videos, so you still have a pretty good shot at winning with a quality submission.

A panel of judges from Android PolicePhone DogTalk Android and Android and Me will determine six of the awards, while the community will select their own two favorite videos. Hit up the source links for the full contest details and rules.

Our Freedom to Choose Video Contest is ending soon, but there’s still a little time left and $15,000 on the line to get your submission in! The deadline is next Wednesday, September 28. For those of you who need a refresher, we’re asking you to make a short video explaining the user experience of shopping on for phones, apps, and more.AmazonWirelessBlog

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Source: Freedom to Choose contest

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  • Louis

    Damn, you guys have to extend the date line of this contest. I was doing my final touches on my video last night on final cut and my cheap external hard drive that I have my work save on, took a crap on me :( Please please please please extend! My concept is fresh and original.